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45 Pomeranian Haircuts & Grooming Ideas for Dog Lovers (2024 Styles)

Do you own a Pomeranian? Well, give it a beautiful haircut to make it look cuter than ever!

Pomeranian haircuts vary greatly. The main difference is usually the length. They are famous for growing very long coats that can make them uncomfortable. If you live in a cold climate voluminous fur might be appropriate to keep the dog warm.

However, a tropical climate can make a Pomeranian very uncomfortable if you let the coat grow naturally and forget about haircuts. Meanwhile, even the longest and most beautiful coat can be very had to take care of. You’ll end up dealing with knots, unmanageable fur, and hair clumps all over your house. So if you want to avoid a lot of hassle, you need to get your dog a good haircut.

Cute and Adorable Pomeranian Haircuts

Your cute Pomeranian will feel much better when his or her hair is taken care of. Long fur coats might look great when they are clean and brushed but they quickly lose their attraction after the dog takes a walk in the rain or snow. Keeping your Pomeranian neat is one of the most important things you can do to make your and your dog’s life better.

We have collected 45 interesting Pomeranian haircuts to consider the next time your pet’s coat grows too long.

1. Puff Ball

Pomeranian shape up haircut

This poofy Pomeranian haircut is one luscious, soft length all around. Fur is trimmed fairly short and close to the body, so there’s no chance your fur ball will end up with knots. The tail is also brushed and blown out, perfect for those Instagram shots!

2. Long Trim

pomeranian long haircut

If you’re not planning on showing your Pomeranian in an official dog show, feel free to let their fur grow long! However, a little trim around the feet will prevent muddy paws and make their prancing around that much more adorable!

3. Teddy Bear Haircut

pomeranian teddy bear haircut

The Pomeranian teddy bear haircut is a classic choice, especially for young pups. The longest part of the fur is around the neck and body, while the rest is pretty short for easy maintenance. A cute bandana wrapped around the neck is a fun touch.

4. Slightly Scruffy

pomeranian spiky haircut

Tiny Pomeranians look better with longer haircuts because it helps them look not so tiny! This dog haircut is just a little scruffy, but again keeps fur around the feet short for cleanliness!

5. The Blowout

pomeranian lion haircut

If you have time to spare and want to spend it pampering your pooch, get at them with a blow dryer and a brush to create a puffy blowout worthy of a Pomeranian magazine photoshoot! 

6. Mini Pom Poof

pomeranian puppy haircut

For all you dog owners out there with a mini Pomeranian, nothing can make them more adorable than a poofy blowout. It’s easy to create – just let their fur grow long and use a brush to thicken up the fur, making it as poofy as possible.

7. Long Tail, Short Legs

short pomeranian haircut

Besides their size, is there anything cuter than a Pomeranian’s curly tail? Make it their best feature by letting the tail fur grow long, while maintaining short fur around the rest of the body.

8. Long Layered

Pomeranian spitz haircut

You probably didn’t realize it was possible to layer a dog’s fur, did you? Well, if you have a Pomeranian, consider asking for a grooming that features short or long layers so emphasize your pup’s best features. This Pomeranian haircut features long fur around the body and tail, and shorter fur above the neck and around the feet.

9. Short Body Fur

cutest pomeranian haircut

In the summers, keep your pooch cool by giving them a Pomeranian haircut that features short body fur and long fur around the head. They’ll appreciate feeling cooler and you’ll be grateful for less bath times!

10. Puppy Cut

Pomeranian dog Haircuts

You’re doing your pup a disservice if you don’t give them a puppy cut when they’re young! The puppy cut features one length of fur all around the body, so it’s very easy to touch up. You can even add a cute, colorful bandana for accessory!

11. Foxy Pomeranian

Foxy Cut for Pomeranian Haircuts

This is a great Pomeranian haircut that will keep your pet’s fur neat while not making it too short. Keep the fur all the same length but don’t allow it to hang too low in order not to get dirty.

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12. Play toy


Pomeranians have very soft fur. So if you cut it rather short, your pet will get this cute toy look. Leave the hair a little longer around the fore face and keep the rest cut about one-inch long.

13. Little lion

 look Little lion Pomeranian

This is another variation of the play toy haircut. You’ll enjoy the way your pet looks with the hair cut short all over the body. You’ll also appreciate the lack of fur lying around the house.

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14. Paw cut

Paw cut pomeranian

Whenever you are getting a haircut for your pet, don’t forget to pay special attention to the paws. In order to allow the animal maximum freedom of movement, make sure to remove all the extra fur from its paws.

15. Half and half


This interesting half and half haircut for Pmewill make your pet look very appealing. You need to cut the back part short and leave the fur around the face and the front part of the body including paws.

16. Oh that tail


Even the most beautiful lion Pomeranian haircut won’t look complete without an amazing and furry tail. Make it a point not to cut the hair on the tail so when you get the haircut, the fur there is significantly longer than the rest.

17. The classics

best The classics Pomeranian haircut

This is the classic Pomeranian hairstyle favored by most such dog owners. The fur is trimmed to create an appearance of a sphere around the dog’s body, meanwhile, the hair on the paws is cut for contrast.

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18. White fox with a tail

Pomeranian haircut White fox with a tail

A foxy hairstyle can be made even better with a special approach to the fur on the tail. Keep the hair on your pet’s tail long and make sure to keep it neat since the tail gets into all kinds of unexpected places.

