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The 10 Best Mousses for Fine Hair You Can Get Right Now

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Is fine hair falling flat? It’s a constant struggle for those with fine hair to achieve volume and bounce without losing lift throughout the day. Mousse is the cure; however, heavy products can make your hair slick or greasy, so you must find a happy medium.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the best mousses for fine hair that give you a trouble-free, weightless body.

Choosing The Best Mousses for Fine Hair

Mousses for Fine Hair

Here are the top 10 best mousses for fine hair available in the market. Read on to see which mousse is right for you!

1. Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam

Craving that fresh-out-of-the-salon look? The Nexxus brand gives you a salon-quality mousse to give your flat hair a parlor-perfected boost from home. Whether you blow-dry, towel-dry, or finger-dry, the mousse blends seamlessly into your locks to provide a necessary lift while maintaining your hair’s natural flexibility.

With a Keratin protein and ceramide enriched formula, the Nexxus mousse plus volumizing foam nourishes your hair leaving it silky smooth. Also alcohol-free, the mousse banishes frizz to give your hair a coveted shine. This mousse also allows your hair to retain its natural movement so that you can style it as you please without giving up your new-found lift.

2. SexyHair Big Root Pump Volumizing Spray

This SexyHair brand mousse does exactly as its name promises; it plumps your roots to create a big volume for fine hair. It doesn’t just sit on your roots either. It begins there and with a little fluffing up it mingles with the rest of your locks to give the appearance of overall fullness.

Once it’s all worked in, the mousse stays well. Its hold can last all day without falling; if you want it to, it can last for up to 72 hours. You can use the SexyHair volumizing spray on dry hair as well as wet if you choose.

When you use it on dry hair to give it a little boost during the day, it activates your hair’s textural volume. Either way you choose, it gives the fine hair body volume and a beautiful, vibrant shine.

3. GIOVANNI Mousse Air-Turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam

Unlike other hair-care brands Giovanni Cosmetics use sophisticated recyclable packaging for products. The mousse comes in a clear bottle so you can see what you put in your hair.

Like its pristine, clear-as-glass composition, Giovanni Cosmetics’ air-turbo hair styling mousse is clean. Its composition does not include any sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals and is PETA and Leaping Bunny Accredited cruelty-free.

Aside from its good, clean formula, the Giovanni Mousse lifts your hair to unimaginable heights for fine hair. It lifts, provides texture, and amplifies your hair’s body without falling. With ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, and lavender, this mousse softens and nourishes your hair.

4. Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

If you have fine hair, you want volume and body to keep your hair from looking dull and pressed. Paul Mitchell’s extra-body sculpting foam gives you both with its thickening formula. Its formula is also packed with conditioning nutrients to lock in and amplify your hair’s shine so you can keep your hair healthy.

While conditioning can leave fine hair feeling thick and greasy, this mousse keeps your hair natural and soft. It’s a manageable mousse, so you can still style your hair as you please without worrying about stickiness or stiffness.

Paul Mitchell’s mousse is a leader in salon-quality products for a reason: it gives fine hair luscious volume and body without compromising your hair’s natural suppleness.

5. Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse

Living Proof’s full thickening mousse doesn’t just volumize your hair; it thickens it. With a pump of this mousse, your hair can go from flat and fine to full and fabulous in seconds. It provides maximum lift with a mild hold so your hair doesn’t lose its flexibility and bounce. Don’t let the word mild fool you; its hold still lasts well into the day and doesn’t collapse. 

Its patented thickening molecule formula gives your hair space between strands to enhance your hair’s dimension. With the appearance of thickness, your hair won’t feel dense or heavy because of the mousse’s light-weight composition.

While the mousse is packed with thickening molecules, it’s completely free of parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. It also protects your hair from heat damage and is safe for use in colored hair. 

6. Joico JoiWhip Firm Hold Designing Foam

You want volume for fine hair, but you don’t want to destroy your hair’s natural beauty. This alcohol-free foam gives your hair an airy boost of light-weight volume. It leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth, and lightly poofed.

Designed with nourishing Moringa seed oil, your fine hair gets a boost of luxurious volume and a dose of rich hydration to every strand. No matter how you style your thin hair, whether straight, curly, wavy, or anything in between, this mousse builds incredible volume that lasts.

The Joico Joi Whip foam, aside from its extraordinary hold, provides much-needed protection so that your hair doesn’t get damaged during your day-to-day activities. Its high-quality formula kicks humidity, UV exposure, and pollution to the curb so that your volumized hair can last.

7. Thermasilk Volumizing Maximum Control Mousse

Curly or wavy hair is naturally prone to frizz. Thermasilk recognizes the struggle and creates a volumizing mousse for those who have fine hair with a curly or wavy texture. This mousse is liked for its ability to define curls without leaving any stiffness or stickiness.

It well rated for curl definition, cutting down frizz, and maintaining the hair’s natural shine and texture. However, finding this product in an offline store can be challenging.

8. Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse

You want volume with fine hair, but you don’t want it so that your hair hardens to the point where you can’t style it, let alone move it. Moroccanoil crafted its volumizing mousse with your hair’s pliancy in mind.

It still provides long-lasting hold, but its memory factor enables the mousse to remember your hair’s structure so that you can always reshape and restyle your hair without flaking or stiffness.   Not only do you get weightless volume, but this mousse is also infused with argan oil and an anti-static component to smooth your hair.

The argan-oil, rich with antioxidants, also nourishes your hair to keep it soft and malleable. You don’t have to worry about the oil making your hair greasy either. Instead, the oil makes your hair touchable, soft, and eliminates frizz.

9. ghd Body Goals Total Volume Foam

For fine hair, when you get volume, you want to keep it. With ghd’s total volume mousse, you get a product with a lightweight composition that instantly gives fine hair a lift with long-term hold.

While some products can leave your hair sticky or slick, this mousse’s formula blends with your hair, giving it soft fullness. Its formula also smooths your hair cuticles to eliminate any fickle frizziness and flyaways, even in intense humidity. It’s not just your hair’s volume that GHD cares about, they care about your hair’s health too.

That’s why they’ve designed a mousse that not only lifts, but protects. If you have fine hair, the last thing you want is to damage it. The ghd health protection system keeps your hair safe from day-to-day damages like UV exposures as well as intense heat-styling tools, including straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers.

10. Leonor Greyl Paris Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice

While a bit more expensive than the other mousses, the Leonor Geryl Paris Mousse is a chic and effective brand. It’s ideal for thin or frizz-prone hair because of its alcohol-free formula. After months of research to find the optimal ingredients for their volumizing product, Leonor Gerl perfected their formula. With it, their mousse smooths frizz, enhances shine and adds volume to dull, flat hair.

 The alcohol-free formula also results in a lightweight hold, so your hair doesn’t feel weighed down by the product. It leaves your hair feeling soft, unlike other mousses that make it feel stiff or crunchy.

The Leonor Greyl mousse gives bounce and holds throughout the day, no matter the style you choose. It’s perfect for curly, wavy, straight, blow-dried, and fine hair. 

Whether your hair falls flat or has gotten finer over the years, the best volumizing mousse can bring it back to life. Luckily, you can choose from the best mousses for fine hair above. Pick the one that suits your needs and gives your hair the boost it deserves.