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15 Trendiest Beanie Styles for Men & Women in 2024

What’s not to love about a cozy beanie hat in the wintertime? These winter hats are not only perfect for creating warmth but they bring so much style to whatever outfit you’re wearing. When it comes to choosing just the right beanie for you, however, you’ll have to pay attention to the trendiest beanie styles out there.

Trendy Beanie Styles

Fun details, shape, and design all come into play when selecting your type of beanie cap. We’ve highlighted the most popular beanie hat styles out there, so choosing has never been easier.

Check out the top 15 beanie styles you’ll definitely want to get your hands- and head- on! 

1. Perfect Pom Pom 

beanie style for straight hair

Characterized by a soft and fuzzy pom pom atop a classic beanie cap, a pom pom beanie is always winter chic. These hats are typically very warm and are either dual layered with a cozy fleece inside, or made of a wool and acrylic blend. 

To keep your costs affordable, look for a faux fur pom pom. We happen to love them in this rich wine red or a winter white color, though they come in any color to suit your vibe.

2. Tall Slouch with Rolled Cuff 

beanie style for short hair

Often, a tall, slouchy beanie is for the cool kid in all of us. This style comes with a flat cuff that can easily be rolled to suit your needs. Additionally, this hat has a sleek lidded top that makes for a great fit.

If you’re looking for a simple hat for short hair in a stretchy knit that is bound to keep you warm, consider a tall style. To keep on top of the trends, look for one with a cool tag, like this one. 

3. Hipster Beanie

pom pom beanie style for men

If you love a cool and hipster vibe, a colored beanie with a pompon won’t let you down. But that’s not enough; get double lensed glasses and style a medium-short haircut. Your hair will be coming out here and there, and it will work like a charm with a medium beard. 

4. Knitted Slouch Beret 

beanie hairstyle with braids

This rounded, knitted women’s slouch beanie has a beret vibe that creates a gorgeous shape on the head. If you want a hat that is stylish and feminine, you may have to consider this one.

The knitted style is great for winter and the bold color makes it your own. These styles usually have a cuff and this one is nice and chunky in a ribbed fashion.

5. Cute and Cuffless 

beanie style with bangs

Opposed to a cuffed short beanie, a cuffless design boasts a smoother look. Plus, it provides the flexibility of being able to fold according to your own liking, should you choose.

These hats can come in an array of fabrics, color, and designs. Choose an acrylic material or a blend with either cotton or wool for warmth and wind-blocking elements.

6. Top Beanie

fisherman style beanie for men

A beanie that only covers the top head is certainly something you need to be part of your wardrobe. If you love a bald haircut with a long beard, winters can be harsh. So it’s not just a matter of looks, but also a very handy thing to have when it’s chilly outside.

7. Side Button Detail

beanie style with ponytail
Instagram/Red Sprite Hats

Why not choose a hat with some interesting accessories? These buttons can function as a chic fashion detail or even be functional. There is something so cozy about this gigantic cuff as well.

This buttoned beanie comes with a hole in the top, making it perfect for updos and ponytails. We love this smooth ribbed knit, but fun, fashion-forward hats can come in a variety of fabrics and prints. 


8. Scalloped Cuff 

beanie hairstyle with dreadlocks

Not everyone chooses to fit in, some people want to stand out! If you’re looking to make a classic beanie style your own, try a unique detail like a scalloped edge. 

This provides a fun twist to a style that is still cozy and inviting. Depending on your needs, look for a blended knit or dual layers for plenty of warmth. 

9. Slouchy Knitted Beanie

man with slouch beanie

These types of beanies, which are longer in the back, have been in trend for years. Both men and women wear them, and they are so fashionable, right? Most of us have one at home and we can say that there’s almost no outfit this beanie doesn’t suit.

10. Slouchy Wintry Knit Blend

Slouchy beanies are typically long and are meant to slouch in a gather of fabric at the back of the head. These styles are very cozy. This white hat in particular is deliciously soft. 

Look for natural fibers like angora fur or a cashmere blend to create that fuzzy look. Any slouchy hat will do in any material, but if you’re going for this elevated look, you’ll want a superior fabric. 

11. Cuffed Beanie 

afro hairstyle with beanie

It doesn’t get more classic than a cuffed beanie. These hat sizes are the perfect length for pulling down over your eyes or pushing back slightly in a slouchy vibe.

Unlike its cuffless counterparts, a cuffed beanie is usually ribbed and creates a thick border around the circumference of the head. It’s not just for looks, either. The cuff is designed to add an extra layer over the ears and to secure the closure of the hat around the head so no cool air can sneak in. 

12. Bob Marley Beanie

xxl size beanie for men

It’s been decades since Bob Marly began the reggae beanie trend and we can say that it is a statement piece of wardrobe. You don’t need to have curls, dreadlocks, or braids to wear it because it looks fabulous on anyone.

13. Fisherman Beanie

beanie style with bun

Similar to a classic beanie, a fisherman beanie has that rounded shape, but is much shorter. These styles rarely, if ever, cover the ears. They can either be brimless or cuffed.

Fisherman beanies can be flexible in terms of fabrication. Look for wool blends or acrylic styles for weather-proof warmth. These hats are known for giving off a hipster vibe that is very on-trend. 

14. Cozy Ear Flap 

ear flap beanie
Instagram/Becka Denning

Ear flap beanies are not only stylish but they are specifically designed for cold weather. Ear flap hats should extend to cover the ears and typically come with long tassels that can be tied underneath the chin, worn down straight, or tied back if you’re feeling hot.

This style is not only a winter classic, but it’s usually made of super soft knit to snuggle you in. What’s not to love about this cute and cozy style?

15. Simple Black Beanie

beanie style for black men

A simple black beanie can suit anyone and can be part of all kinds of outfits. Whether you love sporty, casual, or cool looks, a simple black beanie will give you that modern trendy vibe. As a black guy with braids, this beanie is an important styling piece for your gangsta look. 

While there are many different beanie hats to choose from, selecting your ideal hat can be easy once you know what you’re looking for. Between pom pom styles, beret, cuffed and smooth hats, the perfect beanie is out there for you!