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The 10 Best Hair Waver Irons – Get The Perfect Waves

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Beach waves are universally adored. No other style can look so effortless yet fitting for even the dressiest of occasions, but so few of us naturally possess perfect mermaid tresses. That is where hair waver irons become a lifesaver.

These handy wavy or three-barreled hot tools give you beachy vibes in minutes. Not all are created equal, however. To make the search easier, we’ve listed down the top hair wavers on the market for 2024

Choosing The Best Hair Waver Iron

Hair Waver Iron

Below are all of the details of the top 10 hair waver irons, from results to ease of use, so you know what you’re getting into before making any purchase. Then, all you need to decide is how much you’re willing to spend and make sure you find a suitable tool for your specific hair type.

1. BED HEAD Ceramic Wave Artist Deep Waver

One of the best hair waver irons you can buy in 2024. Boasting over 9,000 global ratings, this easy-to-use hair waver looks pretty much like a flat iron and is used similarly. No complicated barrels here!

It may come with only one heat setting, but most users don’t necessarily consider it negative. On the contrary, the simple design makes it perfect for curling large chunks of hair at a time and is ideal for the lazy gal or rushed mornings when you’re pressed for time.


  • Unique deep barrel design perfect for creating beach waves
  • Fast heat up (only 30 seconds) for maximum efficiency
  • Easy-to-grip body and swivel cord for ease of use


  • No temperature display

2. High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper by Amika

She may be pricey, but hundreds of reviewers can attest to its magical hair-waving powers. Perfect for fine, medium, and thick hair, the High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper comes with the Allure Best of Beauty stamp of approval.

This tool is super easy to use and doesn’t leave any harsh marks. Try it now to get that messy, undone yet done style that is the ultimate look of the moment.


  • Tourmaline ceramic-coated barrels for smoother hair
  • Produces crease-free waves
  • Negative ion technology to reduce frizz


  • Bulky

3. REVLON 3 Barrel Jumbo Hair Waver

Babes love how this three-barrel waver gives hair sexy waves on the looser side, which is perfect if you crave a more natural look.

This option has 30 heat settings, making it awesome for styling all hair types and giving varying degrees of perfection. If you like to keep your getting-ready routine simple, this may be the choice for you- it waves large sections quickly.


  • Extra-wide middle barrel for deep waves
  • Heat sensors for even heat distribution
  • Large barrels for faster curling


  • Handle becomes too hot

4. Conair Double Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver

The name may be a mouthful, but this tool is worth the conversation. As it is made of double ceramic, your hair will not only wave but come out extra shiny for that healthy bounce we all desire.

We love a look-for-less, and this one truly fits the bill. The sleek rose gold and white body look luxe, plus it works like a charm.


  • 30 heat settings for all hair types
  • Auto shutoff and cool tip for safety
  • Higher ceramic content for smoother and longer-lasting waves


  • Barrel is too small for styling thick hair

5. Conair Mini Waver – Best for On-The-Go Styling

Take this mini-size cutie with you everywhere you go! The size and 30-second fast heat-up feature makes it the perfect waver for traveling.

Apart from its small size, it works as well as your daily tool with 356-degree high heat. The ceramic material provides even heat and guarantees shine, from your home to a hotel room.


  • Travel-friendly size
  • Dual voltage perfect for worldwide use
  • Designed to create tighter curls or crimped look


  • Too small for styling long and thick hair

6. Bluetop Three Barrel Hair Waver

This bad boy produces amazing results and is super easy to use. While it is ideal for thick, long hair, thanks to its three-barrel stye, it works on virtually all hair types.

An LCD temp display lets you know the exact temperature to keep your hair protected. To top it off, it has an extra-long power cord so you can truly get ready anywhere.


  • Heats up to 180 degrees Celsius within 40 seconds for quick styling
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Only single heat setting

7. Bondi Boost Wave Wand

Get the perfect Aussie surfer waves you’ve always dreamed of with the Bondi beach waver. Not only does its sleek white body make it look chic, but this thing truly works.

A 360-degree swivel cord makes it safe to use and keeps things tangle-free. According to many users, this waver gives a soft, mermaid-like effect and makes hair fall naturally. For even larger waves, use larger sections of hair while styling.


  • Created using high-grade crystal powder Tourmaline ceramic glaze for frizz-free hairstyles
  • Extra-large barrels for wider curls
  • Insulated barrel tips for safety


  • Awkward on/off button placement (can be pushed accidentally when in use)

8. Drybar The Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Iron

Beauty cult classic Drybar has finally come out with a hair waver, and it’s pretty great. Depending on the mood or occasion, Snap-on attachments can give you either defined waves, classic curls, or beach waves.

You will never again worry that you’ve left your hot tool on, thanks to its 60-minute safety shut-off. This styling iron may be the priciest tool on our list, but its variety of waves makes it worth the purchase. Plus, buying and replacing is easy to do, but this tool is an investment you’ll use for years and years to come.


