10 David Beckham Beard Styles to Turn Up Your Look

Football star David Beckham is known for his good looks and handsome style.  In fact, he’s become a trendsetter in the world of men’s facial hairstyling.  To get Beckham’s beard, choose a shortly trimmed beard with a natural mustache.  It’s an easy look that almost any man can wear.  Read on to find 10 amazing variations on Beckham’s beard style.


Best Beard Styles by David Beckham

Let football icon David Beckham inspire your look with these 10 handsome beard styles.

#1:  The Scruffy Beckham

 David Beckham short Beard style

If you let your Beckham grow out just a bit, you have this still handsome scruffy look.  This is the ultimate in low maintenance in that you just let your trimmed classic Beckham beard grow out for a day or two, giving you a style that is rugged and handsome but still stylish.

David Beckham Hairstyles


#2:  The Sleek and Trimmed Beckham with a Shaped Mustache

 David Beckham Beard with Mustache

Trim your Beckham beard neatly and pair it with a full, shaped mustache to get this masculine look.  It’s a way to make your classic Beckham beard a bit more polished for the board room or a date with your special lady.