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23 Ideal Hairstyles for Square-Faced Women Over 50

Square faces age beautifully. They feature strong jawlines, broad foreheads, and prominent cheekbones that tend to grow older slowly, making you appear youthful even at your golden age of 50.

If you’re a woman over 50 with a square face shape, choosing the right hairstyle shouldn’t be that challenging. It’s pretty easy to choose hairstyles for box-like faces, as anything that adds length and smoothness to the face, softens its harsh angles, or imparts a little asymmetry to it will work. Flowy layers, bangs, curls, updos, and angled cuts can do wonders for an aging square face.

Flawless Hairstyles for Square Faces Over 50

Avoid very short blunt cuts and sleek flat hairstyles to prevent your square-shaped face from looking any broader. Play around with different hair textures and lengths to rejuvenate your look with the following hairstyles for women over 50 with square faces.

1. Bob with Side Bangs

blonde bob with bangs for square face over 50

Bobs are a must-try for senior ladies climbing the ladder of age. Although blunt cuts are not preferable, a straight-cut bob with inward flipped ends falling below the chin is sure to soften a square face.

Some textured piece-y side bangs are suitable to hide that broad forehead of yours.

2. Angled Pixie

pixie cut for square face over 50 with glasses

Going very short can be risky for over 50 ladies with cubical faces except for an angled pixie cut. Avoid a blunt look by opting for a softly layered ear-length top with a slanted fringe at the front that adds a little asymmetry to the face.

Brighten up the look further with highlights or lowlights.

3. Classic Top Knot

updo for square face over 50

The top knot bun is a classic hairstyle for square faces over 50 that comes in handy on lazy/busy days.

Go for a high ponytail and wrap it around into a bun with or without extensions. This basic updo creates the illusion of a longer face.

4. Super Short Shullet

short haircut for square face over 50

The modern shullet of today is a much softer version of the traditional mullet haircut featuring a short top with even shorter sides and a prominently longer back.

The unevenly cropped bangs conceal the wide forehead, while the longer strands at the nape tend to drag down the face.

5. Bouncy Layers, Arched Fringe

medium length hairstyle for square face over 50

Make use of your naturally curly hair texture to achieve a bouncy mane with layers. Volume along the jawline or cheekbones may cause the face to look even broader, which can be prevented by opting for a shoulder-level chop.

An arched, subtly center-parted fringe will help avoid a suffocated look.

6. Razored Wedge Cut

curly bob for square face over 50

Breathe some life into your thin, coarse tresses when turning 50 or above with a razored wedge haircut. It is similar to a rounded bob with long face-framing layers and short strands above the nape.

Scrunch up your mane with some styling product for a messy yet sexy appeal.

7. Soft Shoulder-Length Curls

hairstyle with highlights for square face over 50

Let your aging face look oval rather than square by going for shoulder-length layers and soft curls. Ask for a long fringe at the front to cover up the corners of your forehead.

An off-center part can work wonders to break down the bluntness of a cubical face.

8. 70s Feathered Hairstyle

edgy haircut for square face over 50

Who is going to notice your boxy face shape with such a beautifully sculpted mane? Relive those good old days with medium-length feathered layers that resulted in voluminous roots and wispy tips.

Flip the strands away from the face with a good blowout, and voila!

9. Messy Comb Over

Asian hairstyle for square face over 50

Shed off a few years with a professional-looking comb-over hairdo. Experiment with a chopped-up pixie defined by a long textured top tapering towards the sides and back.

Use pomade to sweep your strands up and sideward. A little mess is exactly what you need.

10. Box Braids with Curly Ends

curly braids for square face over 50

Here’s a protective hairstyle for square-faced black women over 50. Use grey extensions when getting small-sized box braids or micro knits to embrace your aging beauty with style.

Curl the ends and layer them slightly into a classy bob. There you go!

11. Long Square Bob, Full Fringe

straight shag for square face over 50

Although a square bob might seem inappropriate for a square-shaped face, it can still help to soften those sharp angles.

