5 Hot & Spicy Espresso Brown Hair Color Ideas

Bright chocolate shades haven’t gone out of style in many years. That’s why espresso brown hair color is one of the most desired colors by brunettes and even some blondes. Many women overlook brown hues because they seem dark and boring. Fortunately, others know how amazingly rich these shades can be.

Espresso hair color has a variety of benefits. The main one is that you don’t have to worry about the roots showing. If you have naturally dark or dirty blonde hair, you won’t need to touch up the color too often.


How to Choose the Right Shade of Brown?

Espresso brown hair color might look amazing on other girls but how will it look on you? There is a huge variety of brown shades out there. You need to do a little research before diving head over feet into one hue. Sometimes the color can look amazing in the photo and completely ruin your appearance and vice versa.

Light & Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas

The choice of the brown hair color depends on the color of your skin. Is your skin type warm or cool? If you have a warm skin tone than the brown shades are for you. Girls with warm skin tones can try espresso brown with reddish undertones. Meanwhile, women with olive skin should avoid the red. If you have a clear warm skin type and light hair, a chocolate shade should be avoided. Your face will be lost inside the rich brown mane.

However, with the right approach, a girl with any skin color can enjoy brown hair hues. If you feel as if you love the color so much, you can’t avoid it, you can make the appointment today. But be ready for a fight in the future. If you have clear warm skin, you need to be ready to completely change your makeup approach.

Brown hair requires you to use brighter lipstick and blush to outline your features. At the same time, you need to choose the wardrobe to complement the dark hair. You’ll need to wear more deep and rich colors, such as red and green and avoid too much white and beige.

If you have dark hair, by dyeing it espresso brown or any other chocolate shade, you can relax and forget about the frequent touchups. However, if you are a blonde, you need to get ready for another fight. The dark color will readily wash out. You’ll need to refill your haircare arsenal with special cosmetics for dark hair, try not to wash the locks too frequently, and go for regular touchups to the hair salon.

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Espresso Brown Hair Colors That Truly Stand Out

Wondering if the espresso brown hair color is the right option for you? You never know until you try. We have chosen 5 interesting examples to allow you to make the choice for yourself. When you take a look at how amazing this shade can be, you’ll definitely want to give it a try.

Brown hair color is often easy to take care of and doesn’t require extra maintenance. It goes on smoothly and looks very natural. Anytime you feel as if espresso brown is for you, you’ll only need one salon visit to achieve it.


1. Dark coffee

Dark espresso brown hair color for women

Dark coffee hair hues are exactly what you need when looking for new thrills. If you are ready to use dark eye makeup and wear the right clothes to complement the richness of the shade, you have made the right choice.


2. Cream and sugar

 espresso brown hair color with honey blonde shade

Expresso brown hair color looks amazing when coupled with honey blonde shade as an ombre. If you are a coffee maniac, you’ll really appreciate the way this hairstyle reminds you of a cup of dark brew with cream and sugar.


3. Red Highlights

 reddish espresso brown hair color for girl

If the dark brown hair color seems a little too gloomy for you, brighten it up with some reddish hues. Ask your hairstylist for a reddish brown shade. The main benefits of it are infrequent touchups and bright undertones.


4. Espresso highlights 

 espresso brown hair color

Espresso brown shades can be a wonderful addition to your raven black hair. If you want to brighten up your locks but don’t feel like going through a full-time dyeing, the highlights are a great way out.


5. Dark and sweet

classic espresso brown hair color you love

Girls with olive skin tones can truly appreciate the classic espresso color that makes them stand out of the crowd. The depth of this hue is so impressive, it makes you want to dive into the color and stay inside for a long time.

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We tried our best to show you the benefits of espresso dark hair color for your locks. We hope you’ll take some time to consider it for your next hair salon visit. Brown colors are amazing and shouldn’t be overlooked.  

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