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15 Foods That’ll Help Your Hair Grow Faster

There are many popular and easy to get foods around us that can help in your hair growth. Do you know that you can have strong, silky, and beautiful hair already in your next meal?

To do that, you just have to take care of your strands of hair on a daily basis, adding as well proper products and treatments for your hair type, foods that have plenty of vitamins and minerals that are good for the scalp and the hair fiber.

A lot of people still don’t know this, but the true secret of having healthy hair and, of course, a much more beautiful one, is found in your diet. Like it happens with any other part of our body, cells and other components that are accountable for hair growth have to be fueled by some nutrients to keep fulfilling their role, without interrupting the renewal cycle.

So, without food, you cannot take care of your hair to make sure it really gets what it needs to grow fast. Even though baldness is more common among men, there are also many women who suffer from hair loss.

In some cases, the problem can be hereditary and, therefore, the cure remains unknown. In other situations, it can also be something temporary and linked to some diet-related nutritional deficiency.


Which Foods Help in Hair Growth?

Do you want to know the foods that will make your hair grow faster? Read the whole article and find out how you can take advantage power of your diet to acquire beautiful, healthy and strong hair that grows quickly in your next meal! Write down everything, ok?

1. Cinnamon

foods that will make your hair grow faster

To have strong and fast-growing hair, the scalp has to be healthy at all times. So, keeping a good blood flow in this region can help the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, stimulating the hair, and cinnamon does this perfectly.


2. Salmon

healthy foods for growth of hair

Delicious, salmon is among the types of fish, in addition to sardines, that are beneficial for healthy hair, adding the much-needed centimeters to your hair growth in a quick and healthy manner.

This is because they are high in Omega 3, which, like we’ve said already in this blog, is just a healthy type of fat that is deeply beneficial to the body as a whole, but since our body cannot produce it naturally, it needs to be consumed.

When you add salmon to your diet, you make your hair grow faster, while also becoming shinier and healthier.


3. Avocado

foods that make hair grow faster

Probably, everyone knows that avocado can be extremely helpful to make the hair grow faster. This powerful fruit has been used for that purpose for thousands of years, passing down from generation to generation.

Avocado has, among its nutritional properties, a high concentration of vitamins B and E, and also essential fatty acids, strengthening the hair.

For those who don’t know, vitamin E assists in repairing the hair damage which can be the main culprit for a slower hair growth. If you add this fruit to your diet, it can give you the chance to have beautiful, strong and long hair again.

Here’s another tip: prepare an avocado hair mask, apply it directly on the hair for a few minutes and you will get the same benefits.


4. Spinach

This powerful vegetable is high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which help in the prevention of hair fall and the hydration of the hair.

This happens because spinach has, among its nutritional components, vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, folic acid or beta-carotene, which make the scalp healthier and more fertile, making it more favorable to the birth of new follicles.


5. Fruits high in vitamin C

Adding fruits high in vitamin C, like oranges, kiwis, blueberries, strawberries, guavas, gooseberries, papayas, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, among others, can be tremendously helpful when it comes to making your hair grow faster.

This powerful nutrient is essential for better absorption of iron, in addition to acting as a powerful antioxidant.

Among its main functions, it has the ability to produce a greater quantity of collagen in the body, essential to a healthy and good-looking skin, while also strengthening the capillaries, which are responsible for the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the hair, fundamental to their growth.


6. Almonds

If you really want to make your hair grow fast and healthy, you must add this powerful food.

The almonds are important for the new hair growth since they have a high amount of biotin which is nothing more than a vitamin B complex often used by specialists to fight hair fall. Within one to two months, you will start to see the first results.


7.  Chard, kale and watercress

These and other leafy vegetables have a substance called methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which is nothing more than the organic form of sulfur, essential not only for your hair’s health but also for your cartilages, nails, and skin.

This nutrient, which can be found in several foods and supplements, can nourish the hair and increase their thickness, making them stronger and promoting a healthy and quicker growth.

On top of that, MSM improves the scalp’s blood flow and meet the needs of collagen and keratin, essential for the health and beauty of skin and hair.


8. Lean Meat

healthy food for faster hair growth

For those who don’t know, hair is basically constituted by proteins, so insufficient hair growth can be related to the absence or deficiency of these nutrients.

So, there is nothing better than meet the needs of your body – and hair – with foods high in proteins, like lean meat. Turkey and chicken, for instance, have less saturated fat than pork and beef.


