70 Beautiful Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas

Blue and purple hair colors can completely sweep you off your feet. There is nothing more extraordinary than dyeing your locks with two of the brightest and the most unnatural hair dyes.

Not many women are brave enough to take advantage of these bright shades. But if you’ve made a decision to make an impression while making a statement with your hair, these colors are for you. You might not know how to approach the mix to make the colors look even more striking. That’s why we have a collection to show you the right way.


How to Make Purple Hair Color Last Longer

Purple hair color is very bright, but over time it starts losing its shine. In order to make it last longer, you need to do some color-preserving procedures.

Buy special hair masks that keep the color inside the hair instead of allowing it to be washed out. It’s better to ask your hairstylist for the hair care products they recommend. You also must wash your hair with special shampoo and conditioner for colored locks.

Try not to wash your hair too often. Whatever you do, you need to know that purple color will eventually wash out and you’ll need to touch it up.


Dark Blue Hair Dye Colors

purple blue hair color

When you are choosing the shade of blue for your hair, consider getting the darker hues. Most of the time, they are easier to apply to brown and black hair and they create a rich blue color.

Lighter shades of blue don’t always look as you want them to on dark hair. If you have blonde or light brown locks, then you might want to try lighter blue colors. If not, go for dark blue dyes.


Different Blue and Purple Hair Color Concepts

If you are far from fashion and want to make a stand with your image, blue an purple hair colors are here to help you.

While each of them looks extraordinary on your hair, the combination can be even more impressive. Knowing how to combine blue and purple is an art.

If you are planning to go to a hair salon, make sure to bring a few of the below photos with you. They are here to give you some inspiration and make your choice of a hairstyle simpler.


1. Blue Purple Ombre Box Braids

Black blue and purple hair can be easily pulled off without dyeing your hair. All you need is some ombre Jumbo hair that you can use to build box braids. This way you’ll obtain not only more length, but also a gorgeous knitted mane. 


2. Unicorn Hair

blue and purple hair

Unicorn hair makes you want to pause time just to admire this fantastic fusion of mind-blowing electric shades. Create loads of highlights for the roots and top hair and gradually transform the tones into purple and blue hues. 


3. Blue and Purple Hair for Black Women

Blue and purple shades will work their magic on short hair, especially if you are a black girl with well-defined coils. Complete the look with a big pair of silver rounded earrings and you’ll look so chic. 


4. Dar Blue Purple Ombre Hairstyle

dark blue and purple hair

If you want shades that attract sun rays like a magnet, dark blue and purple nuances are everything you ever dreamed of. Make these two tones amazingly blend and you’ll never get tired of this wavy colored hairstyle. 


5. Pastel Blue Hair with Purple Bangs

Play with color intensity and opt for a light blue and purple hair. Your electric dark lilac tones will gorgeously complement the pastel nuances. 


6. Pink Blue and Purple Waves

Some trends come and go but when we’re talking about bright and beautiful colors, their popularity never seems to fade. Create a magnificent pink purple and blue ombre hair and style waves and curls. 


7. Purple and Blue Twisted Braids

You don’t need to dye your hair to recreate your look, just get blue and purple Jumbo hair and knit twisted braids. Secure the ends by dipping them in hot water. 


8. Purple Blue and Red Waves

Go for an inverted bob haircut with blunt bangs that cover your forehead and give the hairstyle an electric glow by going for a red blue and purple hair. Create waves to define each strand, and you’ll have all the attention you craved for. 


9. Black Hair with Blue and Purple Highlights

Go for a black hair dye and create amazing vivid purple and blue highlights. Create messy waves to obtain a mindblowing texture for your beautifully layered hair. 


10. Teal Blue and Purple Intricate Braids

Teal blue and purple hair is not only so modern but can help you obtain a gorgeous ocean-inspired look that is perfect for 2022 summer. Style an ombre and combine it with some highlights or lowlights and create intricate braids. Decorate them with hair jewelry. 


11. Ombre


Nowadays you won’t surprise anyone with a stylish ombre unless you make it with outrageous hair colors. Bright purple on the top and dark blue on the bottom create a magnificent image.


12. Balayage


This fantastic balayage can only be achieved by a professional hairstylist. The soft transition from dark blue to purple hair color is so impressive, it will have everyone turning their heads your way.


13. Color mix


Purple shades on the top and blue highlights on the bottom allow you to experiment with at least three colors. These lighter shades of blue and purple are exactly what you need to soften your image a bit.

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14. Dark shades


Dark purple and blue hair colors look very rich and exciting. They are a perfect choice if your natural hair is black or brown. Unfortunately, the brightest colors are hard to maintain. Be ready for monthly salon visits.


15. All shades of purple


Consider using various shades of purple to create partial highlights. No matter how asymmetrical the highlighted strands are, the overall image will be fantastically striking. Give at least two shades a try!


16. Blue highlights


Purple hair color looks perfect when mixed with dark or light blue highlights. If you decide to curl your hair, the highlights will appear even more prominent. It’s completely up to you to make the decision.


17. Prominent balayage


This is another example of a prominent purple balayage. Allow yourself to dive into the world of purple and light blue colors mixed with some dark blue strands. What a great choice for any occasion!


18. Touch of green


When mixing purple and blue colors, don’t forget about other interesting options. Adding a touch of green to your otherwise extravagant mane will make your image even more awesome.

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19.  Blue bangs


If your hair is short, the color experiments are even more fun. Use blue hair color to dye your bangs and keep the rest of the locks purple. You’ll definitely make a huge statement.


20.  Fairytale waterfall braids


If you have long hair and a great determination to look like a fairytale princess, you can show your hairdresser this photo. The various shades of blue and purple come together to create an extraordinary image.


















































If you are still wondering whether you should use blue and purple hair colors for your hair, take another look at the above options. See how amazing you can look by taking advantage of these two colors.

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