Know How Much Hair Loss Is Normal — Stop Freaking Out

Do you wake up in the morning to a pillow covered in hair? After a shower, does it look like you murdered a wig? Is your brush or comb clogged continuously with hair? Fortunately, some hair loss is normal. It’s always going to happen, but it doesn’t mean you’re losing your hair or going bald.


How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

In the quest to find out how much hair loss is normal you have to realize that at any given time 90 percent of your hair is growing. The remaining 10 percent is resting — but that just means it’s falling out to make space for new hair. Now, some hair loss is always to be expected — your hair follicles, like your skin cells, have to recycle. However, there are things you can do to decrease hair loss.

The Average

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You have to figure out the median to know how much hair loss is normal. On average, you lose around 50-100 strands of hair every day, but some people—women, especially—lose as many as 150 hairs per day.

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The Test

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To discover just how many hairs fall out of your head, grab a chunk of about 60 strands. Run your fingers through the section of hair and pull. You should come away with 5-8 hairs—that’s normal. It’s no big deal if 10 or 12 strands come out, but more than 15 can point to a problem.


Contributing Factors

Curly hair falls out more often than straight hair because the curls themselves weaken the hair shaft. Wearing the same style every day makes more hair fall out, too. Too much heat styling is another contributor.




Do you worry about hair loss? How many hairs do you lose per day?

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