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50 Poodle Haircuts You’ll Definitely Love

Poodles are famous for their soft and curly hair. That’s why poodle haircuts are sometimes true masterpieces.

These dogs appear at dog shows much more often than other breeds. They are gracious, elegant, and adorable.

Knowing what haircut to give your favorite pet can sometimes be a hassle, especially if it seems as if you’ve already tried everything available. When the inspiration fails you, you can find it among other examples.

Take a look at what other poodle owners created for their pets, and perhaps you’ll find what you are searching for to make your pet happy.


Best Haircuts for Your Poodle

If you are unsure what kind of poodle haircut is right for your pet, you need to consider the goals. If the purpose of the hairstyle is to keep the poodle happy, make sure to cut the hair as short as possible. The less hair gets in its way; the more comfortable your dog will be.

However, if it’s cold outside, leave enough hair to keep the dog warm. Poodles are afraid of the cold and won’t feel comfortable with short hair in the winter. If you are planning a dog show, you need to come up with something extraordinary. Take a look at a few examples.

1. Poodle Trim with Mohawk

multi color poodle haircut

Poodles have such a fabulous coat that leaves plenty of room for all the crazy ideas. You can create a big fluff for the tail, boots, a collar, and even a mohawk. Use the trimming machine to cut the hair short for the rest of the body. You can even dye the longer hair sections in various colors. 


2. Poodle Haircut and Jewelry

poodle haircut

Most poodle haircuts keep the body hair very short. This way, you can build a great contrast between the areas when the fur is longer. Maintain hairy ears and use scissors to trim them even, like the dog’s having a bob haircut. You should pin the hair from the top in a ponytail with a ribbon. 


3. Show White

white poodle haircut

Having a white poodle with such long hair is a real struggle, especially if you want to maintain a long coat. Create rounded shapes when outlining the ears, legs, and even tail. Shave the face and neck and style the top hair on one side to resemble bangs. 


4. Pink Poodle 

pink poodle haircut

When it comes to poodle haircuts, people get very creative. For example, you can use special hair dye for dogs. These are not toxic and last even for 20 washes. And in terms of poodles, they need regular washes because their white coat gets dirty quickly.


5. Poodle with A Bow

grey poodle haircut

This is the perfect haircut for poodles for the fall and winter. Keep the coat long and shave the neck and face. Also, use the trimming machine to cut the hair growing between paws. 


6. Little Lion

haircut for poodle

Maintain the top and ears long and thoroughly comb the hair. When the coat is longer in the spring, use the trimming machine to create short boots for the legs and a round shape for the half back and chest.


7. Colored Leopard

colorful poodle haircut

If you like something crazy, you need to invest time in getting this style for your poodle. First, you have to do the trimming and use several colors like black, white, pink, blue, orange, and a neon nuance. Creating this colored leopard pattern will probably take you the whole day. 


8. Dog Braids

poodle haircut

Keep the hair from the ears and top head longer and tie it with rubber bands. Then tie the hair again, leaving one inch between the new rubber band. Repeat the procedure 4-5 times.


9. Two Ponytails

Two ponytails look amazing not only for small kids but also for small dogs. Keep the body hair short, sparing the ears. The coat growing here should be longer than the ears. Tie the hair without the ears. 


10. Outlined Coat

fluffy poodle haircut

Create an outline for the belly and legs (these should have longer hair than the rest of the body). Next, create height on the half back and top of the head. The ears should also have long hair that is tousled and teased. 


11. Poodle’s Lion Cut

Lion cuts are popular all over the dog universe, but poodles look especially appealing with them. In fact, it seems that the poodles were the ones who created it. So make sure to try it at least once.

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12. Summer hairstyle

 Summer hairstyle for Poodle dog

This is a great poodle haircut for the next summer season. You need to keep the hair on the body about half an inch short and leave the hair long on the ears and the tail. A wonderful choice!


13. Plush toy


It’s easy to make your puppy poodle look like a plush toy since their hair is so soft. You need to keep the hair all about the same length but not longer than 1-  1.5 inches. The plush toy is ready!


14. Play dress up

Play dress up

If your puppy didn’t grow long enough hair before the winter came, you might want to consider dressing it up. There are plenty of different dog clothes out there. All you need to do is go shopping.

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15. Curly friend

Curly friend Poodle hairstyle

Curly poodles look wonderful with short hairstyles. However, this poodle haircut requires a careful approach. Cutting curly hair too short can result in getting rid of the cute spirals. So be careful!


16. Ponytails


If your pet is a girl and you want to give it a girly look, consider cutting the hair short on the face and leaving it long on the ears. The hairy long ears will give an impression of ponytails that you can decorate with clips and bows.


