7 Justin Bieber Hairstyles And How To Achieve Them

Justin Bieber is one of the hottest Popstars with creative hairstyles. With some of the hottest hits on the radio including ‘Baby,’ ‘Sorry,’ ‘What Do You Mean,’ and ‘Love Yourself,’ it’s easy to see how influential his music has been to this generation. The Canadian native has changed his look drastically over the years, from bowl cuts to locs and tapered hairstyles.

While Justin Bieber’s haircuts have varied, it’s safe to say that now that he’s getting older but he’s sporting more mature, sexy haircuts. Here are 7 of our favorite Justin Bieber haircuts and hairstyles you need to see:

1. Justin Bieber’s Baby Bowl Haircut

Justin Bieber blonde silky haircut

Of course, we had to start with Bieber’s bowl cut from back in his ‘Baby’ debut. Hilariously enough, he’s one of the only who has pulled off a bowl cut successfully without looking absolutely ridiculous. I’d count that as an achievement all by itself.

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2. The Dapper

Justin Bieber dapper cut

This Justin Bieber haircut gave Bieber an innocent, ‘ready for my dad’s wedding’, prom-esque type of feel. While this isn’t a style that he rocked on occasion, we love how well he pulled it off and dapper he looked.


3. Teenage Taper Cut

Justin Bieber Teenage Taper Haircut

As Biebs got older, he decided to ditch the bowl cut and try a more sophisticated tapered style. This tapered cut is one of our favorite looks, featuring wonderful layers and highlights that really set the look apart.


4. Edgy Taper

Justin Bieber's taper hairstyle

Tapered cuts fit this man well, as he slowly but surely stumbles upon styles that emphasize his unique features. This tapered cut is shorter than his last, and features a buzz cut around the perimeter of the head, giving Beiber’s new haircut a more edgy look.


5. Tapered Blonde Hairstyle

latest Justin Bieber Hairstyle

Bieber goes blonde in this next tapered style, featuring a unique coif and side part. This tapered style fits a more classic description while still maintaining a whole lot of swag.

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6. The name’s Bond. Biebs Bond

This Justin Bieber hairstyle is a short taper that really highlights his chiseled jawline.  Although this isn’t the first, and most likely won’t be the last, this is definitely our favorite Justin Bieber haircut of all time.


7. Bieber’s New Sexy Long Taper Hairstyle

Justin Bieber Long Taper Hairstyle

Justin Bieber’s new haircut features a tapered cut with a lengthy crown. This gives him an abundance of different ways to style this cut as opposed to all of his other ones. He’s been seen with the crown slicked back, locked, and even cornrowed.


Since there is no end to Bieber’s career in sight so far, there’s a chance we’ll see more cool hairstyles from Justin Bieber in the years to come.