  • Infrared Technology for healthier hair
  • Attachments easily snap in place
  • Ergonomic handle and comfortable grip


  • Expensive

9. Bed Head A Wave We Go Tourmaline Ceramic Adjustable Hair Waver

If your waver needs to offer various styling options, then this adjustable hair waver is perfect for you. The middle barrel of this triple-barrel tool can be adjusted to alter the depth of your waves depending on the style you’re going for.

Crucial additions make this waver a no-brainer, including an auto shut-off feature, multiple heat settings, and a lightweight body for easy traveling.


  • Adjustable waver barrel for multiple styling options
  • Rotating cool tip for safety
  • Lightweight


  • No lock switch

10. Alure Three Barrel Curling Wand

With over 30,000 ratings on Amazon, the Alure hair waver is an obvious best-seller. It was designed with frizzy hair in mind, so you’re guaranteed gorgeously smooth hair with no prior blowout required.

Users have said it is easy to hold and handle and gives hair a volume boost like no other tool ever has. As far as sexy beach waves go, this tool can work wonders for hair both thin and thin, short and long.


  • Durable ceramic material
  • Low power consumption
  • Three colors available
  • LCD display for temperature


  • Barrels are too big for short hair

Buying Guide for Hair Waver Iron

When looking to purchase a hair waver iron, you need to choose the most useful product for you. You should take the following factors into consideration.


You should always think about the price point when purchasing a hair waver. There is a wide range of options ranging between $20 and $300. While typically the better the quality, the more expensive it will be, you still need to do some homework. A $200 waver iron may sound like a quality product, but research the company that makes it just to be sure.


Each hair waver will have a temperature range listed. The more extensive the temperature range, the more versatility you have with your appliance. You cannot get a perfect wave at less than 190 degrees Fahrenheit, but some waver irons go up to 475 degrees and can wave your hair much more quickly.

The catch is that the hotter the iron you use, the more damage it will do to your hair. If your hair is fine or thin, you’ll want to avoid extra-high heat to protect your hair and keep it from becoming brittle.


waver iron barrel size

The size of the barrel on your hair waver will determine the tightness of your waves. A big barrel will give you those glorious beachy waves we all associate with summer. A smaller barrel will give you something closer to a curl, giving you an almost crimped or permed look.


When buying a hair waver iron, one thing to look for is what is needed to use it. If you order one on the internet, make sure that it uses the exact voltage requirements of the country you live in, or you won’t be able to plug it in.


There are a couple of things to consider when looking at the safety of a hair waver. Any electrical device is better if it has three prongs instead of two. A device that gets hot, such as a hair waver, should have a long handle and a broad base preventing you from touching the hot plate. 


Different materials will be more durable than others. For example, titanium and iron are more durable than ceramic, but while metal is great for thicker hair, it heats up more than other types. If you’re not careful, over time this can cause more damage than a gentler, less durable material, like ceramic.


If you do a lot of traveling or do your hair at work or school, you might want to consider the size and portability of the hair waver. A smaller model will be easier to tote around, but it may not give you the same quality as a larger, more powerful model, so keep that in mind.


Are hair wavers bad for hair?

Excessive frequent heat is terrible for your hair. However, if used correctly, you can minimize the damage so that it isn’t too bad. Always use heat protection products on your hair, and try not to use these too frequently.

Can I use a hair waver iron on curls?

Yes, you can use it on curls, and a hair waver will make hair less curly instead. You can make curly hair wavy without straightening it first with a waver.

Is a hair waver and a curler the same?

A hair waver is not the same as a curler. A curling iron is a heated cylinder that you wrap hair around. A waver has two metal plates, but instead of flat plates like a hair straightener, it has waved or cylindrical plates to create a wave effect. 

What’s the difference between hair waver and crimper?

A hair waver is very similar to a crimper as both are two heated plates that add texture to the hair. However, as the name suggests, a hair waver makes hair wavy. A hair crimper puts tight crimps in hair that resembles a crimp in a wire.

This difference happens because a hair waver has rounded, wavy, or cylindrical heated plates, while a hair crimper has two plates with triangular groves.

Can I use a hair waver iron on short hair?

It depends! You can use a hair waver on any hair long enough to put into the hair waver iron. If your hair is long enough to put inside the crimper, you can use it on your hair. If it is too short, it will not fit.

Should I use a waver iron on wet hair?

No! You should never use a waver iron, curling iron, or hair straightener on wet hair unless the packaging explicitly states this is acceptable. Most people use a hair waver at 250 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any heating device that reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will boil the water in your wet hair. Moisture on your hair at this temperature is highly damaging and will increase the likelihood of split ends.

There may be many beach wavers to choose from, but the above-listed ten best hair waver irons are a safe bet you’ll be thrilled to buy. Forget waving your hair with a straightener or begging a curling iron to give you that sexy tousle. Instead, get one of the beach wavers from this list for the mermaid waves you need in your life.

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