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18 Timeless Curtain Bangs for Women Over 50

Just because you’re in your 50s doesn’t mean you can’t rock curtain bangs. In fact, besides taking care of your skin and health, giving those aging tresses a refreshing makeover is a great idea.

Bangs provide a safe choice for concealing forehead wrinkles, but not all bangs are created equal, and curtain bangs are undoubtedly one of the best options.

They feature a middle parting with strands elongating towards the sides of the face, resembling curtains on a window—hence the name. Take a look at the following curtain bangs for women over 50 without further delay.

Elegant Curtain Bangs for the 50-Plus Fashionista

Fringe bangs are ideal to put your best features on full display, especially those gorgeous eyes and cheekbones. Keep scrolling to learn what we’re talking about!

1. No-Part Curtains

Bardot curtain bangs for over 50

Transitioning from classic straight bangs to curtain bangs is a complete process. Start by parting the strands slightly in the middle while trimming them at an angle along the sides.

A bob full of layers is perfect to boost the volume of your thinning tresses.  

2. Off-Centered Fringe + Lob

side curtain bangs for over 50

Stand out from the rest by carving out an off-center parting that’s ideal to break down the bluntness of an aging face.

Opt for wispy tips with a subtly layered lob grazing the shoulders. Blending in all the pieces is the key to achieving a soft look.

3. Long Flowy Layers

layered hair with curtain bangs for over 50

Curtain bangs for over 50 can be as long as you want. Take inspiration from Jennifer Lopez’s look where she went for a chin-length fringe and a long shag full of flowy layers.

Throw in some caramel highlights to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

4. Curly Fringe Bangs

curly curtain bangs for over 50

Straight sleek bangs appear chic but curly fringes don’t look any less.

Opt for rounded curtains to soften the look or try a long angled snip to sharpen your features. Put them on full display with a messy updo at the back.

5. Short and Piece-y

thin curtain bangs for over 50

Those who wish to stay on the shorter side can experiment with slightly angled bangs with an A-shaped middle parting. Pinch the strands with gel on your fingers to achieve the piece-y effect.

Finish off with a long blunt cut and you won’t regret it!  

6. Classic French Bob

short curtain bangs for over 50

The French bob is a classic chin-length haircut with or without bangs.

Women over 50 can shed off a few years by going for a blunt snip with a wispy fringe at the front to avoid a flat look. Take things up a notch with a fresh vibrant hair color.  

7. Perfect Face Frame

curtain bangs for over 50 with thick hair

The best thing about fringe bangs is their seamless disappearance into the remaining side layers.

Choppy layers produce blunt tips making a thin mane look thick and healthy, especially at medium length. A good blowout or some loose waves are all you need afterward.

8. Bixie with Textured Front

vintage curtain bangs for over 50

Pixies and bobs are the go-to hairstyles for elderly ladies. But why not try a combination of both for a change?

This bixie is another unique way of rocking curtain bangs over 50. Ask for plenty of short layers with even shorter center-parted bangs at the front.

9. Relaxed Half-Up Hairstyle

ombre hair with curtain bangs for over 50

Bangs add a subtle youthfulness to the face and are a must-try when trying to hide a big forehead or protruding temples.

Spare the short strands at the front while styling a sophisticated half updo. The auburn ombre hair color is worth a shot too.

10. Bouncy Swoops, Casual Updo

updo with curtain bangs for over 50

Instead of straightening your tresses, bring out the true beauty of your curtain bangs with a blowout using a round brush. The result will be bouncy chunks framing the face.

Let your salt and pepper locks shine with a relaxed top knot bun.

11. Brigitte Bardot Style

feather curtain bangs for women over 50

Brigitte Bardot bangs are shorter and fuller with a less prominent middle parting.

Achieve a bouncy voluminous mane by asking the hairdresser for a handful of feathered layers and babylights with the strands flicking naturally away from the face. Stunning!

12. The Rachel Cut

long curtain bangs for over 50

The Rachel cut is one of the most iconic haircuts of all time with countless distinct layers bending inward or outward around the face and neck.

This look is the least risky and is perfect for trying out curtain bangs for the first time.

13. Barely-There Bangs

long hair with curtain bangs for women over 50

Try this barely-there curtain bangs look for over 50 by snipping only a few strands at an angle to fall near the eyes or by opting for a long fringe that falls near the remaining layers.

A platinum blonde all-over hair color is sure to defy your actual age.

14. Middle-Parted Choppy Bob

blonde curtain bangs for over 50

Get rid of those lifeless brittle locks with a short and sexy bob. Short layers create volume near the roots helping to achieve the volume boost of your dreams.

Keep the bangs short too and roll them inward when drying for a bumpy appeal.

15. Soft Seamless Forward Graduation

curtain bangs for women over 50

Keep all the attention at the front by snipping the chunks at eye level and continuing all the way to the tips at an angle to get a gorgeous face frame.

Women with a natural curly or wavy hair texture should definitely try this look for once.

16. Sharp Disconnection

half up hairstyle with curtain bangs for over 50

Make sure your fringe bangs are one of a kind by creating a sharp disconnection between them and the remaining hair.

The trick lies in keeping them significantly short without any blending while that silver vixen look is the result of black lowlights and silver highlights.

17. Funky Asymmetrical Baby Bangs

curtain bangs for over 50 with glasses

Express your wild side by adding a funky touch to an otherwise elegant fringe by chopping off the strands unevenly across the forehead.

Keep one side longer than the other with a groovy zigzag middle parting and no one’s going to remember your age!

18. The Bottleneck Bob

bob with curtain bangs for over 50

The bottleneck bob is a smart choice to get curtain bangs for women over 50. The name comes from the silhouette of a bottle’s neck created as a result of graduation in length along the sides of the face.

Opt for a rounded bob for a soft finish and voila!

Curtain bangs for over 50 can be anything from short and sexy to long and flowy. They are easy to maintain and style and can be grown out flawlessly without even the slightest touch-ups. Keep in mind your styling routine and hair texture and that’s all!