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25 Before and After Hair Makeovers For Women Over 50

When you’re a woman over 50 years old feeling uninspired with your hairstyle, sometimes all you need is to see a few before and after hair makeovers to get the motivation to fix your own look.

It’s not uncommon for women over 50 to reach a place where they feel stuck with their hair. The important thing is to realize that there are actually many hairstyles you can flaunt that will make your hair type look fabulous and give you a fresh look on life.

Stunning Before and After Hair Makeovers

Let the below before and after hair makeovers for women over 50 inspire you to take the leap, try a fresh hairstyle, and feel gorgeous again.

1. Dark to Light Blonde

before and after hair makeover over 50 with double chin

If you have long hair and you’re trying to distract from your extra curvy or round face, even thing out a bit by filling your mane with luscious waves. An off-center part will work with the texture to draw everyone’s eyes out and away from your face shape.

2. Limp to Layered Pixie

before and after hair makeover over 50 with square face

This before and after makeover takes boring short hair from lifeless to full of texture. Whether you have a square face or a large forehead, a pixie with soft side bangs is a super cute option for a short haircut. 

3. Side Bangs to Full Bangs

before and after layered hair makeover over 50

Hair seems dry and desperate for shape in this before shot of a woman over 50 with a longer face shape. By thickening up the bangs and blowing out short layers, we see wavy texture come to life and a switch in face dimension.

4. Bulky to Thin Layers

before and after medium hair makeover over 50

For women who have thick hair over the age of 50, celebrate it in a shoulder-length haircut like the one seen in this before and after. Frizzy bulky hair is beautifully tamed into thinned, layered locks.

5. Blonde to Pink Balayage

before and after pink balayage bob over 50

If you love a pop of color in your hair, you’ll for sure want to copy this super cute platinum blonde bob with pink balayage. It’s the perfect youthful update for a woman in her 50s.

6. Blonde to Brunette

before and after haircut for women over 50

If your natural hair color is blonde, you can look like a whole new person with a reverse balayage and a chin-length bob with lots of texture. Part hair off center, straighten it, and tease the crown for lift.

7. No Bangs to Feathered Bangs

before and after short hair makeover over 50

For women over 50 with short hair, this before and after makeover proves you don’t have to do much to make a hair change. Ask your stylist for a feathered cut to create these cute, face-framing bangs.

8. Plain Pixie to Highlighted Pixie

before and after pixie cut makeover for women over 50

For an easy, bold update to short dark hair, go for dark red highlights in just your fringe. This textured long pixie stands out instantly with the addition of the red. Straighten hair and go for a diagonal cut for the best look.

9. Long Hair to Short Shag

before and after shag haircut over 50

Women over 50 who have long hair and are looking for a bit more body and shape will do well with a shag haircut with bangs. Lots of short layers combined with thin body will create wispy locks that fan out nicely.

10. Straight Blonde to Wavy Orange Pixie

before and after pixie bob makeover over 50

Another great hairstyle option for older women includes this poppin’ orange pixie. If the before and after makeover isn’t enough to inspire you to try a bright shade in a perky haircut with gorgeous curls, we don’t know what will!

11. Long Hair to Pixie

before and after haircut makeover over 50

A very light blonde or platinum hair color is great for women over 50 with a pale or light skin tone. If you have long hair, the transition to a pixie with long straight bangs will make you practically unrecognizable (in a good way)!

12. Gray to Black Hair

before and after hair makeover over 50 with oval face

For women with an oval face who are seeing more white or gray hairs and want to cover them up, take a hint from this moody before and after makeover, and add some more black into your mane. Leave the hairline salt and pepper to define your face shape.

13. Long Blonde Hair to Short Red Pixie 

before and after hairstyle over 50

Going from light and breezy to dark and mysterious is easy when you have at least two shades of beautiful red to work with. Make the big chop to a pixie bob and give your mane a treatment of rich dark color for a complete makeover.

14. Straight to Textured Lob

before and after haircut over 50

Not only do asymmetrical and a-line lobs flatter a multitude of face shapes, they’re also a favorite hairstyle for women over 50. They feature beautiful length you can do a lot with, and blonde highlights give it a glow as well.

15. No Bangs to Curtain Bangs

before and after hair makeover over 50 for fine hair

A middle part can be quite harsh on some women, so to soften your look up, ask your stylist for curtain bangs. This before and after flaunts adorable fringe with a stunning medium haircut in extra light blonde.

16. Strawberry Blonde to Light Blonde Bob

before and after hair makeover for women over 50

Want to make a hair change without a lot of commitment? A trim will take you to this after shot of a wavy bob with plenty of volume. Ask for some layers you can style in waves, and perhaps even go for a light blonde color.

17. Gray Waves to Straight Blonde

before and after grey hair makeover over 50

Pesky gray hairs are no match for blonde balayage. Wavy long hair is transformed with a cut and color that makes it straight and warm-toned. Women over 50 will love how their gray hairs blend seamlessly into the new shade.

18. Short White Layers to Brown Balayage

before and after Asian hair makeover over 50

If you have a completely white mane, take a look at this before and after makeover for inspiration on what a little brown and caramel balayage can do for a grown out cut. For Asian women over 50 with a warm skin tone, this color combo is ideal. 

19. Gray Roots to White Highlights

before and after fine hair makeover over 50

When gray hairs start to peek through in your roots, take it as a chance to do what this before and after shows: a long mostly straight hairstyle glossed over in gorgeous white and gray. 

20. Dark Blonde to Light Blonde Balayage

before and after balayage hair makeover over 50

Have you grown out your blonde hair but feel like it’s a little lifeless? Trim at least five inches off and opt for this blonde balayage. The transition of color will be easy and it will beautifully show off your natural wavy texture.

21. Wavy Blonde to Straight Blonde Hair

before and after long blonde hair over 50

Lots of women over 50 choose to grow their blonde hair long, but at least give it some shape. Some long layers or face-framing layers will make all that length look so much prettier and healthier.

22. Blonde to Silver Pixie

before and after pixie cut over 50

Embrace older age as a woman in her 50s by coloring your short hair a mix of gray and silver as seen above in a before and after. These colors complement each other well, and also give a layered pixie a slight edge.

23. Curly Brown to Straightened Burgundy

before and after brunette hair makeover over 50

Any woman over 50 with a dark skin tone looks gorgeous in dark hair colors, like this moody burgundy. It shines in a short haircut with lots of layers. Blow it out for sleek volume and the flipped out shape.

24. Light Blonde to Strawberry Blonde

before and after long hair makeover over 50

In our opinion, not enough older women take advantage of a youthful strawberry blonde hair color. This before and after makeover is a magnificent example of how it can change up your whole look in a good way.

25. Blonde to Red Pixie

before and after pixie cut makeover over 50

Don’t be afraid to take the leap from light to dark in your short hair. Dark red is the perfect base color to flaunt light red highlights in an edgy pixie cut. The short angled cut is a great option for women over 50.

We understand how challenging it can be finding a haircut you love when you also feel like your options are limited. Fortunately, these before and after makeovers of women in their 50s show how many options are actually available to you. From low maintenance long hairstyles to short haircuts with lots of angles and volume, and of course anything in between, you can create a hairstyle you love that will also help you feel comfortable at your age.