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31 Box Braids With Color You Need to Try Next

Have you ever tried box braids with color? Did you know you could buy braided hair in different fun colors? Wouldn’t it be perfect to have your hair in full colorful box braids?

We have been fascinated with colorful spectrums since we were little girls. So, we wanted everything to come in so many hues and shades.

box braids with different color
Colorful Box Braid

As grown-ups, we still get attracted to these spectrums and find them interesting enough to employ in our wardrobe. Therefore, some of us go the extra mile and go with colorful box braids to grab even more attention at social events.

Surprisingly, that works like a charm! So, if you are ready to live while you are young, you should give this coloring technique a try.

Advantages of Colorful Box Braids

What makes fake braided hair that comes in infinite colors is the advantages that come with it. Here are some key benefits of box braided hairstyles with colors.

  1. Temporary: this suits all girls who like to change their color as frequently as they change their outfits. So, it allows you to try new colors with your hair without dying it.
  2. No Damage as long as you take care of your hair and treat it with proper hair products ( moisturizer daily), and wash it often enough.
  3. No Pain: For anyone wondering if the faux braid installation process hurts, it is 100% pain-free!
  4. No age boundary: anybody can rock colorful box braids, from little kids to the elderly. This hairstyle knows no generation gaps!

Jumbo Box Braids

DIY: How To Get Colorful Box Braids?

If you like to do your own hairstyles or if you are low on budget, then you are going to fall in love with this tutorial do-it-yourself section! It has everything you need to know, from beginner tips and tricks to the step-by-step detailed procedure, and a linked YouTube to help you visualize it even more.

Tools Required:

  1. Rubber Gloves
  2. Synthetic braiding hair.
  3. Spray bottles.
  4. Rubbing alcohol.
  5. Speedball acrylic ink.

Steps Toward A Colorful World

  1. Brush your hair until it is tangle-free. ( Or synthetic hair)
  2. Mix rubbing alcohol and acrylic ink in a spray bottle.
  3. Spray the mixture on the hair you want to dye.
  4. Brush the mixture through.
  5. Leave your hair to suck in the color.
  6. Blow-dry your hair to speed up the process.
  7. Rinse your hair with water until it is clean.
  8. Let your hair dry.
  9. Install the faux box braids.

Tip: Use plastic to lay the hair down before spraying it to avoid creating a mess out of your room and keep it neat. Moreover, using plastic will prevent you from wasting any ink.

Facts You Need To Be Aware Of

Before you kick it off with your hair-dying spree, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • You can use untraditional dying products like fabric dye to color synthetic hair or ready faux braids.
  • Bold colors require a bleach blonde base paired with gray or white-ish braiding synthetic hair.
  • If you want a bright color, then you need to remember that synthetic hair only gets darker when you dye it.
  • Avoid adding too much water and alcohol to the spray bottle to prevent the vibrant color from thinning out.
  • Use less water if you want to end up with a strong and pigmented color.

Short Box Braids for Any Woman

Box Braids With Color

#1. Plethora of Colors

colorful box braids with curly ends

Don’t hesitate to incorporate as many colors as you want in your box braids. The result will be a stunning hair look. Start with blue and purple colors and add orange, yellow, and red. Complete the style with a half updo and unbraided curly ends.

#2. Go Vibrant

green and yellow box braids

Make a bold move with this vibrant hairstyle. Color the hair in an emerald green shade with a lighter green hue at the front. Add vibrant yellow-colored strands to set off the style. Lastly, instead of simple box braids, combine them with dreadlocks for a hipster look.

#3. Galaxy Box Braids

colorful box braids for black women

Naturally dark box braids with emerald green and purple colors peeking through them are what you need to try this year. This hairstyle brings the entire galaxy to your head. Tie the strands in a half updo for a futuristic look.

#4. Half Pink, Half Blue

pink and blue box braids

Combine pink and blue colors to create a cute look. Style the hair into fine box braids and add a pink hue on half of the head while a blue color on the other half. Secure the hair in a high half updo and let the strands sway freely.

