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Aloe Vera Juice for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It Effectively

Sometimes what your hair needs most is a dose of pure aloe vera to get it moisturized and shining again. Not only is aloe vera a well-known home remedy, but there is also science that proves the benefits of aloe vera for hair.

Aloe vera is one of the best ways to restore moisture and a remedy for dryness, there are several ways to use aloe vera on your hair to get amazing results.

Keep reading to learn how aloe vera can make your hair healthier and for ideas on how to use it at home with just a few ingredients.

What Does Aloe Vera Do for Hair?

Healthy hair begins with your scalp, which means using aloe vera on your hair has a double benefit. It is also non-toxic and safe to use around pets and children.

This multi-purpose plant has benefits to help you deal with dry, frizzy, or thinning hair. Here are some of the benefits of Aloe Vera for human hair.

Moisturize Hair

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair - Moisturization

Aloe vera is one of nature’s most powerful moisturizers. It can easily enter the hair shaft because of all the water it stores, and the shaft can easily receive the juice’s nutrients. It’s a lot lighter than oils while still providing tons of moisture.

Hair Growth

When you use aloe vera on your hair, it encourages hair growth with special proteolytic enzymes that keep your follicles clean and clear. There is also emerging evidence that aloe vera may help treat thinning and baldness with its antiseptic and moisturizing properties.

Heals the Scalp

Certain compounds within the aloe vera protect and nourish the skin, encouraging it to heal, and can do the same for your hair. Just like aloe vera can comfort your skin after a burn or cut, this natural gel can repair the damage done to your hair by heat, drying products, and the environment.

As a bonus, aloe vera can help discourage nasty fungus from growing in your hair follicles and calms an inflamed, itchy scalp, and might soothe it in more ways than one.

Reduced Frizz

The properties in aloe help to close hair cuticles, which means less breakage and friction between the hours. The result is smooth, frizz-free hair. The amino acids also help with adding luster to beautiful shiny hair.

Treats Dandruff

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair - Treats Dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff, aloe vera is an easy treatment. It has anti-fungal properties that reduce dandruff. Dandruff is often caused by having a dry scalp, and aloe vera help with that too.

How To Use Aloe Vera for Hair

Aloe vera is a pure ingredient best used in simple ways. You can find fresh leaves of aloe at the grocery store or invest in your own plant. If you purchase a pre-made aloe product, check that it is pure aloe without any additives.

The best way to use aloe is to extract the gel yourself–the fresher the better! Once you have your aloe gel, you can juice it, puree it, or blend it with other ingredients.

When applying aloe vera for hair growth, focus on contact with hair roots. Most of aloe vera’s benefit comes from strengthening hair follicles.

We’ve got some basic ideas with customizable recipes to have your hair gleaming, aloe style. Here are 6 ways to use aloe vera on your hair.

As a Hair Mask with Other Power Herbs:

How To Use Aloe Vera for Hair - As Hair Mask

New research on yogurt is promising in healing split ends and preventing hair loss. Mix one cup of yogurt with five drops of peppermint essential oil and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel for a power, hair follicle-rejuvenating mask.

As a Part of Your Hair Oil:

Many people love to use various oils, such as coconut or argan, to keep their hair soft, shiny, and ultra-hydrated. You can boost your hair oil by adding two parts aloe vera gel to your usual amount and massaging in with your fingers.

Leave the mixture for an hour or two and then wash gently with a mild shampoo.

As an Overnight Moisturizing Treatment:

If you have an irritated scalp or unhappy locks, mix ½ cup of fresh aloe vera juice with ¼ cup of fresh cucumber juice for a cooling treatment. Leave on overnight and wash away with a gentle shampoo in the morning.

As a Shampoo or Conditioner Mix-In:

Many products already use aloe vera as an ingredient, but you can give your hair a fresh boost by adding one tablespoon of aloe vera to your favorite moisturizing shampoo or conditioner.

As A Styling Texturizer:

How To Use Aloe Vera for Hair - As A Styling Texturizer

Add 1 teaspoon of aloe vera juice to one cup of water in a spray bottle for textured tresses or as a detangler. Apply to hair and style naturally! You can also add essential oils for scent. Spray on your hair before brushing to make the process smoother.

As A Deep Clean for Oily Scalp/hair:

Aloe vera is amazing at removing sebum without stripping hair of its natural moisture. Mix aloe vera with your favorite unscented, super-mild soap and scrub with warm water for extra deep, oil-stripping clean.

Does Aloe Vera Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects of aloe vera

According to research, aloe vera works best as a short-term treatment or with frequent use. Using aloe vera every single day won’t necessarily boast better results than a once or twice-weekly treatment.

Some people may have an allergy to aloe vera. Always patch-test on the inside of your wrist before using any product you haven’t used before. Overall, aloe vera is a safe moisturizer with no common side effects to note.

So, Is Aloe Vera Beneficial for Hair?

Aloe vera is a safe and natural plant boasting several beneficial properties for hair. Aloe vera is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, calming, and encourages hair growth.

No one wants their hair to look thin, and aloe vera is a perfect alternative to expensive chemical treatments. Use aloe vera in its purest form, mixed with other powerful herbs, to moisturize and thicken your hair.

FAQs About Using Aloe Vera on Your Hair

If you have any lingering questions about how to best use aloe vera on your hair,  we’ll answer them below.

Can aloe vera help with hair growth?

Yes, aloe vera gel is a natural, safe, and toxin-free way to encourage and stimulate hair growth.

Can I use aloe vera on my hair daily?

While it is safe to use aloe vera on your hair daily, you may see better results from once or twice-weekly treatments.

How often should I put aloe vera in my hair?

Pure aloe vera can be applied 2-3 times per week. Hair masks are good to apply once a week.

Should aloe vera be applied on wet or dry hair?

Aloe vera is best applied to damp or wet hair to maximize all of its moisturizing properties.

Can I leave aloe vera gel on my hair?

Yes. It might make your hair feel sticky but generally, aloe vera is light enough to leave in.

How long can I keep aloe vera gel in the fridge?

You can leave aloe vera gel in the fridge for about 10 days.

Can aloe vera thicken my hair?

Yes. Because of the special compounds found in aloe vera, it is effective at making your hair thicker. Regular use of pure aloe vera gel can result in thicker, stronger, and healthier hair.

Will aloe vera shrink my hair?

No, aloe vera will not result in any thinning or shrinkage of your hair when used in its pure form. Always check ingredient labels and avoid damaging additives.

What are some of the well-known aloe vera hair gel brands on the US market?

Seven Minerals, Earth’s Daughter, Green Leaf Naturals, Amara Organic. All are available on Amazon.

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