17. The shorter the fluffier


Your curly poodle will look like a plush toy if you do the right job managing its hair. Ask a professional dog groomer for advice on how long such hair should be to look neat.

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18. Puppy style

Puppy style hairstyle

Puppy poodle haircuts must be adorable. There is no need to go out of your way. Just keep the hair on the face a little shorter than on the rest of the body in order to free up the dog’s vision.


19. Royal tail


A poodle’s tail is something many owners take pride in. However, in order to make your pet’s tail shine, you must grow the hair very long while keeping the hair on the body short for obvious contrast.


20. A lion’s mane


A creative way to go about the poodle haircut is come up with a mane. You will need to grow the hair about 3 – 4 inches long and then take the dog to a professional groomer so he or she can shape the mane.


21. Oh, those ears


Poodle ears require special attention. They are often the centerpiece of any poodle hairstyle. You can keep the rest of the hair short all over your pet’s body, but the ears can stay hairy and groomed.


22. Groomed face

 Groomed face Poodle haircut

Poodle face usually requires special attention. The hair in that area is rather short on its own, but you need to keep it neat to contrast with the rest of the body, especially the long hair on the ears.


23. Hairy cutie


Poodle owners often go for short poodle haircuts. However, the long ones can even be more attractive. Consider leaving the hair all over your pet’s body about 2- 3 inches long and enjoy the result.


24. Neat and impressive

Neat and impressive hairstyle for Poodle

Poodle hair is often hard to manage. That’s why most owners prefer to keep it short. Don’t worry about the pet being unhappy with short hair during the summer. But allow it to grow longer in the winter.


25. Outline the legs


If you are not paying attention to grooming your poodle’s legs, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Consider cutting the hair on the body short and leaving it a little longer on the legs to create a “pants” impression.


26. The bob


If you want your dog to have a closer- to- human hairstyle, you can create a bob. In order to achieve that, you need to grow the hair on top long enough to blend in with the ears.


27. Short classics


If you are running out of poodle hairstyle ideas or think that you are short on time, consider this classical cut. You need to trim the hair to be all the same length and leave it about 1 – 2-inch-long on the ears.


28. Winter cut


If your pet is getting ready for a cold winter, you need to ensure that the hair is long enough for morning and evening walks. You can even leave it long on the face to keep the dog warm.


29. Half and half


This half and half poodle haircut is extremely popular. It is a good choice for a dog show or some other special occasion but not the best idea for the dog itself. In fact, it can be quite uncomfortable for the animal.


30. Princess haircut


The simple princess haircut involves leaving enough hair on top to create the appearance of a human hairstyle. You can also leave some hair on the tip of the tail to make a more interesting impression.


31. Tail designs

Tail designs hairstyle for poodle

Poodles have long tails and grow a lot of hair on them. That’s why when it comes to tail hairstyles, your imagination can run wild. Ask the groomer for some ideas or use this one.


32. Teddy bear


If you want your poodle to look like a teddy bear, this hairstyle is for you. The hair on the legs is kept about 1 inch long to make an appearance of a bear-like hair. The body can be trimmed a little shorter.


33. A real lady


This real lady hairstyle can be a real hit at a dog show. However, you will need an experienced professional to take care of your white poodle’s hair and to make it look festive and impressive.


34. Long and warm


Keeping the dog’s hair long has a few advantages. One of them is that the pet is warm during the cold months, and the other one is the room for imagination. The longer the hair, the more creative poodle haircuts you can come up with.


35. Hair coat


A hairless poodle face is a wonderful base for funny haircuts that look like a costume. It will seem as if the dog is hiding inside a large hair coat. Play around with the length and the style.


36. Corded coat

poodle Corded coat hairstyle

This dreadlock-like appearance is popular at the dog show. This hairstyle looks truly fabulous but requires a lot of work. Make sure that your dog is ready for the procedure. Corded coats are hard to take care of.


37. Half-breeds


If you have a have breed poodle, you might consider experimenting with very short hairstyles. The result will look surprising and benefit your dog.


38. Just the tail


If you really want a poodle haircut but don’t feel up to getting your dog to a groomer, you might want to settle for the simplest and the shortest cut. Leave the hair on the tail long enough for some at-home styling.


39. Messy cut

Messy cut hairstyle for dog

While your poodle might look like a fun and huggable teddy bear with a long hair, the dog might not be feeling comfortable lugging all this hair around. Give it a cut!


40. Neck and face

 Neck and face hairstyle you love

Since the poodle’s neck and face are usually left hairless, you need to take special care of the sensitive skin and perhaps leave a little more hair there.


Below are more awesome poodle cuts to get ideas.










Poodle haircuts are fun to experiment with. Your poodle will gladly offer you its hair for your styling fun. Learn a few haircutting tricks from the groomer and style your pet’s hair yourself. Good luck!