The strands dangling below the chin, coupled with volume on the top elongates the face, while a full fringe helps conceal a high hairline. Cover the ears to slim down your look further.

12. Spiked-Up Faux Hawk

short spiky pixie for square face over 50

Creating height on top of the head is recommended to throw off the balance of your perfectly symmetrical square face.

Try it with an edgy pixie styled into a funky faux hawk. Create spikes and assemble them towards the middle of your head with neatly brushed-down sides and a highlighted front.

13. Tousled DevaCut

red curly hairstyle for square face over 50

Soften that cubical face of yours with a rounded fluffed-up mane if you are blessed with kinky curls. The strands are layered when dry to fall around the face exactly where intended, with or without bangs.

A vibrant hair color, like this red one, is ideal to pop some eyes on your way!

14. Elegant Lob

long bob for square face over 50

Lobs make the best hairstyles for square faces over 50 as they are neither too long nor too short. Couple yours with a long side fringe and minimal layers for an elegant appeal.

You can also try a platinum blonde hair color for a rejuvenating style shake-up.

15. Long Layered Ringlets

vintage hairstyle for square face over 50

Senior ladies lucky enough to have a long mane can refresh it with a nice trim and some layering to avoid a worn-out look.

Add tight ringlet curls, if not natural, and tousle them at the front with a side-parted pinned-back hairstyle to make that boxy face seem slender and youthful.

16. Curly Salt and Pepper Shag

messy curly hairstyle for square face over 50

Keep it low maintenance by chopping your frizzy curls into a rock’n’roll shag. This laid-back haircut for senior women features uneven layers that are short and full near the crown and become thinner and longer toward the ends.

The result is a soft fluff of hair that’s perfect for softening your square face.

17. Carefree Bixie

hairstyle for square face over 50 with fine hair

Speaking of relaxed hairdos, this one’s suitable to open up your face. Bixie cuts lie midway between pixies and bobs and are the go-to hairstyle for ladies who want to go short with caution.

Layer the strands to achieve a rounded shape against that blocky face.

18. Wispy Wolf Cut

layered haircut for square face over 50

Square-faced women over 50 can try this mussy yet chic hairstyle without worry. A wolf cut is more like a shaggy mullet with volume-enhancing layers on top that thin down towards the ends.

The resultant strands hug the face while covering its harsh cuts with the flipped-out ends, creating the illusion of length.

19. Statement Dreads

dreadlocks for square face over 50

Long hairstyles that weigh down the face are favorable in the case of a square facial outline.

Express your wild side with lengthy dreads and tousle them forward or try a jumbo top bun instead to get a slim-looking face. Highlights will illuminate your look further.

20. High Ponytail with Bangs

ponytail for square face over 50

High ponytails lift up the face like nothing else, taking attention immediately away from those wrinkles and sagging skin.

Assemble the tresses on top of the head, sparing the bangs to frame the face and look on fleek even on an oily hair day.

21. Flowy Ombre Curls

long balayage hairstyle for square face over 50

Soft, seamless ombres tend to round off a square face. Experiment with dark roots and a caramel blonde gradient or a balayage that lightens towards the tips.

Finish off with some layers, curls, and a side parting to look much younger for your age! You can also get some ideas from these blonde celebrities over 50.

22. Relaxed Side Braid

long braid for square face over 50

A relaxed side braid is yet another hairstyle suitable for square-faced ladies over 50 as it throws off the balance of a perfectly symmetrical face.

Knit the strands loosely, leaving tendrils around the face for a soft finish. Tousle the plait at the front and call it a day!

23. Sculpted Medium-Length Waves

curly brown hairstyle for square face over 50

Not going for layers in the case of a square face and wavy hair texture would be a mistake for sure. Keep your naturally textured locks at or below the shoulders and snip them at varying lengths to frame the face.

An off-thrown middle parting can make a huge difference too.

The above-mentioned list of hairstyles for square-faced women over 50 has a look for everyone. Short haircuts make that boxy facial outline more prominent unless accompanied by layers, bangs, and some texture.

Long to medium hairdos, on the other hand, are preferable as they drag down the face making it appear more oval.