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Here’s My Top 15 Slouch Beanies for Men to Buy in 2024

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Buying a decent slouch beanie should be an easy process, right? Well, with so many options out there to choose from, it can be hard to sift through all the beanie styles to find a hat that looks cool and suits all of your needs, including your budget. 

We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the very best slouchy beanies that the internet has to offer. Our qualifications include only the softest materials, the most stylish knits, roomy space, and of course, budget-friendly beanie types that won’t break the bank.

Best Slouchy Beanies for Men in 2024

1. Men Oversize Skull Slouch Beanie 

If you’re looking for a beanie with just the right amount of slouch, then this Hisshe hat may be the one for you. With over 30 colors to choose from, you can easily find your favorite color, or pick up a few to complete your wardrobe. Most of the styles are two-toned on black ground and come in a variety of dark and natural neutrals. 

A combination of acrylic and polyester material means this hat is soft yet breathable. The lightweight material makes it suitable enough for summer but perfect for winter.

Washing this beanie is as simple as dipping it in warm water with a gentle soap or throwing it in the laundry. Its slouchy hat size fits up to a 23.6 inch head size. 

2. Neff Daily Heather Beanie Hat for Men and Women

Perhaps a bold and bright color is more your thing! The NEFF beanie comes in over 70 colors including sunny styles like Goldenrod and Slime. 

Its sleek and tidy ribbed knit is stylish and perfect for women as well as men. 100% acrylic material means its soft and ultra-durable for whatever activity you have on the agenda.  

3. FORBUSITE Men’s Slouchy Long Summer Winter Beanie

For a wide selection of darker, more natural colors, consider the Fobusite slouchy beanie. This cap is lined in polyester for a softness that feels good and won’t make your head itch. The outside, however, is made of acrylic, making it soft yet light while still being warm enough for winter months.

A one size fits all means that it is perfect for a head circumference up to 22 inches. 

4. REDESS Slouchy Thick Beanie

It’s hard not to fall in love with its elegant knit pattern on the outside and warm, fluffy wool interior designed for keeping you nice and warm. One of the best features of this Redess beanie is its one-size-fits-most feature.

Some styles even come with a face shield that is ideal for icy cold weather and a variety of winter sports. As for colors, there are dozens to choose from, including hot pink, soft pink, mint blue, and a variety of neutral tans, blacks, and grays.

5. Thick Fleece Lined Beanie Hat with Visor

While this hat may come with less color options than most on this list, its visor feature makes it pretty unique. Covered in soft acrylic, this subtle visor is perfect for visibility and protecting your face from the sun, something you still need to worry about in winter!

There are two coloring options to choose from: Beige and Khaki. Its overall slouchy vibe and stretchy material mean this hat is cozy and roomy. You’ll definitely appreciate the soft acrylic outside and thick, velvety fleece on the inside. 

6. Outus 4 Pieces Thin Knit Slouchy Beanies

The best deal on this list, the Outus knit slouchy beanie includes four hats for the price of one. Choose from a variety of neutrals and selections that include pops of red, orange, and mint. While we love these hats for men, they can be considered unisex.

Because of all of the stylish options, these hats are perfect for all of your looks, or all of your roommates and friends!

These hats are also very eco-friendly and made out of a lightweight bamboo fiber that is not only stretchy and durable but super soft with a smooth appearance. There is no chunky knit design here! 

Its flat look makes it great for everyday wear as well as for costumes. This beanie is snug around the head yet baggy at the back for that perfect slouch you desire. 

7. Maple Leaf Multifunction Slouchy Beanie Hats

This multi-functional beanie is perhaps the coolest hat on this list because it’s not just a hat! It can be worn as a beanie, a scarf, face mask, or even a head wrap.

There are 4 unique and beautiful designs available for you. You can easily choose one that complements casual outfits, making it a go-to accessory for outdoor concerts or everyday activities.

Not just limited to outdoor adventures, the Maple Leaf Beanie can also double as a night sleep cap or a chemo hat. Its versatility knows no bounds, offering both style and comfort in various situations.

With 30cm circumference and 28cm height, this hat is considered a one size fits all style that is very stretchy and durable to boot!