9. Soy and lentils

Some types of grain, like soy and lentils, can also be added to your diet, since they promote a quick and healthy growth.

These foods have, among its nutrients, iron, which is a vital mineral to the health of our hair, helpful when it comes to taking the oxygen to the hair follicles, which, as you probably are already aware of, are responsible for new hair growth.


10. Sweet Potato

High in beta-carotene, which is transformed into vitamin A in the body, sweet potato can be helpful to fight hair dryness and stimulate the scalp glands in the production of sebum, which, in turn, is essential for growing new hair fast, while also strengthening the ones already in place.


11. Eggs

Eggs are great allies in hair growth since they are high in iron, biotin, and especially proteins. These nutrients are essential for hair growth, and also in the birth of new hair. It’s not by accident that a deficiency in any one of these can prompt a significant hair fall.


12. Yellow Bell Pepper

The yellow bell pepper has plenty of vitamin C, ideal for making your hair grow healthier. This nutrient, in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, also helps in strengthening the hair follicles and the hair stem, which prevents the breakage.


13. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto has been used for many years already to help men with hair growth. Today, after a study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, science proved that this plant can help in the capillary growth in men and also women.

To get the benefits of this powerful plant, just buy supplements that contain it.


14. Greek yogurt

foods for healthy hair growth

The Greek yogurt is high in protein and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), two essential nutrients for quick and healthy hair growth. This happens because proteins are the cornerstone of the capillary structure and vitamin E helps in improving the scalp’s blood flow, assisting in the birth and hair growth.


15. Sunflower Seeds

Some varieties of sunflower seed – not all of them – are deemed an excellent source of vitamin E, a nutrient that is crucial to improve the scalp’s health and promote quick hair growth. This happens because it improves the capillary blood flow, which can stimulate immensely the birth and growth of new hair fast.

Also, some of our daily foods and ingredients like Okra, Banana, Guava, Onion, Cucumber, Sugar, Aloe Vera, Gelatin, Flaxseed OilGlycerin etc help our hair grow fast & healthy.


Do you know what constitutes our hair?

foods for faster hair growth

Many women don’t know this, but our hair has keratin, a kind of protein also accountable for the formation of the outer skin layer and nails.

Each hair has a unique structure, constituted by three layers that you will learn right now:

  • Cuticle: This is the outer layer of the hair, which is quite thin and colorless, whose number one function is to protect the hair from external agents.
  • Cortex: It is known as the intermediate layer of the hair, where we can find the melanin, responsible for our hair’s color. This is also the layer that determines the format (texture) of the strands of hair.
  • Medulla: It’s the innermost layer of the hair but cannot be found in all of them. However, when it is present, it is responsible for the distribution of nutrients and the proper and efficient infiltration of these in other layers.


Are hair loss and slow hair growth normal?

We often hear that hair loss and slow growth are normal situations, which every woman encounters during their lives. However, this not always the truth, considering that some health conditions – even serious ones – can lead to the development of this issue, such as profound anemia and hereditary baldness, for example.

On the other hand, hair loss and slow growth can also be associated with simpler and even temporary situations, which can be avoided with just a few daily routine changes.

Diet is part of those changes, which, according to what you have learned already in this article, must be balanced and rich in nutrients that promote a healthy scalp and hair fiber. On top of that, maintaining proper hygiene and treatments for your type of hair is also essential if you want to have healthy, strong, beautiful and long hair.

If you can keep all these changes and turn them into part of your daily routine, you will certainly have long healthy hair without hassles. “But what if I’m doing all that and my hair is still falling and growing slowly?”. In that situation, you may be dealing with another quite common reality, natural in any hair: the hair growth cycle.

In another article published in this blog, you have already learned about the hair growth cycle, which is nothing more than a transitional phase through which all our hair goes through since our birth. Like it happens with human beings, our hair also has a life cycle: they are born, grow and then fall. After the last stage, a new cycle begins, with the birth of new hair that goes through the same steps above.

This happens to everyone, men or women, and you don’t need to worry if that’s your case. However, it’s worth mentioning that this loss can become a source of concern when the loss exceeds the number of new strands of hair.

So, keep your dermatologist appointments always on schedule, so the doctor can follow the health of your scalp and hair. If there are fall and slow growth, tell the doctor, so that he can take the proper precautions and do the necessary medical tests.