5 Best Julian Edelman Haircuts to Copy

Are you familiar with Julian Edelman’s best haircuts? Well among the dozens of Julian Edelman hairstyles, we have settled on five that we must talk about in this article.

Patriot’s wide receiver Julian Edelman is known for his trendsetting hairstyles. His hair is striking and often earns praises for being that of a “manicured” look.

With or without the beard or scruff, this athlete has a knack (or at least his stylist does), for keeping his hair well colored and under control for presentation purposes.

Here are five of Julian Edelman’s best haircuts.

The Edelman Coif

cool looking Edelman Coif hairstyle

The Edelman Coif is quite striking and complementary to the style of this athlete. While the top is fashioned in a slightly raised and combed back style, the sides are cut closely with a razor and unlike some cuts that are tapered this style is very like a military buzz cut.

Hair is long on top with nothing on the sides. Edelman is known for flipping this hair straight back at times. The options for that extra length, however, are endless!

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The Edelman Fade

favorite Edelman Fade hairstyle you like

The Edelman Fade aligns to a traditional male cut with the bulk of the length residing up top with sides and back that taper off into small layers.

Note that this look is quite compatible with the workplace setting, casual activities or formal events. Hair may be managed using gel products to sustain a wet look. It looks great with or without the beard but should you decide to wear one, keep it clean and equally manicured. A beard with this cut adds a bit of mystique to the character of the individual who dares to don this look.


The Edelman Short Haircut Style

best Edelman Short Haircut you love

The Edelman Short Haircut Style is neat and simple. Hair has a bit of length up top and is evenly cut on the sides. This style is perfect for those not looking to taper or buzz cut the sides of their head. It might require a bit more maintenance to sustain, but the look is still flawless no matter the setting.


The Edelman Business Man Hairstyle

 Business Man look for Julian Edelman

Once again, Julian Edelman demonstrates that there is more than one way to wear a haircut and that with a bit of mouse, gel and a comb, this style is sleek.

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The Edelman Faux Hawk

nice Edelman Faux Hawk hairstyle

This Edelman Faux Hawk Style is another twist on the actual haircut. With a bit of holding spray and gel, this faux hawk is an excellent way to create a bit of edge. It’s a trendsetting style for those who enjoy diversifying their hairstyle portfolio looking to change things up from time to time.


These are just five fantastic Julian Edelman hairstyles. Edelman demonstrates that your hairstyle can be your brand and even with a little deviation, there is still the ability to keep a well-manicured look. Hairstyles should always compliment the person, and Julian Edelman is definitely wearing these five looks well.

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