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12 Cavapoo Haircuts That Are Too Cute Not To Try

Cavapoo haircuts are highly required because your best friend’s fur grows quite fast and curly. This curly-haired breed is a mix between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and they have a hypoallergenic and nonshedding coat. That means regular haircuts and, thank God, no bulks of fur all over the floor. But, because they don’t shred, these dogs need constant brushing and care. 


How To Do a Cavapoo Haircut

Cavapoo haircuts require a lot of attention because you don’t want to hurt your little fellow or pinch its skin with scissors or a trimming machine. So, the areas where you should pay more attention are around their eyes, for obvious reasons. When grooming your dog’s face, you need also to keep a close eye around the ears.

To ensure that long hair doesn’t interfere when you’re giving your dog a face cavapoo haircut, tie the ears with an elastic, on top of the head, or in the back. This way, when you are scissoring the checks, you don’t accidentally cut the ear leather. 

Below you can discover various cavapoo dog haircuts and tips and tricks to trim your hair at home. Scroll down to find the best trims for your dog. 

1. Medium Cavapoo Haircut

cavapoo puppy haircut

Because this breed has loose skin underneath several spots, you must use the trimming machine carefully. Firstly, lift your dog’s head when cutting the coat from the chest. 


2. Haircut for White Cavapoo – Neck Cut

Also, in the front half of their neck, and the front half of their back, you can spot sensitive trimming areas. In these particular areas, the skin is loose, so your trimming machine won’t run smoothly like on other parts of their body. Carefully trim that area if you don’t want to create empty spots. 


3. Glammy Cavapoo Cut – Leg Cut

Be very careful when you want to cut the top cack of their legs. When you touch that area, you will feel a prominent tendon that sticks out. Pinching or bruising that is very harmful to your dog, and you don’t want to run your clippers over it. Groom only the elbow joint.


4. Bottom Trim

black cavapoo haircut

When you groom the sides of their bottom, you need an assistant to pull the tail out of your way. These dogs also have a flabby bit of skinning, the connection point between the abdomen and leg. Make sure you avoid that area with your clippers. Hold the skin and use the scissors instead.


5. Cavapoo Puppy Trim

cavapoo puppy haircut

When you are trimming your dog’s hair with scissors, try not to pull the hair. This way, you are also pulling the skin, and the scissors might accidentally pinch it. Know where the skin is and leave it like that and simply cut around. 

Shih Tzu Teddy Bear Cut


6. Ear Trim

cavapoo dog haircut

When you brush your dog’s ears, before doing the cavapoo haircut, make sure all the layers of hair are being combed. This breed also gets mats above their ears, where the harnesses rub their coat or around the collar areas. If you can’t comb them, cut them with scissors. 


7. Puppy Matting

Matting is also a common problem around armpits and upper legs, above and below the knee and on the tail, so make sure you regularly comb your dog to prevent their appearance. This way, when you cut your dog’s fur, you don’t have to keep it still for a long period while you detangle the coat. 


8. Curly Cavapoo Cut

When combing, you can use a special flexible brush that will help your dog’s fur look so much better. Also, it’s recommended to use a brush with small silicone or plastic knobs at the ends of the bristles. This way, your dog will have a good experience while brushing and will enjoy the moment. 


9. Long-Haired Ears

cavapoo with trimmed hair

Brush the hair in the direction the hair grows and fluff it out just to find out where the clippers might get stuck. Detangle that area for a smooth run of the trimming machine. Trim the body shortly and maintain the fluff below the armpits, face, and ears. 


10. Summer Cut

Use a number three comb length for the body and a number four or five for the legs. Dress your little lady, and if you want to reveal her face, tie the longer top hair with a bow. Use the scissors to give her that gorgeous shape around the muzzle. 


11. Short Trimmed Ears

cavapoo haircut

Cavapoo cuts differ from dog to dog, depending on the more prominent breed characteristics. Some dogs tend to look more like poodles, rather more like a King Spaniel. Depending on this gene, its hair grows differently, straighter or curlier. In this case, the ears are less curly, so you can cut them short in a triangle shape.


12. Trimming the Back Neck Area

cavapoo dog haircut

When cutting your dog’s hair in the nape area, lower its head to straighten the skin. This way, you will easily delimit the skull from the neck, perfectly trimming the area. Use your hands to place the ears upfront because you don’t want that hair to be trimmed once with the neck fur. 


Cavapoo haircuts require a lot of attention and can be done at home. But if your dog is impatient and anxious during the haircut, you can go to a salon and opt for professional wash and grooming.

However, to make your job easier, brush your dog’s hair daily because this keeps its fur healthy and matte-free. It is also a great habit that will save you effort and time when you will need to cut the pile of hair.


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