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Aloe Vera Juice for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It Effectively

You’re probably familiar with using Aloe Vera to treat burns, but have you ever used Aloe Vera juice for hair care? Aloe vera is a nutrient-rich plant that has many benefits besides soothing sensitive skin. Its juice is packed with goodness: tons of minerals, nutrients, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and many of the amino acids found in our bodies.

Aloe vera juice is an amazingly effective and natural way to treat damaged hair. If you’re feeling like your hair could use some extra love, why not give aloe vera juice a try?


Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair

benefits of aloevera juice for hair

Hair is primarily made of the protein keratin, and it just so happens that the chemical makeup of aloe vera is very similar. That’s why the nutrients found in aloe vera juice work so well for hair. They complement each other. In short, Aloe Vera is a miracle plant!

Here are some of the benefits of Aloe Vera for human hair.

  • Hair Growth
  • Heals the scalp
  • Deep hydration
  • Reduced frizz
  • Treats dandruff
  • Protects hair


Hair Growth

Aloe Vera juice has three main elements that will help you achieve gorgeous, long mermaid hair. Polysaccharides work to strengthen and thicken hair. Proteolytic enzymes repair dead skin cells and unclog hair follicles that block new growth. Lastly alkaline balances the hair’s pH level. All of these things combined help to make hair grow faster.


Heals the Scalp

A healthy scalp is a key to healthy hair. An irritated scalp means more dead skin cells, clogged follicles, itchiness, and possibly dandruff. Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory (which is why it’s popular to treat sunburns) that will soothe your scalp.


Deep Hydration

Aloe vera is the perfect conditioner. It can easily enter the hair shaft because of all the water it stores, and the shaft can easily receive the juice’s nutrients. It’s a lot lighter than oils while still providing tons of moisture.


Reduced Frizz

The properties in aloe help to close hair cuticles, which means less breakage and friction between the hours. The result is smooth, frizz-free hair. The amino acids also help with adding luster to beautiful shiny hair.


Treats Dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff, aloe vera is an easy treatment. It has anti-fungal properties that reduce dandruff. Dandruff is often caused by having a dry scalp, and aloe vera help with that too.


Protects Hair

Aloe vera creates a layer of hair that is protective yet hydrating. It helps to keep hair strong.


How To Use Aloe Vera Juice On Hair

Aloe vera juice is pretty simple to use and not too difficult to find. You can find it in most grocery stores (especially Asian stores) or you can order it online. You can also use aloe vera gel instead of juice. Just make sure you’re checking the ingredients to make sure there aren’t too many additives for the best effect. There are several options on how to use aloe vera juice for hair.


Pre-Poo/Hair Mask

uses of aloevera juice

Simply apply to hair for about 10 minutes before washing hair as usual. You can also use it as an ingredient in a hair mask. For the best effect, apply the mask weekly. Here are some easy DIY ones you can make:

  • Aloe vera juice, olive oil, natural yogurt (leave in for 25-30 minutes)
  • Aloe vera juice, coconut oil, honey (leave in for 30-45 minutes)
  • Aloe vera juice, egg (leave in for 15-20 minutes)



If you’re not much of the DIY type, try buying shampoo/conditioner that contains aloe. Aloe vera is a popular ingredient in beauty and hair products so you’ll be sure to find options in the shampoo aisle. Alternately, you can also just add some aloe juice to your current shampoo/conditioner for an extra boost of moisture.



You can create a quick hydration fix in a bottle with aloe vera juice. Simply mix water with aloe vera juice in a spray bottle. You can also add essential oils for scent. Spray on your hair before brushing to make the process smoother.


Frequently Asked Questions on Aloe Vera

How often should you put aloe vera in your hair?
Ans: Pure aloe vera can be applied 2-3 times per week. Hair masks are good to apply once a week.


Can I leave aloe vera gel on my hair?
Ans: Yes. It might make your hair feel sticky but generally, aloe vera is light enough to leave in.


How long can you keep aloe vera gel in the fridge?
About 10 days.


What are some of the well-known aloe vera hair gel brands on the US market?
Seven Minerals, Earth’s Daughter, Green Leaf Naturals, Amara Organic. All are available on Amazon.


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