40 Hottest Beard Styles for Black Guys You Can’t Miss

Beards have always been a hit with black men and therefore, black men beard styles are always in fashion. They are numerous beard styles for black men that seem to have been invented just for them. Ladies find bearded men smarter and manly than their non-bearded fellows. Black-bearded men always look smarter and handsome, and it’s mind boggling how only a few hair on your face can make a striking difference to your personality.


Best Beard Styles for Black Men

There are hundreds of black beard styles trending nowadays. If you want to enhance your looks by wearing a beard on your striking black skin, then it’s time to choose one that suits your individuality. Pick your razors and find a stunning beard style that is apt for your facial features and orchestrates nicely with your personality. Here are 40 beard styles for black men that seem to have been invented exclusively for them:



1. Decent Stubble

black men Short Beard style

This is one of the most dazzling beard styles for black men adopted worldwide. It is a naïve and elegant beard, an easy to attain panache as well. With gradual growth, the hair becomes denser and symmetrical, and slight trimming gives it a very sanitizing look.

Short Beard Styles

2. Full Beard

black men Full Beard cut

It is one of the oldest beard styles for black men but equally popular with modern men of all color, caste and creed. This beard style has a fully covered face starting densely from sideburns, accompanied by thin and trimmed moustaches. This beard gives you a more mature and classic look.


3. Black Men’s Most Favorite: Goatee

black men favorite Goatee Beard Style

This is yet another popular black men beard style that is modern and smart indeed. This beard style is grown under the chin, covering it. Goatee beard with a moustache covering the mouth in a circle is a gorgeous look for any round face. The cheeks and the area around is closely shaved to get the characteristic shape.


4. The soul patch

This is another very popular and distinct beard style for black men. It looks nice, erudite and classic on black men especially if wore without a moustache. It adds an intellectual elegance to the personality.

Long Beard Styles

5. Van Dyke Beard

favorite Van Dyke Beard Style

This is another very popular black men beard style stemmed from the famous Flemish portrait artist Anthony Van Dyke. It involves a straight beard at the chin not connected to mustaches. However, this beard style requires a very precise hand to give it such a fine trimming.