19. Accessorize


Make a stylish Pomeranian haircut even more attractive by buying your dog some comfortable clothing. If you live in a cold climate and opt for a short hairstyle, the clothing is imperative to keep your dog warm.

20. Chest style

pomeranian hair with Chest style

This is another variation of the lion hairstyle. Leaving more hair on the dog’s chest might make it look more attractive but it will be harder to take care of and keep clean.

21. Polar bear style


If you have a white Pomeranian, then a polar bear style is an absolutely must-do. You need to keep the fur about 2 inches long and create an appearance of a fluffy white coat around the whole body.

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22. Keep it simple

simple Pomeranian hairstyle

If you are not planning to show off your Pom at professional dog shows, it makes sense to keep it comfortable. Cut the fur short enough not to hang down to the ground so the dog can enjoy running around.

23. Fluffy tail


Your dog’s tail will look especially fluffy if you make sure to cut the rest of the fur short. Your dog will look amazing especially if you take proper care of the fur on the tail. It needs regular brushing.

24. An undercut

undercut hairstyle pomeranian

If you thought that an undercut was created for humans only, you were wrong. Cut the body coat short. When you get to the muzzle, cut the lower half short and leave the top long. An undercut is ready!

25. Teddy bear


If you want your favorite pet to look like a teddy bear, this Pomeranian haircut is just what you are looking for. Make the fur short enough to get that soft and fluffy look and keep the hair on the face longer.

26. Get dressed


Dress your Pomeranians to emphasize the hairstyle you have chosen. If you have a girl, you might consider leaving the hair on the head longer, while a boy can sport a short cut.

27. Stylish pixie

Stylish pixie haircut pomeranian

Ask the groomer to create a pixie-like Pomeranian haircut for your pet. The fur on the head needs to be shaped to create a pixie appearance. The rest of the fur can be cut short for contrast.

28. A special approach


Since a lion haircut is one of the most popular ways to groom your Pomeranian’s coat, you can stand out of the crowd by using a reversed approach. Keep the hair on the head short and the fur on the chest longer.

29. Stylish dude

Stylish dude pomeranian haircut

Keeping the fur short and the hair on the tail long is one of the classic approaches to the Pomeranian hairstyles. You can enjoy it too since it won’t leave any fur lying around.

30. Timing is everything


Don’t allow your dog to walk around with a long coat. It doesn’t only bother the pet but also causes a lot of hassle for the owner. Meanwhile, there are more chances to catch mites or other parasites.

31. Spiky style

 Spiky style with pomeranian

Grooming your pet to get a spiky style is not easy. You need to keep the hair short enough not to look messy but long enough to stick up and appear fabulous. Give a groomer a call!

32. Frizzy tail


If you like the way short fur and long-haired tails look, you will enjoy this hairstyle. Make sure to keep the hair on the tail growing, otherwise, it will get a frizzy look like on the picture

33. Rockstar

 Rockstar haircut for pomeranian

If you like it when your dog’s fur is voluminous, you can keep it long. It’s a good idea for cold winters. Try to leave your pet enough fur to keep itself warm during winter walks.

34. The princess

Pomeranian hair

If you’d like your dog to look like a princess, this Pomeranian haircut is a great choice. The fur on the head is cut short while the hair on the chest and back is long and brushed straight.

35. The right approach

white color Pomeranian hairstyle

Keeping the dog groomed is any owner’s first priority. See how your pet changes with a new haircut. Meanwhile, you can enjoy clean floors and less hassle when washing the Pomeranian.


Here are some of the most common questions related to Pomeranian haircuts.

Do Pomeranian dogs have hair or fur?

Pomeranians have fur. A Pom’s coat is often mistaken for hair because the fluffiness of its fur can be very similar to hair.

Is it normal for Pomeranian puppies to lose their hair?

Yes, this is normal. Pomeranian puppies shed their puppy coat and grow in double-layered adult fur coats. After the first puppy shedding, Pomeranians will go through a twice-yearly shed at the change from summer to winter.

What’s the difference between Pomeranian haircuts for summer and winter?

While you can keep haircuts the same for all seasons, people generally keep shorter haircuts for Pomeranians in the summer and longer haircuts in the winter.

The less fur your dog has, the less insulation to keep them warm. You don’t want your pup to overheat in the summer or be cold in the winter.

Can Pomeranian puppies get a teddy bear haircut?

Yes! The teddy bear haircut is one of the most popular choices for Pomeranian puppies.

How often should I cut my Pomeranian’s hair?

The duration between grooming appointments depends on the haircut. Pomeranian fur grows pretty quickly, so even the low-maintenance haircuts should be done every four to six weeks.

If you have a haircut that is a defined shape, like a lion cut, you will need to do it much more often. Some haircuts require touchups every two or three weeks.

Should a Pomeranian’s hair be brushed wet or dry?

A Pomeranian’s hair is best brushed dry. You can comb with a wide-toothed comb when wet, however, it is not as effective as brushing the dog when they are dry.

It’s important to note that even when grooming a dry Pomeranian, begin with a wide-toothed comb before brushing to get out any large tangles. You should comb and brush coat in sections to get the best results.

Does Pomeranian hair grow back after shaving?

Yes, Pomeranian’s hair grows quickly and will grow back after shaving. However, unless your dog is having surgery, you should not shave them. Haircuts are essential for Pomeranians, but shaving them can damage their hair follicles.

We hope you found the Pomeranian haircut you’ve been looking for. Enjoy new styles together with your pet!