Top 15 Monkey Tail Beard Styles to Try in 2022

Some people have never seen a monkey tail beard. They have been missing out on a lot of fun. A monkey tail beard looks as if a monkey left its tail on your face after jumping on your back.

While looking unique and impressive, such a beard is not easy to create. You need to be ready for some shaving, shaping and maintaining.

At a first glance, such a beard doesn’t look different from a regular chinstrap, coupled with a goatee and a mustache. But as you look closer, you can see that part of it seems to be missing. Surprisingly enough, there are several ways you can manage to create such a beard.


Popular Monkey Tail Beards

If you are looking for a special facial hairstyle but don’t know what to choose, take a look at the monkey tail beards. You won’t see too many guys with such beards walking down the street so you are bound the be the only one on your block.

Such beards look magnificent, make a great impression and allow you to stand out of the crowd. They are not easy to make and maintain. But, after all, which beard is? We collected 15 unique monkey tail beards for you to peruse and consider.


monkey tail beard for older men






dyed monkey tail beard




long monkey tail beard




ginger monkey tail beard



6. Monkey Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain Monkey Tail Beard for men

If you already have at least a half an inch of a beard, then you can make a realistically looking monkey tail without too much hassle. Your main goal is to grow the hair between the mustache and the beard. Then you just shave off the extra hairs and voila!

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7. Chinstrap Monkey

Chinstrap Monkey Tail Beard

Chinstrap monkey tail beard is the fastest one to make. You don’t have to wait for the hair to grow too long. As soon as a chinstrap is ready, shave anything extra off and you can sport a unique beard immediately.


8. High mustache

monkey tail beard

Essentially, any mustache is good for a monkey tail beard. In reality, it looks better when the mustache is grown toward the chin on one side and falls at least a tiny bit down from the lip on the other.

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9. Patchy tail

Monkey Tail Beard

If you are into experimenting, you can have fun with your monkey tail by making patches. As a result, the beard can look like a striped raccoon or lemur tail.


10. Blonde tail

Blonde Monkey Tail Beard style

Depending on your natural hair shade, the monkey tail can come in all shapes in colors. You can go further by adding some dye to create masterpiece tails.

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Below are some more for your consideration:

Monkey tails beards are fun and exciting. If you are game for interesting hairstyles, such beards should be on your “to try” list.