Bald Spot in Beard: Reasons + 7 Effective Ways to Fix It

Bald spot in beard certainly looks not much majestic on guys. Some guys at teenage think that these spots are because of their young age but when they grow up and still not able to grow a full beard, here comes an alarming situation. Some guys carry this imperfection wisely, but some become panic and do not know how to deal with it.

There are many celebrities, who cannot grow a full beard but are a style icon for their admirers such as Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves .etc. Bald spot not only makes boys look immature but also indicates their unhealthy life routine.

If you are struggling in finding ways to fix your bald patches in a beard, you have found the apt place. Here, you will explore the reasons and tips regarding round patches in the beard. Keep scrolling down and get the detailed answers to your queries.


The Reason Behind The Bald Spot In Beard

reason for bald spot in beard

There are several reasons for the beard with bald spots, some of the major are as follows;


It is the prime reason for balding beard spot in some males. Some men get this condition, because of their genetics. Unfortunately, it cannot be cured by any treatment as person genes are unchangeable.


Alopecia Barbae:

alopecia barbae for bald spot in beard

It is a condition that causes hair loss/ bald patches in the beard. In this condition, beard hair continues to lose and create several patches in beard zone. It is mostly caused by genes, allergies and other diseases like diabetes type 1. It is a severe condition; to cure it you must visit a dermatologist.

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Autoimmune diseases:

In this condition, the immune system causes a serious disturbance by attacking the healthy cells of the body which lead to inflammation that can affect hair follicles. Autoimmune disease is the ultimate cause of alopecia barbae.



reasons for bald spot in beard

It causes the beard hair to become rough. Hair follicles undergo in a dormant phase. Rough beard causes itchiness. When you rub the beard hair, it causes pressure on the affected area and leads to the bald spot growth in facial hair.


Hormonal Imbalance:

The normal range of male hormone causes dense beard growth. When hormonal imbalance takes place, bald patches grow in the beard.

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Tips To Fix the Bald Spot of Beard

Make your dream true for having a beard without a bald spot in the following ways;

1. Eat Healthily:

healthy diet for bald spot in beard

Your eating habits have a strong influence on your head as well as beard hair. To fix the bald spot, take healthy meals including protein, eggs, meat, zinc, iron, and Vitamins such as E, D, A. Drink at least 2.2 L water every day to improve blood circulation.


2. Let the Beard Grow:

Let your beard grow. Longer hair will hide the patchy area from your beard. It will also make your beard to look dense. After one or two months, shave the beard and let it grow again.


3. Take Good Care:

While growing your beard, take special care of your beard follicles. Itching is a common condition that occurs during beard growth. Apply good quality beard oil or moisturizers to prevent the itching. It will also improve the beard growth and texture by making it soft.


5. Exercise:

tips to fix bald spot in beard

Do exercise on a regular basis. It will boost the blood circulation in your cheeks, which helps to fill the patches in your beard.


4. Relief Stress:

Eliminate all the stress from your life. Think positive and live positive, then see the difference in your beard and looks. You can do meditation and yoga to remove stress.


6. Smart Beard Styling:

Bald spot in beard

It is an astounding trick to fix a bald spot in beard. There are tremendous beard styles that you can adapt for this purpose such as, chinstrap beard, goatee, circle beard, light stubble, Scruffy beard, and Balbo beard. All these styles will not just make you look extraordinary but also drive the attention from the bald patches of the beard.


7. Medications:

Go to a physician so, he can prescribe most suitable supplements to you. Vitamin D enriched tablets are incredibly beneficial for the patchy beard. Use minoxidil as it has no harm to your beard and will fill the patches with continues usage.


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Q1. Does hair regrow on the bald spot?

Ans. Yes, hair can regrow on the bald spot unless the reason for the bald spot is not genetics. If the bald patches is at the crucial stage, there might be a difficulty in hair regrowth. If genetics are not the reason, you can use minoxidil, which will help in making your beard thick due to hair regrowth. But you have to use the minoxidil on a regular basis because when you stop using it, the bald spot can grow back.

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Q2. Is stress also a reason for the balding beard hair?

Ans. Yes, stress is also a reason for the bald spot in a beard. It is a temporary condition that lasts for a few weeks to several months. Stress basically, causes some of the beard follicles to go into a resting phase, which ultimately leads toward the growth of the bald spot. Once, your life becomes stress-free, hair regrows on the bald spot area.


So, you see how your lifestyle can affect or improve your beard condition. All these afore-mentioned tips to fix the bald spot in beard require patience and hard work, but if you are very passionate about having a full beard, you will surely enjoy this journey of hope and good results. We guarantee that you will achieve your beard goal if you follow the above-given instructions seriously and perfectly.

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