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Cindy Crawford’s Signature Hairstyles

Who’s ready to take their hair game to the next level? And when it comes to hairstyles, Cindy Crawford is basically the queen.

Her hairstyles over the years have been straight-fire! And a lot of her hairstyles are totally achievable for us non-supermodels!

We will look at the best Cindy Crawford hairstyles for your fashion goals. So, take your notes, and help you update your hairstyle.

Classy Cindy Crawford Hairstyles

The renowned actress who is in her 50s rocked numerous hairstyles since she started her career.

Let’s break down some of Cindy’s best looks through the decades. Consider it your ultimate guide to upgrading your hair with a little Cindy Crawford flair!

90s Blow Dry

90s Hairstyle of Cindy Crawford

Thick, voluminous, and fuzzy are the holy trinity of 90s hairstyle. And as one of the original “It Girls,” Cindy Crawford is iconic for her massive blow-dried tresses.

The supermodel’s signature foxy look became the most desired hairstyle of that time. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Cindy established the foundation of the rich girl aesthetic at that time.

Imagine perfectly coiffed hair with plenty of height at the crown. From the top, the strands cascade into flowing voluminous curls, with soft inward curls at their end.

What makes this hairstyle irresistible is the bombshell, rounded waves with honeyed highlights scattered around the face—a method known to brighten the wearer’s complexion.

This layered hairstyle has recently gone viral on TikTok. It continues to astonish people now, as it amazed people back then.

Long Brunette

Cindy Crawford With Long Brunette Hair

We adore Cindy Crawford’s lovely thick brunette hair. The supermodel definitely boasts her natural strands with distinct sophistication and style.

Still, Cindy managed to upgrade her already great looks without straying from her natural hair color.

Blow waving is the key to this hairstyle, adding volume and thickness to all sides. The cut is mostly uniform, with a few shorter layers in the front.

The twist is the caramel highlights around her face, framing her slender facial features. This style also allows for imitating the trendy side-swept bangs, which are known to hide fine wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

The wavy brunette exudes a casual yet elegant air. Fortunately, recreating this hairstyle is easy with only a few simple tools and the right hair length.

Long Straight

Cindy Crawford With Long Straight Hair

Of course, not all of us want a flashy hairdo. You might want something casual and clean-looking without the snazzy waves and curls.

Well, if you have long and medium thick locks, Cindy Crawford’s long straight style would suit you. And it flatters all face shapes, whether you have oval, diamond, or square.

Cindy’s long straight boasts medium to long layered cuts on the sides and back. The tresses flow gracefully with only a few bends downwards, creating a distinct shape and attitude.

She swept her fringes to one side of her face—an elegant finish for a simple yet sleek hairdo.

The good news is that you can effortlessly imitate this hair work on your own in a few minutes. So you can flaunt this Crawford-inspired hairstyle anytime and with ease.

Here’s a quick tip: spraying hairspray on your hair’s roots will provide extra volume and hold.

Trauma Bangs

Cindy Crawford With Trauma Bangs

You may have heard of curtain bangs, wispy bangs, or blunt bangs, but have you ever heard of trauma bangs? Yep, trauma bangs, and it’s the latest Cindy Crawford hair inspo.

The supermodel ruffled her 7 million Instagram followers when she posted a selfie of her new look with the caption, “Not exactly trauma bangs. Just testing!

So, what is this trauma bangs, exactly?

The idea behind this seemingly ominous hairstyle originated in the TV series Emily in Paris. It’s one of those spur-of-the-moment fringe cuts you make on a particularly dull or stressful day.

Regardless, the 56-year-old model rocks the hair well. She prepped her hair into a simple half-up, half-down, flaunting her freshly cut shaggy bangs, lightly covering her brows.

Cindy Crawford’s Hair Advice

Decades in the industry have taught Cindy a lot, especially about taking care of her hair. But now, as co-founder of a skincare brand, she’s sharing tips about caring for your crowning glory.

One particular aspect of hair that Cindy touches on a lot is how our hair grows old along with us. She revealed how her hair became brittle and thinner due to her age and coloring habits.

Another vital lesson we can learn from the supermodel is the harmful effects of poor hair habits. Cindy passionately talked against abusive hair routines like constantly using hot hair tools, sleeping with pinned hair, and wet brushing.

As a supermodel, fashion icon, entrepreneur, and beauty legend Cindy Crawford has an impressive collection of hairstyle tricks. And obviously, we’re all here for that.

From the foxy 90s blow-dry to the modern trauma bangs, Cindy never stops to amaze her fans with her coiffure picks. So, which of these fashionable hairstyles do you plan on sporting?