40 Greatest 90s Hairstyles for Women

Even if you weren’t old enough to sport a great hairstyle in the 90s or are a little nostalgic about the “old times”, you can still take advantage of the beautiful 90s hairstyles for women.

Pixies, bobs, crimped hair, long and voluminous hairstyles dominated the ’90s era. All of these approaches are still used today. If you want to go back to the 90s or are just looking for a new way to arrange or cut your hair, these hairstyles can be a great choice. Even though 1990 is almost 30 years away, the hairstyles still appear modern and attractive in 2021.


90s Hairstyles

Do you know that flowers and visible roots were popular in the 90s? The same approach is popular nowadays. Only we call visible roots an ombre and use slightly different types of flowers.

In any case, there is a way to look a little old fashioned by sporting some of the below 90s hairstyles. So whatever is your goal, one of them can allow you to enjoy a brand new look without feeling too outdated.

1. 90s High bangs

high bangs haircut for women from 1990s

The Kelly Kapowski hairstyle was used to be so popular among the teenage girls in America and beyond. The long straight brown hair coupled with bangs styled upwards was the hit of the 90s.

Vintage Victory Rolls From 1940’s


2. The old ombre

old ombre hairstyle for 1992

The difference between grown roots and a modern ombre is not always visible. The 90s style means letting the roots grow naturally, while the modern one requires you to dye your hair using the ombre technique.


3. Tiaras


Using tiaras for special occasions used to be popular in the 1990s. Nowadays, hair accessories haven’t lost their charm and women all over the world take advantage of them regardless of the occasion.


4. 90s Blonde highlights


Highlights were gaining great popularity in the 90s. Not many 90s hairstyles for women included them but those that did were truly priceless. The highlight approach of the modern age switched from simple to very complicated.

Old-fangled Hairstyles from the 1930s


5. Diana’s hairstyle

Princess Diana 1990s haircut

The pixie sported by Princess Diana was one of the few short 90s hairstyles admired and copied by many girls and women around the world. The curly tossed look coupled with short bangs can be a great choice for a modern fashionista as well.


6. Styling experiments


Women loved making hairstyle experiments in the 1990s. 20 years later nothing changed. Take a look at this wild style and consider creating the same thing on your head. You will definitely shine.


7. Crimped hair


Crimped hair was a fun 90s hairstyle for women that many girls took advantage of. No matter how many strands underwent the crimping, the overall image was fantastic. Why not try it today?


8. Up and down


Up and down hairstyles are great for keeping your hair interesting without any additional cuts and dyes. You can clip the side and middle strands on top of your head while letting the rest of your hair down. Thank you, Gwyneth!


9. Partial highlights


The movie Clueless made the girls want to copy the fun Alicia Silverstone hairstyles. You could use the partial highlights approach to dye just the ends of your strands and then create hairstyles to flaunt the contrast.


10. The Blues


Outrageous colors were considered great in the ’90s. So many 1990s hairstyles for women feature blue and pink shades. If you want to make a great statement today, why not use the old technique?


11. Wild curls


Wild curls and perms were part of the 90s fashion. Why should they stay in the past? If you’ve always dreamed about amazing ringlets, it’s time to make the dream come true. Perms are fun!


12. Buns


Playing around with various hairstyles was the thing of the 1990s. Take advantage of these outrageous buns to create a hairstyle that will immediately make you look younger.


13. Bob Cut


Cute bobs will never go out of style. Take a look at how amazing Drew Barrymore looks with a simple bob with curled ends. This haircut is easy to make and maintain. You can add it some zest by dyeing a few strands red or blue.


14. Boyish style


This 90s hairstyle for women is only available to the boldest girls. When Winona Ryder showed the way, these amazing pixie sprung up like mushrooms. If you always wanted a short haircut, give this one a try.


15. Middle Part Hair


Any tomboy and geek dream of becoming a beautiful lady. If the heroine of this movie managed to do it, anyone can. A simple long bob styled the right way can make a difference between an ordinary image and a striking look.


16. Ponytails


If you are not a fan of hiding your long locks but don’t like it when they get into your face, this simple ponytail is a way out. You brush all the front strands back and clip them while the rest of your hair is down.


17. Braided Ponytail


Simple 90s hairstyles for women include cute Britany Spears braids. No matter how old you are, a couple of these braids will make you look cute and attractive. They can take 10 years off of your age just like that!


18. Spiky


Spikes were a thing of the 90s fashion and girls were taking advantage of them with this hairstyle. You might want to try to make it on your own, but don’t be upset if you won’t get it right the first time.


19. Raven black


Whenever you feel like it’s time to make a statement or you just want to outline your facial features, dyeing your hair raven black is a way out. Get ready to adjust your makeup as well.


20. Be natural


When it comes to the 90s hairstyles for women, there is a lot to be said about being natural. Natural-looking hair can give your style a soft feel that is great for women of all ages and times.


21. Windblown waves

21 22

More often than not women with waves are trying to tame them any way possible. In the ’90s this was not the problem. Wearing your wavy hair down is fun and attractive. Give it a try today!


22. Side swept bangs


There is nothing special about the side swept bangs. Just the way you wear them. Take a look at the great 1990s to wear your bangs and make your hairstyle look neat and appealing.


23. Hair extensions


Some 1990s hairstyles for women involve using wild hair extensions. What’s a better way to try an outrageous color without permanently changing your hair?


24. Long bob


Long Olsen sister bobs gained popularity in the ’90s among young girls. If you have straight hair, this bob is easy to achieve. All you need to do is pay special attention to the curved ends.


25. Voluminous bob

This is another variation of the Olsen sister’s bob but with some volume on top. You can use the flat iron to pump up the volume in the roots area. This style is timeless and can look as good in 2021 as it did in the 1990s.


90s double bun hair






90s high ponytail






90s hairstyles





90s short hairstyles


These 90s hairstyles for women are designed to help you improve your image. Studying the preferences of the women in the previous century is a smart way to get inspiration for the modern hairstyle.

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