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25 On-Trend Circle Beard Styles To Polish Your Look

The classic circle beard is a goatee with a mustache.  This style has been a staple of men worldwide for many years, yet the circle beard always manages to be fresh and stylish.  This style works for many men but works especially well on round faces.  Whether you have very thick or relatively sparse facial hair, there is a circle beard style that can work for you.

The Elegant Circle Beard Styles

The circle beard is a style in which the mustache connects to a goatee, creating a circle-like shape.  To achieve this handsome style, allow your facial hair to grow out a bit so you have some length to work with. 

Then, using appropriate shaving gel or creme and appropriate tools, shave your sideburns, cheeks, and neck, leaving a mustache and circle shape with a goatee ending approximately above your Adam’s apple. 

Using a precise trimmer, shape all corners to create the classic circle shape.  It may be easiest to allow a professional to shape the beard for you initially; after that, it should be easy to maintain the shape yourself.

#1:  The Circle Beard, Plus Connected Sideburns

Sideburns with Circle Beard

To achieve this sexy beard style, allow your circle beard to connect to long, not-to-wide sideburns.  This gives you an exotic, updated take on the traditional circle beard.

#2:  Circle Beard with a Thin Mustache and Beard

black men Circle Beard with Thin Mustache

Update your circle beard by wearing it with a very thin, almost pencil mustache.  Allow your sideburns and the beard on your cheeks to connect to the circle in a relatively thin beard.    Clean off the area right below the lower lip.  This creates a sleek, updated look, perfect for young men or anyone who wants to look extra stylish.

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#3:  The Classic Circle Beard

Classic Circle Beard style for men

Here we have a classic circle beard, one that is relatively full although not very long.  This circle beard style is a handsome choice for many men and is flattering on a variety of face shapes.

#4:  The Fancy Circle Beard

If you really want to take your look to a new place, opt for the fancy circle beard.  Let your facial hair grow long in a circle style, then use wax and other grooming products to sculpt and shape in any style you choose.  This might not be your choice for everyday wear, but it’s a good option for competitive “bearding.”

#5:  The Thin, Connected Circle Beard

Here, whiskers are allowed to grow down the sideburn area and along the jawline in a very thin strip.  The circle shape around the chin, mouth and upper lip is equally pencil-thin.  This style is very handsome and creates the illusion of a defined jaw, perfect for men with a weak jaw-line.  Additionally, this style is clean-looking.

#6:  The Grey Circle

The circle beard is a nice way to show off your handsome silver beard.  Silver facial hair can appear especially refined, and even if you are prematurely grey, this style can make you look younger by drawing attention to your handsome cheeks and eyes.

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#7:  The Circle with Full Mustache

Circle beard with Full Mustache

If you like, allow your mustache to be full with your circle beard.  This is a great option for men with thick facial hair.  You can even grow and shape your mustache into a devil or handlebar shape if you’d like more options.

#8:  Come Full Circle

If you have a full beard, let your circle beard be thick.  This is an easy but still handsome, stylish option.  You can look masculine but still have a definite beard style with little effort.

#9:  The Hipster Circle

Hipster Circle beard

A circle beard style can even work for a hipster look.  Let your circle be a tiny bit longer and scruffier.  Allow your natural facial hair elsewhere to grow out a bit so that you have hair on your cheeks.  The cheek and sideburn area should be a bit shorter than the circle beard.  This is a more grown-out natural look, perfect for easy weekends.

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#10:   The Mid-Length Circle

Even if you prefer a slightly longer beard, the circle beard style can still work for you.  Let your circle beard grow out to the desired length.  You probably want to keep your mustache and the areas at the sides of your mouth a bit shorter, while letting the lower part of the circle, the goatee area, grow out to a mid-length beard.

guy with circle beard
circle beard styles for men
goatee style circle beard
black guy with circle beard