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Cholesterol for Hair Treatment: Benefits + How to Do

Professional hairstylists and beauty-conscious individuals have been using cholesterol for hair for decades now. It is one of the inexpensive ways to treat your hair.

Although it is found commonly in the ethnic hair-care section, cholesterol can be used by any individual and on different types of hair without any fear of accumulation of greasy residue.

Thick and cold, it smears on your hair with the steadiness of petroleum jelly, but it becomes malleable once exposed to the heat. It is therefore easy to clean with warm water.


Cholesterol Hair Treatment

cholesterol hair treatment

Cholesterol for hair is a type of treatment that incorporates the use of ingredients rich in fats or lipids. When cholesterol is used in hair treatment, it repairs the damaged hair and restores its moisture giving it a definition.

Cholesterol hair treatment has been utilized by American and African aborigines for many years to reinstate hair smoothness and moisturize it after the continuous styling processes and chemical treatments.

There are a variety of cholesterol hair treatments today. Some can be bought in the markets or online, while others you can do on your own at home.


Types of Cholesterol Treatment for Hair

Cholesterol Hot Hair Treatment

cholesterol treatment for hair

In this treatment, the cholesterol oil is applied to the hair immediately after the shampoo. Then a cap is placed over the head for almost one minute and then washed off, followed by a regular conditioner. It is generally meant to restore natural moisture of the hair.

The other benefit is that it rejuvenates the sheen, hence making it look healthier and better than earlier. Besides, it reinstates the moisture lost because of the damage. If you frequently dry-brow or apply chemicals on your hair, this is a guaranteed way to restore the lost glow.


Homemade Cholesterol Hair Treatment

cholesterol mask for hair

This is one of the traditional forms of cholesterol hair treatment method. It is done with a mayonnaise. Regardless of what you use; either homemade oils and eggs or mayonnaise, the results are excellent.

The treatment makes the curly hair voluminous and soft. If you don’t like the smell of the eggs, it is recommended you use a store-parked mayonnaise. It gives the same results with a pleasant fragrance.


Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment

This is most commonly used cholesterol for hair treatment by the professionals. The elements are applied on the hair, covered with a plastic cap and allowed to remain there for 15minutes. Afterward, the head is wrapped with a warm towel or a hooded dryer.

If your hair is seriously damaged, the conditioner can be left on the hair for about an hour. Though most of the deep treatments contain olive oil in their components, you can add a little more olive if you need even better results. The results of deep conditioning are smoother, silkier and shinier hair.


What Cholesterol Conditioner Do for Your Hair?

cholesterol for hair

Cholesterol is a kind of conditioner that has been utilized for many years by people with relaxed hair. The relaxing chemicals we apply to our hair cause a lot of damage on it leaving it very dehydrated, and prone to breaking off.

This is where cholesterol conditioner comes in. It replenishes the hair with strengthening lipids hence giving the hair some strength and moisture, though temporarily.

Besides, there is enough evidence from the people who have been using it for long that shows the use of cholesterol conditioner makes your hair soft, shiny and lively. For the ladies with curly hair, it adds volume and definition to the curls.


The Hair Types Suitable for Cholesterol Conditioner

cholesterol hair treatment for women

Cholesterol for hair as a conditioner can be used, but if your hair is not damaged or dry, then the conditioner is not necessary. Using it on healthy and moisturized hair makes it heavy and leave it looking too bulky and weighed down.

It should be used only on the hair that has been damaged by the use of perms, coloring, relaxing treatments and hot styling tools. It is also suitable for the hair that has been exposed on the hot sun for a long time.

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How Frequently Should You Do Cholesterol Treatment for Your Hair?

The frequency of cholesterol hair treatment for the hair primarily depends on the condition of your hair. For instance, normal hair needs treatment two weeks a month, while a chemically treated hair needs weekly treatment. However, a damaged hair or the hair experiencing breakages may need to be treated daily to enhance strength and manageability.

Remember that cholesterol treatment is for the brittle, dry and damaged hair that has been exposed to heat-applications, sun or chemical treatments. If your hair is in excellent condition, there is no need to do hair cholesterol treatment on it.


Protein Treatment Vs. Cholesterol Treatment

Different hair conditions call for varying attention regarding treatments. Just the way you treat an oily skin differently than dry skin, you should do different treatments on your hair depending on what it requires, and the two main categories of hair treatments are moisture and protein. So, let us break this down for your easy comprehension.


Protein Treatment

The primary composition of human hair is protein (mainly keratin). This protein aids in the growth strong and long. If your hair is insufficient in protein, it could experience severe damage and gradual hair loss. Protein treatment serves to replenish this protein in your hair.

Remember that the protein only makes the hair strong but doesn’t make it moist. Besides doing too much protein treatment or doing it on your hair when not needed may make your hair too strong, brittle and cause damages. So, if you are trying to moisturize your hair by protein treatment, you could be actually breaking it.


Cholesterol Treatment

Cholesterol hair treatment is primarily used to rehydrate, soften and nourish damaged or dry hair; therefore, it is a moisturizing treatment. However, it contains some keratin.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be overdone because doing so makes the hair too soft, and compromising with the natural elasticity of the hair, becoming hard to style and weak to the extent of breaking.

The core purpose of hair treatment using cholesterol is to moisturize and soften the hair. It strengthens the hair though subtle.

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Lovelies, always remember that you should use cholesterol for hair treatment as frequently as your hair needs it. However, how regularly you use it depends on your hair styling preferences. Cholesterol conditioners for hair treatment are rich in fats and lipids. These conditioners are meant to rehydrate and restore your hair.

Also, bear in mind that hair treatment by cholesterol is supposed to be for external use only! Taking foods with high amounts of cholesterol will not be a guarantee that you will get the same outcomes like when you use the cholesterol directly on your hair. in fact, you might be in for a surprise.

By consuming those foods, you are risking your health for increased blood cholesterol levels. So, it is more prudent to avoid consumption of such foods as they may have detrimental effects on your health and can eventually result in serious heart and coronary conditions.