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90 Funny & Inspirational Barber Quotes (with Images)

We have put together awesome barber quotes and barber memes to inspire you as a barber or as someone who just loves a good haircut.

A barber will provide an excellent haircut that can get you compliments all week. They can decide what suits you best and ensure sustainability. Thankfully, barbers have evolved in their skills just like everything else.

They have more knowledge, better tools, formulated and effective products to work with and so on. This progress experienced by professional barbers is what guarantees that men and some women can create the identity or look they desire. You can customize styles, stay faithful to the most fitting style or try new looks every now and then.

Best Barber Quotes and Memes

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A barber isn’t just anyone who cuts and shaves hair or trims beards. They are professionals whose work are invaluable and go a long way to determine if you will be having a great week or an embarrassing one. Choosing a barber is like choosing a spouse or your clothes. You must find the right fit and when you do, you hold on to him/her for dear life.

Our collection contains inspirational, humorous and wise barber quotes and barber memes. You can share and read quotes about hair, curly hair quotes in our blog. Explore 90  of our favorite barber quotes and memes.

Humorous Barber Quotes

I never trust a barber who doesn’t have a little bit of hair on his own head.

The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut? Two weeks.

A barber is not just a hairstylist, he’s a therapist you can trust with scissors.

I don’t always go to the barber, but when I do, I get a haircut.

Barbershop talk is like therapy, but cheaper and with better haircuts.

A good barber is like a unicorn, rare and magical.

A bad haircut is like a bad date, it’s a story you’ll be telling for years.

I went to the barber for a trim and came out looking like I joined the military.

A barber can make or break your day, choose wisely.

I asked the barber for a little off the top, he took it as a challenge.

I went to the barber and asked for a mullet, he said ‘I’m sorry, we’re all out of the 80s.’

A barber’s greatest fear? A customer who knows exactly what he wants.

Barbering is not just a job, it’s an art form that requires precision and creativity.

A good barber knows how to hide a bad haircut, but a great barber knows how to fix it.

I don’t always get a good haircut, but when I do, I make sure to tip well.

A barber’s chair is like a throne, you sit down and let him work his magic.

I went to the barber and asked for a little off the sides, he took it as a suggestion.

Other Quotes About Barbers

1. Barbers are artists whose drawing on someone’s head becomes the trend and fashion.

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2. Every barber always prays for the fast growth of the human hair. It’s a blessing for them.

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3. Am I the only one who gets more confused about which haircut to get whenever visit the barber?

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4. Even if it’s day 1 after getting a haircut barbers think that you need a new haircut.

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5. Just express your mental state to your barber, he will understand what haircut will suit you in this state.

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6. Be nice to your barber. They have scissors, shavers, and access to your hair.

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7. Don’t underestimate how much work it takes to become a quality barber.

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8. A great barber can turn a scruffy mess into a gentleman destined for success.

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9. You don’t just go to the barber for a haircut. You go for a chat, a break from life, and a few minutes to relax.

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10. If you don’t trust your barber, then you’re out of luck! Find a better one or deal with hair down to your knees.

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11. You’ll never see a hairier situation than the waiting line at a barber shop.

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12. Want to sweat more than you ever have? Visit a new barber and tell him to do whatever he wants.

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13. Every man who’s ever thanked a barber for a bad haircut deserves an Oscar.

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14. Barbers are the unsung heroes of every man’s life.

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15. Don’t cheat on your barber. Remember, he has access to your hair.

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16. Don’t forget to show your barber just how much you appreciate him. He works harder than you know.

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17. Every time a man grows a beard, a barber rubs his hands together and waits patiently to trim it.

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18. A great barber can turn a boy into a man.

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19. Don’t forget to thank your barber in your wedding speech. Without his hard work, you may have been single forever.

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20. When your barbers is closed unexpectedly that can be a real hairy situation!

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21. Who needs therapy when you have a great barber to listen while he snips your woes away?

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22. Barbers don’t just cut hair. They keep secrets and boost morale all day long.

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23. Even if your barber is telling you a boring story, smile and act interested. If you act bored, his hand might “slip” and leave you with a bald spot.

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24. Don’t go to a bar. Go to a barber! You’ll have twice the fun and walk out feeling confident.

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25. Don’t trust a barber who isn’t well-groomed himself.

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26. Barber shops are judgment-free zones.

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27. A perfect haircut from a skillful barber can make up for an imperfect life.

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28. All it takes to have good hair is a good barber!

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29. I don’t know why I can’t articulate what I actually want whenever I go to my barber because I haven’t ever got the haircut I asked for.

30. Barbers have the power to give you a disheveled look.

31. Barber told me that half shaved hairstyle is now in trend and gave me this haircut. So I paid him the half amount of the full shaved.

32. If You think yourself a real man then go to a real barber.

33. Funny barber quote: ‘Don’t mess with your barber. He can ruin your look by giving you a disaster haircut.’

34. You can find out a lot sitting in the barber’s.

35. Being a barber is about taking care of the people.

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36. If you keep walking past the barbers, eventually you’ll get a haircut.

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37. A barber lathers a man before he shaves him.

38. Skilled barbers are not cheap. Cheap barbers are not skilled.

39. To Make A Fine Gentleman, Several Trades Are Required, But Chiefly A Barber. – Oliver Goldsmith

40. Barbers rush in where stylists fear to tread.

41. Never underestimate the power of a barber.

42. We play happy music, and we make people happy. That’s why they like us.

43. Trust no one but… your barber!

44. Barbering is the art of creating without an eraser.

45. I speak hair. English is my second language.

46. If you want a good barber, you gotta deal with a bushy barber.

47. If you can’t trust your barber who can you trust?

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48. No barber shaves so close but another finds work.

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49. Barber: What you want? Me: I can’t afford a hat. Barber: I got you.

50. When you black but your barber is Mexican.

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51. Your barber is the most powerful man in this world. He decides whether you getting roasted or getting DM’s for the next 2 weeks.

52. Barber: What do you want? He: Well, I just saved 15% on my car insurance.

53. Barbers be like…… Yeah come down I got you next.

54. Barber: What you want? Him: Give me something for the summer. Barber: Say no more.

55. That moment when your barber dusts you off like an ancient artifact.

56. When your barber messes up your hair but you gotta pretend it’s ok.

57.How dudes look when waiting at the barbershop.

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58. When the barber annihilated your hairline and you trying to decide whether to pay him or kill him.

59. That moment you’re trying out a new barber for the first time.

60. When you say “thanks” to the barber, but you really crying in the inside.

61. Barber: What you want? Him: Let my parents know I’m growing up. Barber: Say no more.

62. When you’re waiting to get a fresh cut and make eye contact with the shitty barber.

63. When the barber in melting your head with the hair dryer but you don’t wanna sound like a pu***.

64. When your barber sees you walking around with a trim he didn’t give you…

65. When your mum makes you let her cut your hair because it’s cheaper than the barbers…

66. When your barber cuts your hair using math equations and the will of God.

67. When you tell your barber “just a little off the top.”

68. Kim Jong un has killed people at the drop of a hat, yet curiously, allows his barber to live.

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69. When your barber finds out you’re seeing someone else.

70. If you want a good barber you have to deal with a busy barber.

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71. “World war 3” more like “barber shop 3”.

72. When your barber finish cutting your hair and the dude up next say “do mine like you did his”.

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73. When you cheat on your barber and run into him outside.

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Hopefully, the above barber quotes and barber memes will make you respect your barber more. Funny quotes and memes are never meant to disrespect anyone, rather give entertainment. Let us know in the comments which one you are going to share.