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23 of the Worst Dog Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh

When it comes to getting their dogs groomed, some people really go the extra mile. This often results in a lot of bad dog haircuts that you love to cringe at. Some of them are just poor choices, and others are strangely human.

If you’d like to have a good time looking at what some other people have done to their dogs, then feel free to browse below, because there are a lot of fun grooming mishaps for you to enjoy.

Bad Dog Haircuts

Some of these haircuts are so bad they’re good, so you might even find one that you’d like to try out on your own canine companion. But there are some that you should definitely 100% avoid, like the plague!

1. Afghan Hound Layers + Bangs

bad haircut for afghan hound fawn dog

Afghan hounds typically have long and luscious locks, so there’s a lot of room to play with them. Some people choose to give their dogs totally human haircuts that result in layers cascading down their necks.

Don’t forget some nice side bangs to make it ultra-fashionable. No, but in all seriousness, don’t do this to your dog. They can’t even see out of one eye!

2. Poodle Frizz

bad haircut for black poodle

Poodles have curly hair that should be cared for just like any human’s. However, some people choose to brush it out and style it upwards stiffly like a huge fan around their dog’s head.

You can’t even see their ears!  It would be so much better if the owners just groomed the hair neatly and made sure the curls look their best with a nice shampoo for curly-haired dogs.

3. Small Dog Mohawk

dog bad haircut

Small dogs have a reputation for being vicious and liking to bite. So, it’s no surprise that some people choose to adorn their small dogs with mohawks straight down their backs.

There’s no tougher bad dog haircut, that’s for sure. But whether or not these haircuts are suitable for the puppies is another question entirely.

4. Doggy Mohawk Wig

bad spiky hairstyle for dogs

Some pet owners like to take their dogs a step further by putting little wigs on them. Here we can see a classic, tall spiky mohawk strapped to the head of this cute canine.

Paired with a spiked collar, it kind of works. However, it must be very uncomfortable, especially having glue on the wig to keep it on.

5. Pink Ombre Wig

bad colored hairstyle for dog

Here’s another example of people going the extra mile and getting a wig for their pooch. You have to admit, it’s very fashionable with a pink ombre and dark roots cascading down by the face.

Well, it would be fashionable for humans, anyway. For dogs, it’s a little excessive unless you’re only doing it for one silly photo.


6. Face Framing Layers

dog with bad layered haircut

Tiny dogs have a reputation for being pampered, so adorning your dog with a bejeweled collar and a face-framing layered haircut seems fitting.

The bangs perfectly reach the chin, just like any human hairstyle. At least you can see the groomer definitely made an effort.

7. Messy Mop

messy bad haircut for dogs

Messy haircuts are trendy for people, so why not for dogs, right? There are some long locks hanging down by the ears, but most of the focus goes straight to the messy mop of hair covering most of the head.

Sometimes humanizing your dog is taking things a little too far.

8. Fluffy Spikes

bad haircut for chinese crested puppy

This poor Chinese crested puppy looks like it’s wearing a fluffy hat! Most of its body and face have been shaved almost bald, leaving tufts of fluffy hair spiked up like its ears.

9. The Lion’s Mane

bad haircut for puppy

You can’t expect to look at a list of bad dog haircuts without coming across a lion’s mane at some point.

The poor dog has been shaved almost bald with a lot of fluff left fanning their head like the king of the jungle.

10. Tall Pink Updo

bad haircut for little dog

Adding colors like pink to your dog’s fur can be cute, but not when it’s piled up on the head in a sort of updo. This poor tiny puppy looks like a troll doll, and its bad hair is almost bigger than its whole body.

11. Pink Spikes

bad hairstyle for chinese crested dog

This Chinese crested dog’s sparse head hair has been spiked up and highlighted pink. The rest of its body has been almost fully shaven, but at least it’s wearing some nice clothes to stay warm.

12. Spiked Ears

bad haircut for grey greyhound saluki dog

This poor Greyhound Saluki dog looks like Pippi Longstocking. Its ears have been pulled up like her braids, and there’s lots of stray fluff falling from them.

13. Sweet Pink Braids

dog with bad braid hairstyle

These pink and purple braids are totally adorable, but maybe for a little girl. They’re totally out of place on this creamy, fluffy pup who, without the braids, would be simply adorable.

14. Top Ponytail

dog with bad haircut

If your dog has enough extra hair to tie into a ponytail, then maybe you should just cut it off. This hair would look much better lying flat, with the rest of the scruffy, shaggy hair falling around the dog’s head.

15. Red Mohawk

dog with bad mohawk haircut

Why are mohawks such popular bad dog haircuts? Maybe because people think it makes their pets look tough. In reality, this red stripe of extra thick fur going down this golden dog’s back just looks silly.

16. Frizzy Mess

bad hairstyle for dogs

If your dog has a lot of frizzy hair, then you should style it, so it’s sleek or trim it so it doesn’t stand up in the way.

The dog’s body hair is nice and neat, but the owners have let the head hair look like a bird’s nest.

17. Face Framing Shaggy Look

bad hairstyle for dog

Dogs can have shaggy hair, but this looks like the kind of shaggy hairstyle humans would have. It thickly frames the dog’s face and almost obscures its eyes, making it both strange -looking and inconvenient.

18. Topknot and Pigtails

dog with bad hairstyle

Dogs can look really beautiful with long flowing hair, but not when it’s styled into a topknot and strange childish pigtails.

The hair should be taken care of so it looks smooth. It shouldn’t be left frizzy and tied up like this.

19. Long Messy Locks

bad haircut for Yorkshire terrier Dog

Here’s a poor Yorkshire terrier badly in need of some grooming. The hair all over the body is too long and getting into its claws.

Plus, the owners have tried to highlight a piece of white fur on its head and it’s just not working out.

20. Huge Blown Updo

bad dog haircuts

If your dog grows enough hair to have a huge blown-out updo like this, then cut the hair off! The hairstyle is larger than the dog’s head and must be very uncomfortable to cart around all day.

It also must take a tremendous effort on the owner’s part to style this hair. Wouldn’t it just be easier to cut it all off and maintain the puppy’s natural curls?

21. Wild Spikes

dog with long bad hairstyle

If your dog’s haircut is larger than its entire body, then you know it’s terrible. This poor tiny dog looks like it’s suffering with the weight and ridiculousness of the spikes piled on top of its head.

Imagine how much effort it must take for the owners to style their hair upwards every day. When the hair is down, the poor dog probably can’t see at all.

22. Waves + Choppy Bangs

bad choppy haircut for dogs

Dogs simply don’t suit bangs. The nice wavy ears aren’t so bad, but the choppy bangs make this one of the worst bad dog haircuts for sure.

The thick hair around the forehead doesn’t suit the rest of the sleek coat at all, and when it grows out, it will obscure the poor puppy’s vision.

23. Bowl Cut Bangs

bad bangs for dog

Here’s another example of some very bad bangs on dogs. The hair almost looks like a bowl cut with layers.

This haircut should definitely be left for humans only. Look how annoyed the dog looks at how ridiculous its appearance is.

Hopefully, you enjoyed looking at some of these bad dog haircuts. Some will make you laugh, but others will just make you feel sorry for the poor puppy.

If anything will inspire you to find the best groomer for your dog, it’s these pictures. Don’t let a chihuahua end up with an updo that is larger than its body. Dogs deserve to look their best, too.

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