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Can I Dye My Hair After Bleaching It the Same Day?

When people want a hair change, they usually want to go big and go fast. So if you’re wondering, “can I dye my hair after bleaching it the same day?” we have good news. You can bleach and dye your hair in a single day if your hair is healthy.

That said, you need to do things properly. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about dyeing your hair right after bleaching it. We’ll cover step-by-step instructions and safety tips so you can get the best (and healthiest!) results possible.


Can I Dye Hair After Bleaching It the Same Day?

Yes, you can dye hair after bleaching it the same day. Many professional hair stylists bleach hair before applying hair dye.

The additional step of hair bleaching ensures that your natural hair color doesn’t affect the hue or tone of the dye, giving you a more predictable result.

Bleaching and dyeing hair is time-consuming, so set aside a large unbroken window of time to treat your hair, preferably a few hours.


How Long Should You Wait To Dye Your Hair After Bleaching?

How long you need to wait to dye your hair after bleaching depends on your hair’s health. Healthy hair can withstand the harsh chemicals in bleaching agents and hair dyes. Delicate hair may become dry and brittle if you dye it too soon after bleaching.

To be safe, older people or people with delicate hair should wait at least three days before dying their hair after bleaching it.


Should You Dye Hair After Bleaching Without Drying It?

don't dye wet hair after bleaching

Do not dye wet hair. If your hair is still wet from the bleaching process, do not dye it. Dying damp, bleached hair can severely damage your hair which may result in hair loss. Allow your hair to air dry after bleaching before dyeing for best results.


Things To Consider Before Bleaching and Dyeing Hair on the Same Day

Some things to consider before bleaching and dyeing your hair on a single day are:

  1. Is your hair healthy enough to withstand the chemicals in both products? If yes, feel free to bleach and dye your hair.
  2. Do you have the ability to wait a few days in between treatments? If yes, give your hair a few days to recover from the bleaching process.
  3. Have you moisturized your hair? Moisturizing your hair can significantly reduce the damage caused by chemical treatments.
  4. Is your hair clean and free of products? Bleaching hair contaminated with hair products will damage your locks.


How To Bleach And Dye Hair on the Same Day

How To Bleach And Dye Hair on the Same Day

Start by bleaching your hair:

  1. Expose your roots. Arrange your locks to the side.
  2. Blend the discoloring agent and the developer.
  3. Gently apply bleach to your hair roots, working your way to the ends.
  4. Let hair rest for half an hour.
  5. Rinse out bleach with warm water and mild soap.

Wait for your hair to dry completely before beginning the dyeing process. To dye your bleached hair:

  1. Apply dye to hair, starting at the roots.
  2. Use a wide tooth comb to spread pigment through your hair.
  3. Wait 5 minutes, then reapply additional coats of dye for more vibrant coloring.
  4. Wash your hair with warm water and a gentle shampoo.

Consult the FDA for additional safety tips about hair dyeing.


So, Can Hair Be Dyed the Same Day After Bleaching?

Yes, you can bleach and dye your hair on the same day, but be aware that it can cause minor hair damage. Before you go, make sure you never dye bleached hair that is still wet and never let dye or bleach sit in your hair for longer than recommended by the product manufacturer.