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15 Hair Growth Superfoods to Unlock Your Hair’s Potential

The foods you eat are a vital aspect of your overall health. A nutritious and balanced diet keeps you healthy and away from chronic diseases. Hair health also depends heavily on what you consume as part of your daily diet.

Several natural edibles prevent hair fall, promote growth, and help cure hair disorders. This article will discuss the best foods for hair growth and how they benefit your scalp. Read on to learn more!

What Are the Nutritional Deficiencies on Hair?

Nutritional Deficiencies on hair

Nutritional deficiencies are known to weaken the hair, making it prone to breaking ultimately. Your hair follicles need minerals and nutrients to grow. A lack of adequate amounts of essential minerals can impact hair structure and lead to hair loss.

Zinc is one of the most vital minerals for hair follicle function, recovery, and hair growth. A study found low plasma zinc levels among alopecia areata and telogen effluvium patients.

Research shows that iron deficiency is also a significant contributor to hair loss. It might have a link to hair disorders such as androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. Iron promotes hemoglobin production in the body, which delivers oxygen to the hair follicles. Iron deficiency can, therefore, lead to thinner hair.

The prohormone, i.e., vitamin D, is also essential for optimal hair growth. Vitamin D stimulates the growth of hair follicles, and a deficiency is linked to alopecia. Supplementation improves symptoms in most deficient individuals.

Other micronutrients required for best hair growth include vitamin B complex and copper. A lack of these means an increased propensity to hair thinning and falling.

What Foods Are Good for Hair Growth?

Below is a list of the best foods for hair growth and nourishment:


foods for hair growth - spinach

Leafy green vegetables have numerous therapeutic benefits. Spinach is a good source of vitamins, iron, and beta-carotene. It keeps the hair moisturized so that it can resist breakage better.

Studies reveal that veggies like spinach, beet leaves, and chicory have protective effects on hair. They help keep disorders like androgenetic alopecia at bay.


foods for hair growth - Eggs

Eggs provide your body with tremendous amounts of proteins and fats. Proteins are the building blocks of hair. Besides, eggs are also a great source of much-needed vitamins like biotin.

Biotin is essential for keratin (hair component) production. Research shows that biotin is necessary for hair and nail growth, while deficiency of biotin can lead to hair pathologies. Taking biotin from the diet (eggs) is better than taking supplements.

Greek Yogurt

foods for hair growth - Greek Yogurt

Milk and dairy products have immense potential to enhance your skin health. Greek yogurt has loads of proteins necessary for hair and scalp growth. It has high amounts of vitamin B5, i.e., pantothenic acid.

This vitamin positively affects hair health and is frequently added to haircare products like shampoos for a shiny look.


foods for hair growth - Guava

The flavorful fruit contains appreciable amounts of vitamins B and C, which is great for healing. Studies reveal that guava leaves show promising results in nourishing hair follicles by boosting collagen production. Adding guavas to your diet can be fruitful if you have diminished hair growth or breakage.

Sweet Potatoes

foods for hair growth - Sweet Potatoes

You might be surprised, but consuming sweet potatoes has numerous hair benefits.

Iron and beta-carotene-rich vegetables are one of the best for promoting hair growth. According to a study, oil produced from sweet potatoes is an effective hair restorer. The veggie also protects against hair dryness.


foods for hair growth - Carrots

Drinking carrot juice improves your eyes, thanks to the vitamin A content of the red vegetable. But did you know that the carotenes inside carrots are great for your hair too?

Studies show that beta-carotene (present in vitamin A) is useful for hair growth by inducing cell growth

Fatty Fish

foods for hair growth - Fatty Fish

Fatty fish are known widely for numerous health benefits, but did you know they help grow hair too? Salmon is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which nourish the scalp and help you grow strong, shiny hair.

According to studies, omega-6 fats play an important role in hair growth and skin health. Like salmon, mackerel has shown promising results in promoting hair growth.

A 2018 study reveals that oil derived from mackerels contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The compound positively interacts with the dermal cells (of hair follicles) and induces rapid proliferation. This results in faster growth of hair.


foods for hair growth - Avocados

Avocados are widely known for their weight loss-promoting effects, but the fruit can also help promote hair growth. The fatty food packs vitamins like vitamins C and E, which are known for protecting and strengthening the hair.

Research suggests oil derived from fat-rich avocados has a regenerative effect on damaged hair cells and is good for the scalp.

Whole Grain

foods for hair growth - Whole Grain

Whole-grain foods can make your hair grow quicker with their iron content. They also have sufficient quantities of biotin, a component that promotes hair cell proliferation.

