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Color Blocking Hair: A Quick Guide with Styling Tips

Color blocking hair is an exciting trend that has become extremely popular in 2024. Its popularity has grown due to the fact that this color application is so versatile and can really be used to fit any hair and lifestyle.

You can make it funky with bright fashion colors or you can do something a little more demure, using natural colors or doing smaller blocks of color. You can also add just one block of color in a peekaboo or do large blocks of color all over your head. 

What Is Color Blocking Hair?

hair color blocking
Color Blocking Hair

Color blocking hair means using contrasting hair colors, but instead of using the contrasting colors in a small highlight or balayage, the colors are applied in blocks.

There are many different placements for color blocks in the hair and many different color combinations can be used as well. You can choose to approach color blocking depending on what you’re going for and what color your hair is currently. 

Sometimes with color blocks, the block sections will need to be pre-lightened with bleach before the colors you want are applied. For example, if you are a brunette and you’re wanting blocks of blue and purple. Your stylist will section out the blocks of colors in the placement you’ve decided together and then apply the blue and purple over the lightened hair.

What if you’re going for more natural colors in your color blocks? For example, if you are naturally blonde and you’re are wanting a face framing red color blocking, your stylist will be able to apply the red color block right over your blonde hair. 

Examples of Color Blocking Hair

Subtle Color Blocked Hair

Subtle Color Blocked Hair

For a more subtle color block look, choose natural hair colors like blonde and brunette to be in your block placement.

Or if you’re interested in trying a fun color but aren’t ready for a huge change, you can do a fun shade but with a more hidden placement, such as a peekaboo block underneath your hair. 

Funky and Fun Color Blocked Hair

Fun and Funky Color Blocked Hair

If you’re ready to turn heads and make a statement, a more funky and fun color blocking is for you. To really pack a punch, choose bright colors and use larger block sections! Remember, these looks will probably require some pre-lightening using bleach. 

Face Framing Color Blocked Hair

Face Framing color blocked hair

This is a very modern take on color blocking. Placing a color block around your face really makes an impact since it’s the first thing people see when they look at you, but it is also easier to wear and maintain since it’s just around your face and not all over.

When asking for this look at a salon, you’ll want to tell them you want a bold “money” piece or statement piece around your face! 

Styling Your Color Blocked Hair

Styling Color Blocked Hair

When styling your color blocked hair, you truly have so many options. A straight and smooth style will give you a sleek way to show off your color, while a wavy or curly look can really show off a peekaboo color block placed underneath your hair.

When styling your hair after coloring it, take extra steps to use heat protection and wash less frequently to maintain the color and hair’s integrity. 

Straight Color Blocked Hair

Use a round brush and flat iron to achieve this look. Wearing your color-blocked hair straight adds a sophisticated touch to even the funkiest of colors! 

Wavy Color Blocked Hair

Use a curling iron or curling wand to get this look. Curl 1-inch pieces of hair, and remember to leave out the ends for the perfect wave! We love how the waves show off the color in an easy, breezy way.

Curly Color Blocked Hair

Curl hair root to ends with a one-inch curling iron for this look! If you are lucky enough to have natural curls, you can skip the curling iron, add some curl cream and twist hair into ringlets.

To really elevate this look, you can add a fun fishtail braid or half pony, which really shows off the dimension of color blocking. 

Key Things to Remember: 

  • When it comes to color blocking, you can be as funky or subtle as you want.
  • When choosing a subtle color blocking, stick with natural colors or smaller blocks of a fun color.
  • When getting funky with color blocking, more is more! Add big, bold sections of fun colors! 
  • Your styling options are endless; choose a straight, wavy or curly style and pop in a cute braid or ponytail to get an even more creative look.