#5. Braided Box Braids

colorful box braided pigtails

Although box braids are a hairstyle themselves, they can be styled further. Add lilac streaks to the blonde braids and secure them in a high ponytail. Divide the strands into half and braid them further in two huge braids for a fun rock star look.

#6. Cute Girly Look

pink and purple color box braids

Make your rebellious box braids look cute with this girly hairstyle. Add a light pink hue on the top that merges into a lavender purple midway to the ends. The magenta highlights peeking through the strands add to the hotness of this style.

#7. Braided Space Buns

green box braids

Space buns give the face an edgy look and they look equally chic with different-sized box braids. Rock a vibrant neon green with the style to stand out from the crowd. Top off the look with cute hair accessories or leave it simple.

#8. Black to Red Box Braids

red ombre box braids

Avoid overpowering the natural base color while still playing around with a different hair shade and go for this two-toned look. Braid the hair into medium box braids. The black color merges into the red, midway to the ends, for an ombre effect.

#9. Goddess Look

micro box braids with color

This elegant goddess look is to die for. Instead of incorporating bright colors, add copper and auburn hues to the strands with subtle royal blue streaks in between. Braid the hair in micro braids and twist them around to further enhance the grace of this look. 

#10. Ombre Box Braids

rainbow colored box braids

These box braids with rainbow colors are what you need to try next. Each color merges into the next one to create an ombre effect. Start with a red color at the top followed by orange, yellow, blue, purple, and magenta hues. Rock the look with a half ponytail.

#11. Red Box Braids

red box braids

Red is a popular color that communicates power to whoever observes it. Braids both short and long look gorgeous in this bold hue. The look is best when done with medium or small braids, though jumbo styles can occasionally work. Skin with yellow undertones provides the perfect tonal compliment. 

#12. Burgundy Box Braids

burgundy box braids

Burgundy arrives onto the colorful hair scene as a more subdued version of a bold red style. The look is great for adding a pop of color without appearing too loud. Try it on skin with pink undertones and rock it all over your head or on the top portion to contrast with shaved sides. 

#13. Blue Box Braids

blue box braids

Create a bold look with these beautiful bright blue braids. An ombre style with darker hues at the root will ground your look and blend best with your natural root color. 

#14. Brown Box Braids

brown box braids

A simple brunette style is great for lighter skin tones. If you’re going to keep your color more basic,  switch up the basic box style at the scalp and try this large diamond-shaped pattern. 

#15. Multicolor Box Braids

multicolor box braids

Who says you need to stick to just one color? Show off your vibrant personality with a multicolored look like this one. Braids can be small, medium, or jumbo, according to your personal preferences. When it comes to choosing colors for your look, remember, the more the merrier!

#16. Honey Blonde Box Braids

honey blonde box braids

Create a gorgeous highlighted look on your colorful box braids. We love this look in any shade, but a honey blonde variety is the perfect approachable inspiration. Add darker braids underneath and incorporate the lighter blonde shades onto the outer layers of the hair for a natural feeling. 

#17. Grey Box Braids

grey box braids

Gray is a huge color trend these days. The icy hue provides the perfect compliment to skin with warm undertones. Rock this stylish color by wearing your braids down or tying them up into a cute topknot. 

#18. Orange Box Braids

orange box braids

This color is certainly bold, which is why we prefer it in a short bob hairstyle. It can, of course, be worn on long braids, but it’s preferable on medium or small-sized braids. Let some of your dark, natural hair peek through at a few points for a natural vibe. 

#19. White Box Braids

white box braids

Icy hues are definitely in style these days, so why not try them out on your long, braided style? This neutral color works on virtually every skin tone and root color, making it beloved by all. For a subtle look, try small braids like these.

#20. Box Braids with Highlights

box braids with highlights

Your braids deserve as much gorgeous dimension as any other hair. Add in two or more hues for a highlighted effect that takes your braids to the next level. This style incorporates caramel and orange for a warm look that suits lighter skin tones like magic. 

#21. Two-Tone Box Braids

two tone box braids

Can’t decide on just one color? A two-toned look is certainly bold, but absolutely fun. The key to this look, once you’ve decided that it is for you, is to choose two complimentary colors, such as this bold red and light blue. 