8. VECRY Men’s Baggy Hip-Hop Slouch Beanie

If it’s an Amazon’s choice, then you know that this Vecry hat is a must-buy! This stylish and slouchy beanie comes in over 40 colors, so you can be sure the color you desire is available. A few styles come with a chunky knit stripe design.

This design is made of acrylic and polyester and is hand wash only. However, the manly slouch beanie style is known for being comfortable and breathable while also being deliciously soft and stretchy. Each hat comes with a trendy tan tag label that is visible from the outside.

9. CHARM Slouchy Summer Beanie

This Charm slouchy beanie is the most lightweight on the list, making it ideal for summer months and sweaty sports.

With six colors to choose from, including white, light blue, and black, this hat is perfect for completing any outfit. It’s made of 100% cotton, so you know you’re investing a natural, quality material. 

Anti-allergen properties make this slouchy summer beanie ideal for those with sensitive skin. Because it won’t agitate hair follicles, it’s an excellent option for anyone dealing with hair loss. 

While its material is lightweight, this hat can be very insulating for winter time and comes with a smooth finish appearance. As for flexibility, it fits up to a 23.5 inch head. 

10. Hysnan Mens Slouchy Double Layer Beanie

Looking for a super cozy winter option that also makes the perfect holiday gift? This double layer Hysnan slouchy beanie is made of 100% Merino wool, making it look and feel premium.

You’ve got four colors to choose from with this hat, including a vibrant tangerine color. While this hat may be hand wash only using a gentle soap, it’s soft and breathable.

The high-quality material is natural and sustainable compared to other synthetic options on this list. Its chunky style makes it so perfect for pairing with coats this winter. Don’t forget about the chic tan tag! 

11. MaxNova Slouchy Beanie

The MaxNova slouchy beanie is clearly a style that everyone loves, considering it’s an Amazon’s Choice! A few of these styles even come with two hats and offer a variety of colors to choose from, including lots of vibrant pinks, greens, mints, and yellows. 

This no fuss beanie is perfectly cuffed and is made of 100% acrylic. The elastic around the cuff makes it perfect for stretch and comfort.

This small ribbed pattern makes it easy to pair with any scarf and jacket this winter season. While it is hand wash only, caring for this hat should only take a few minutes. 

12. CHARM Slouchy Sweater Beanie Hat

Also from Charm comes this chic winter knit beanie that has loads of style. You’ve got seven neutral colors to choose from, including navy and army green. Charm is a Japanese company, meaning you’ll be receiving Japanese style and design, all for under $20. 

These hats boast loads of rich texture thanks to the covered visor and layered ribbed style, perfect for that baggy look. Additionally, this hat can include larger head sizes of up to 25 inches. 

13. Botack Womens Winter Knit Beanie Hat

Sure, simple black is fine, but what about a multi color style for your next slouchy beanie hat? With two options to choose from, you can go black-gray-white with blue or red top.

These Botack hats are not only made with 100% acrylic but also windproof, thanks to a warm double layer. We like the look of this fine thread knit that is far from too chunky.

Each hat comes with a Botack logo on the side and boasts a circumference of up to 59 cm, making this xxl beanie suitable for all. 

14. Morehats Thick Crochet Pom Pom Beanie

When you think of cozy winter, you probably think of this Morehats chunky beanie. Coming in eight rich colors like chocolate and soft, snowy ivory, this stylish crochet hat also boasts a playful pom pom.

Its 100% acrylic material means it’s super warm and very durable. All hats are made in Korea. 

15. Charm Mens Summer Sports Knit Beanie

This knit beanie is not only stylish, but it’s highly functional, too. With strong moisture absorption and release properties, this beanie self-deodorizes, making it perfect for running, sports, and all forms of exercise.

Made of a lovely blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic material, this hat is soft and sustainable while also being durable and stretchy. The hat is versatile for both cold and hot conditions

This beanie is made in Japan using specially manufactured Dralon fabric from Germany. The fabric wicks sweat away for comfort during sports. With nine colors to choose from, including black, brown, and mix green, it’s perfect for both men and women.

When it comes to slouchy beanie styles, each of these hats certainly takes the cake. Look for double layering for warmth, thick cuffs for style, and a perfect blend of natural and synthetic fibers for absorption and functionality. Which hat is your favorite?