12 Perfect Hair Colors for Women Over 50

Women over 50 need a hair color that brings in their inner beauty and makes them look their best all the time. One of the most common mistakes women make is picking a color when they are 18 and sticking to that shade even when they’re 50 years old. Because your skin and pigmentation are continually changing, you need to adapt your hair color and get that most wanted glow and superb healthy look. Accentuating your natural beauty is the main goal, and a little bit of softness behooves everyone.


Classy Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50

When a woman over 50 wears a darker hair color, that shade brings all of the flaws forward in her skin. For example, if you love dyeing your hair black, you might discover that a brown hair color will suit you so much better because it adds more warmth and glow.

Lighter hair can be quite the thing you needed at this age, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for more eye-popping color mixes or shades. So if you want to look modern and cool, scroll down and find out what hair color will suit a woman over 50 the best!

1. Gray Long Hair

grey hair color for women over 50

Even if they have grey hair color, some women over 50 manage to look gorgeous. You can embrace those silver strands by going for grombre. It represents the way you allow your dyed hair to grow and transform into a silver mane. 


2. Curly Brown Hair

best hair color for black women over 50

A light brown is probably one of the best hair colors for black women over 50 because it enlightens the skin and ads that soft touch. You can even add a few blonde highlights if you feel the need to make your curls glow.


3. Blonde Highlights

hair color for women over 50 with highlights

A blonde balayage with highlights can be the answer whenever you need to find one of the best hair colors for women over 50. Settle for a bob haircut with a middle part and add warmth to your hair. If you want a hairstyle that makes you look younger and fresh, this should be your pick. 


4. Blonde Bob

hair color for women over 50 with glasses

A platinum blonde hair color is perfect for women over 50 with glasses and fair skin. This nuance not only fits you but if those white hairs start popping, they will beautifully blend with the platinum blonde strands, making them hard to spot. 


5. Platinum White Blonde on Long Hair

hair color for women over 50 with long hair

Going for a platinum white blonde hair color is a great decision if you want to wear it. The shade not only looks modern but also makes depigmented hair ho hard to notice. 


6. Asian Black Hairstyle

hair color for Asian women over 50

Their flawless skin gives Asian women the option to pick a darker hair color even if they are over 50 years old. When you want to look elegant, opt for natural makeup and toss those bangs on one side, curling only the ends and teasing the roots for more dimension. 


7. Bright Copper Wavy Hairstyle

red hair color for women over 50

A red hair color will suit any older woman who has fair skin or pink undertones. Opt for wavy hair and a middle part that will break the circle shape, making your face look elongated. 


8. Ashy Brown Hairstyle with Bangs

curly hair color for women above 50

If you are a big fan of curly hair, you can pair it with an ash brown color. It is perfect for women with blue or green eyes, and if you adore bangs, a straight cut fringe will create excellent texture contrast.


9. Multi-Colored Pixie

short hair color for women over 50

Short hair might be an exceptional alternative if you adore bright colors. Women over 50 can embrace short pixie cuts because they are low maintenance hairstyles and require less time spent in front of a mirror. 


10. Grombre Look

hair color for women over 50 with thick hair

Grombre allows your hair color to fade while the silver threads make their appearance naturally. It is ideal for thick hair who want to embrace this age and transition.


11. Hairstyle for Round Face

hair color for women over 50 with medium hair

When having a round face, there are some rules you need to follow if you don’t want to look like wearing a helmet. First, pick a natural hair color and go for the middle part. Style your curls outwards and if you want a warmer look, opt for a balayage. These steps will help you get one of the best hairstyles for women over 50 with medium hair.


12. Brown Hairstyle with Bangs

hair color for women over 50 with bangs

Opt for brown hair color and some bangs. Layer the tips, get a straight fringe and tousle your hair. 

First of all, if you are an older woman over 50 who needs a flattering hairstyle, pick a hair color that you feel comfortable with. We advise you to go for something lighter because dark shades are so high maintenance, especially if those annoying silver threads are popping out.

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