#22. Rainbow Box Braids

Rainbow Color Box Braids hairstyle for girl

For the sake of the inner child voice that keeps pushing you to be reckless, wild, and free you should try these exquisite rainbow box braids. Why deal with choosing just one color when you can choose them all? This is one of the most colorful box braided hairstyles in this list.

Killer Long Box Braids for Women

#23. Egg Plant Purple Please

Purple Color Box Braids haircut

Another technique is to choose your favorite color and showcase it as the focal point of your upcoming hairstyling masterpiece.

For instance, the girl in the photo above turns the eggplant purple hue into the glue that ties her whole design together. Therefore, she tries to render the look perfect by pairing up her makeup ( eye shadow and lipstick) with the hair color.

#24. Colorful Twists

Twist with Colorful Box Braids hair for young girl

Sometimes braiding and dying your hair is not enough to give you enough drop-dead gorgeous reaction from the event’s audience. So, you might want to turn things interesting by boosting your design with a twisted presentation.

Then, secure the twist in place using a few bobby pins to make sure they last and make it throughout the whole event without any further “incidents”.

#25. Monochromic Silver Braids

Silver Box Braids hair for black women

Grabbing everybody’s attention in an event is simple. However, making sure they never forget you is a difficult task. Consequently, you need to go with something like the strong contrast factor as a bold first impression.

Thus, never forget the power of high contrast between the color you choose for your synthetic braids and your natural skin. For example, the African American girl in the photo above stands out because of her monochromic silver-blonde hair.

Elegant Medium Box Braids

#26. It Speaks!

multi color Box Braids hairstyle for women

The thing about multi-colored braids is that they are the type of colorful box braids that do all the work for you. Because with a bold style like that, you don’t need to break a sweat!

The flaming mixture of vibrant colors in one bowl of inspiration speaks up for itself. It defies your beliefs by taking the concept of inanimate objects to a whole new level of creativity. The way these different colors intersect makes her hair look exciting.

#27. Colorful Braided Undercuts

Even badass undercuts can shape up nicely when treated to a colorful touch. So next time you go for the edgy braided undercut, remember that some color can work wonders when you have a few minutes to spare before the big due date pops up!

#28. Ombre Effect

Ombre with Box Braids haircut for women

To stand out from the dyed hair wave, you can always try out the fading ombre effect for special colorful box braids. So, whether it is green, yellow, or orange, just mix up these colors together and use the fade-in factor to add some flair.

#29. Yellow Box Braids

Combining a new texture like yarn synthetic hair with a flashy yellow shade and literally planet-sized earrings is yet another effective way to make everyone drop whatever they are doing and turn their undivided attention to you and only you!

Moreover, if you hate it when your hair keeps getting in your face and if you are all up for practicality, then you can always hold your hair up in buns! Finally, don’t forget to plaster a smile while you flaunt your exotic look.

Blonde, Red & Burgundy Box Braids

#30. Pretty In Pink

pretty pink Color Box Braids hair

Looking for a pretty pink girly look? Try out the whole pink color palette with these picturesque yarn colorful box braids. They not only make a dashing and daring design but also can increase your fashion points by a factor of 10!

#31.  Summer Vibes

Colorful Box Braids

Nothing screams summer like perfectly dyed hair with many colors to make every moment memorable and worthwhile. After all, you can always link the colors to a cool and deeper concept by making every color count for something that makes summer the best time of year.

For example, yellow for the bright sun, brownish-orange for your sexy tanned skin, blue like the clear sky, etc… Just be creative!

Tutorial Videos:

If you are in a hurry and want your braids colored up in a matter of a few seconds, you can always go with the quick spray dye, just like shown in this YouTube tutorial video below.

However, if you want to do it the right professional way here’s a detailed tutorial video for every hair styling beginner out there!

More Colorful Box Braids

Finally, colorful box braids have continuously grown over this radioactive new age until they became wildly popular. So, go with these spectrum flow and give in to the whimsical world of shades and hues to spice up your summer look.