You can also find vitamin B complex in the fiber diet that has immense benefits for the skin and hair. So, those morning cereals can help fill the bald patches on your scalp.


foods for hair growth - Soybeans

Soybeans are a common ingredient in the preparation of different dishes. They also stimulate hair growth, thanks to the compound spermidine.

Black soybean to be effective for hair growth by promoting blood flow to the scalp. The black soybean contains the amino acid cysteine, a crucial ingredient for mitigating hair loss and promoting growth.


foods for hair growth - Oranges

Vitamin C intake can potentially enhance hair growth. Oranges and tangerines are packed with vitamin C. A strong association between vitamin supplementation and amped-up hair growth.

A detailed study highlights that vitamin C derivatives have a major role in promoting hair growth.


foods for hair growth - Kiwis

Kiwis have numerous minerals required for healthy hair growth, including vitamins C, E, zinc, and magnesium. These can help combat hair fall and dandruff, promote blood circulation to the scalp, and facilitate growth.

Black Bean

foods for hair growth - Black Beans

All types of beans are good for your hair. However, black beans are the best in the family. This healthy food has handsome quantities of zinc. The antioxidant properties of black beans protect and maintain scalp health, such as preventing hair fall.


foods for hair growth - Berries

Berries are a super fruit replete with antioxidants that aid in maintaining scalp health. The antioxidants protect hair follicles against free radical damage. Evidence supports using antioxidants to protect the scalp against UV rays and environmental toxins.

Berries are also an excellent source of vitamin C, which promotes collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein for hair growth and strengthening the follicles, preventing breakage.


foods for hair growth - Nuts

Nuts are tasty, fat-rich foods that are an excellent addition to your daily diet for various reasons. The Mediterranean diet is known to improve different aspects of health, and a large part of this diet depends on nut intake.

Nuts are loaded with nutrients such as vitamins (B complex), carotenoids, zinc, and essential fatty acids. A handful of nuts daily also fills your body with phytochemicals which prevent hair loss and promote growth.


foods for hair growth - Seeds

Like nuts, seeds are also good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, seeds provide you with vitamin E and other important nutrients. Flaxseeds are full of fats, while sunflower seeds contain good amounts of vitamin E.

Tocotrienols derived from vitamin E significantly reduce oxidative stress on the scalp and promote hair growth.


foods for hair growth - Peppers

Red and yellow bell peppers have high contents of vitamins A and C. These nutrients strengthen the hair strands, reduce oxidative stress and positively modulate sebum production.

Green peppers are also known to enhance blood circulation to the scalp’s hair roots, promoting healthy hair growth.


foods for hair growth - Cinnamon

The seasoning herb is used for many different purposes. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties that can help treat hair disorders. The spice does not directly affect hair production but can potentially improve blood circulation.

With better scalp circulation, there is a greater chance of better hair growth and regeneration.


foods for hair growth - Oysters

Another food item that provides the all-important mineral zinc into the body is oysters. Ample amounts of zinc in the body keep deficiency associated-hair disorders at bay. The mineral supports hair growth and repair, so you should consider taking oysters for better hair.

Lean Poultry

foods for hair growth - Lean Poultry

Add some poultry to the diet if you want thick hair growing atop your scalp. Consuming chicken provides your body with B vitamins, proteins, and minerals, including zinc and iron. As mentioned, deficiency in these is linked to hair loss.

So, Which Food Should You Consume for Healthy Hair Growth?

Many natural food items promote hair growth. A deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids causes hair thinning and loss. Therefore, you should add leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, berries, and peppers to get the nutrients that improve scalp health.

Sweet potatoes and eggs provide your body with protein and biotin, which are known for proliferating hair cells. Lean poultry and fatty fish are also good sources of protein and fatty acids, which are crucial for healthy hair.


What foods are good for hair thickness?

Green leafy vegetables, poultry, citrus fruits (oranges, etc.), and nuts promote thick hair growth. Strawberries and papayas are also beneficial for improving hair thickness.

Can foods stop hair loss?

Foods rich in vitamin B complex can strengthen the hair structure and prevent hair fall. Shifting to a Mediterranean diet can halt the process of hair loss.

Which food contains the highest biotin?

Meat, seeds, sweet potatoes, and eggs contain significant biotin. However, the highest amount of biotin is present in eggs.

What can I drink to fasten my hair growth?

You can drink carrot juice to nourish your scalp and fasten the rate of hair growth.

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