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Wire Haired Dachshund: 10 Character Traits That Can Surprise You

Wondering whether or not you should adopt a wire haired dachshund? Their pretty eyes and friendly wagging tails make these dogs almost impossible to pass by.

Whether you are looking for a friend or a family member, dachshunds can pleasantly surprise you with their abilities. We are offering you a chance to learn important things about this breed, so you can make a smart decision about adoption.


What You Always Wanted to Know about Wire Haired Dachshunds

If you have never owned a dog before, there are many nuances you have to consider before making the purchase. This important decision shouldn’t be made without proper planning.

All dogs are different. Even the cutest ones can become a nuance with the wrong approach. Meanwhile, the scariest breeds can be the most dedicated friends when trained properly. A wire haired dachshund can easily become your best friend for life. However, you need to be aware of its special personality traits.

Below is a list that can help get to know the dog you are about to buy. Read here some interesting facts on long haired Dachshunds.


1. Loud and Frequent Barking

cute little wire haired dachshund

Dachshunds love to bark as soon as they see the slightest cause for making the sound. Be it a big ant or a burglar, you’ll get plenty of loud barking. This is not a dog you can leave roaming around the yard since it may cause you trouble with the neighbors.

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2. Unacceptance of Other Dogs

long hair wire haired dachshund

Stranger dogs can make the dachshund very upset and ready to start a fight. Since this breed is not too large, it can lead to some trouble.

You need to be always around to stop the Dachshund from provoking other dogs. However, you shouldn’t worry about other pets in your family. Wire haired dachshunds are always nice to the animals they consider their family members.


3. Housebreaking Problems

wire haired dachshund

While these dogs fit in the family environment rather fast, they have trouble learning how to behave. You need to be ready to spend some considerable time crate training the pet. Think about creating a doggy door to make access to the yard for proper potty training. Get ready for a battle.


4. Too Much Free Thinking

wire haired dachshund

Wire haired dachshunds are rather stubborn. This is the quality that makes them great vermin hunters but hard to train companions. They can manipulate the owners just like small children do their parents.

While it might seem fun and amusing at first, such behavior can become obstinate and annoying over time, especially when you try to train them. Just like with children, you need to be very consistent with your wishes and orders.

Make sure you go through with what you say. You have to teach dachshund proper respect. If this dog doesn’t learn to respect you, you’ll have big problems with it in the future.

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5. Special Grooming

wire haired dachshund

Wire-haired dachshund needs special brushing and combing. You need to consult a professional groomer to make sure you are doing everything correctly. Improper hair care can lead to the decrease of life quality and various diseases.


6. Unpleasant Shedding

Problems with shedding come with al long-haired dogs. Dachshunds are famous for the fact that all three coat types shed. Wire haired dachshunds shed somewhat less than the other two breed types.

However, you need to be ready for the shedding problem in your home. Even though this breed is small, it still emits a certain dog odor that some owners can find unpleasant. If you have dog allergies, this breed is definitely not for you.


7. Diseases

Most of the wirehaired dachshunds are healthy and live a long life. However, about 25% of such dogs are prone to disk disease, which can cripple them by the time they reach the middle age. These dogs can also suffer from such problems as urinary diseases, epilepsy, heart disease and more.

A lot depends on how well you take care of your dog. The more attention you pay to its health and regular veterinary check-ups, the more chances you have of extending its lifespan.

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8. Child-Friendliness

wire haired dachshund

If you are looking for a companion for your child, you have chosen the right dog. Even though you have to supervise your kid and the dog at first, with time they can become the best of friends. Wire haired dachshunds love playing with kids. They are not too big to hurt them during the games and not too small to be hurt by them.


9. Easy-going Temper

Most of the time these dogs are easygoing. They usually become devoted to the family member they spend most of their time with. However, they are always ready to have fun with the rest of the family as well. If you want to get an idea of what kind of temper your puppy will have, take a look at its parents.


10. Destructive behavior

wire haired dachshund

Dachshunds tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Which means you can’t leave them alone for a long time. They don’t like being separated from the owners.

If you leave them alone for too long, they can show their hard feelings by damaging whatever they lay their claws and teeth on, be it your carpet, your clothes or your furniture.

If you want to avoid the damage, make sure to either put the dog in a dog crate or put up some dog barriers around the zone you want it to stay inside.

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If you know what to expect and agree to deal with all the problems of a wire haired dachshund, then you can become the best owner for this wonderful dog. Good luck!


Sunday 23rd of February 2020

Our Rosie is wire hair doxy and some jack Russell, a great pup! ! She's 3 y-o. She was not socialized, was mistreated with feet and crutches probably crated her whole life. I am handicapped and she has adapted WELL! Not afraid of my scooter or my walker. In 9 months she has gotten adapted to our home with a doggie door and also walking on leash while we are snow birds in Az. She wouldn't let ANYONE except the 2 of us pet her. She loved other dogs but not people! Now she has become so social that she will let most people pet her! She is spoiled but well trained, walks to the dog park to do her business and chase her "vinyl fish" for exercise. She is a sweetheart and a lover . Mild separation anxiety but we are working on that.

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