23 Brown Hairstyles with Highlights and Lowlights

If highlights brighten your look, then lowlights add depth and dimension. Highlights are lightened portions of hair and lowlights are a few shades darker that your natural base color. Combining both in the same look is not only possible, but essential to give your hair an overall cohesive look.


Brunette Highlights and Lowlights

We have 23 of the best highlight and lowlight combination looks for every brunette in the book.

1. Long Brunette Hair

long brown hair with highlights

This long brown hair with highlights contains lowlights that not only add dimension to your look but make the brighter tones pop. This rich, dark color works best on light, fair skin.


2. Sandy Medium Brown Hair

medium brown hair with highlights

A beachy blend of medium brown hair with highlights is perfect for the summer. Give your hair that sun-kissed and naturally lightened look by focusing light and bright dirty blonde hues around your face.


3. Short Bob

short brown hair highlights

Even if you’re not working with a lot of hair, short brown hair highlights will give you the dimensional look that you crave. Ask your stylist for a seamless blend to keep hair from looking too stripe-y.


4. Fall Blend

straight brown hair with highlights

Create a gorgeous fall blend on your straight brown hair with highlights. Pick up darker tones on the inside half of your hair and add light chestnut or warm brunette tones to the outside and give straight hair something extra.


5. Rich Curls

curly brown hair highlights

Curly brown hair highlights show off varying tones so beautifully, thanks to luscious ringlets. Focus the lightest brunette tones at the top of your cheekbones to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.


6. Brunette Hair With Blonde Lowlights

Brightening brunette hair can be as simple as adding in blonde tones. This brown hair with blonde lowlights lets your blonde brighten while working with your current brunette color. Plus, we love the dimension on bangs!


7. Ash Brunette

ash brown hair highlights

Add ash brown hair highlights to your look for a totally modern element. Ash tones are very popular these days, plus they help to combat bright or brassy tones that might show up over time.


8. Light Brown Highlights

dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Adding lowlights to your dark brown hair with light brown highlights will make your hair look like it’s naturally sun-kissed. Add in light brown in sections on the outermost layer of hair.


9. Light Brown Highlights

light brown hair with highlights

This look has a lot of contrast! Light brown hair with highlights and dark, chocolatey lowlights seem intense on paper, but actually work so well together when blended and color-matched for perfection.


10. Chestnut Highlights

Chestnut brown highlights are amazing because color can be brushed in without having to take over your entire look. Ask your stylist for balayage so that the rich chestnut color can blend with your dark locks in a natural-looking way.


11. Auburn lowlights

Brown hair with auburn lowlights is the perfect way to warm up your basic brunette hair. Luckily, auburn tones suit every skin color, with minor tonal adjustments. Add some curls to your medium hair to show it all off.


12. Pop of Pink

Brown hair with pink highlights is playful and fun, especially on a chic bob. The balayage technique will focus the the hot pink hues to the front of your face on long bangs in a natural way.


13. Brown Hair With Vibrant Plum Highlights

Dark chocolate lowlights look so great with a pop of color. Try this brown hair with purple highlights for a playful look. We love it on mature women and especially on a short and sassy bob.


14. Red Highlights

Add a pop of color to your brown hair with red highlights. Dark brown lowlights shine with strands of black cherry mixed in. Red highlights should be thinner around the front of the hair and grow thicker as you move backwards.


15. Golden Highlights on Black Hair

Dark lowlights ground this black hair with brown highlights. Warm and golden light brown highlights allow you to lighten your look without having to transform the base color of your hair.


16. Subtle Gray Highlights

Brown hair grey highlights is a trendy way to incorporate grey and ash tones into your hair. A few subtle streaks are all you need to make the look feel natural. Dark grey is best for dark hair.


17. Subtle Auburn Highlights

Add a hint of orange to your brown hair with auburn highlights. These streaks are hardly noticeable, that is how well the highlights blend with the lowlights. This look is perfect for peach skin tones.


18. Brown Hair With Blonde Tones

brown hair with blonde highlights

Lighten up your brown hair with blonde highlights. To make your hair blend well together, your base color should be a warm brunette. The look is best suited for olive skin tones to bring out that warmth.


19. Chocolate Lowlights

Create a hairstyle that looks yummy enough to eat with chocolate brown hair lowlights. This look is softly blended for a totally natural look. It works on all hair lengths, types, and on women of all ages.


20. Mint Green Highlights

Highlights in deep, yet vibrant colors will make your brunette hair truly stand out. The darker your hair, the darker the tone of your fun color, like mint green, should be. Show off the dimension with a braided chignon hairstyle.


21. Caramel Brunette Lowlights

Add warmth to caramel brown hair with lowlights. Lighter tones will catch the light while darker ones will add a deeper element to your look. It looks super fresh on a long, wavy bob.


22. Ash Blue Highlights

Ash tones are very modern, so incorporate them into brown hair with blue highlights. These are very strategic and focused on the front two pieces of hair to frame your face and balance pale, pink skin.


23. Rich Chocolate Tones on Brown Hair

Rich chocolate brown hair highlights will brighten your look dramatically. It even works on black hair, too. Because there are only a few shades difference between both colors, the highlights can be blended uniformly throughout your hair.

Combining highlights and lowlights ensures that your hairstyle has equal brightness and dimension. Add dynamic color or keep things simple with chocolate, auburn, or light brown highlights on brunette hair. Do you have a favorite look from our list?