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25 Fu Manchu Mustache Styles To Refine Your Style

The Fu Manchu mustache is less commonly seen than other popular beard and mustache styles.  This makes a variation on the classic Fu Manchu a good option if you want to stand out from the crowd.  This easy, wearable style works, with a few minor tweaks, for almost any face shape and sense of style.


Popular Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

If you are considering a Fu Manchu mustache style, read on.  There’s sure to be an option that will work for you!

1. The Long One

fu manchu mustache style


If you’re all about hardcore style and don’t mind a little extra hair around the mouth, then a longer Fu Manchu mustache style is for you! This one comes without a full beard, so the attention is all on the mustache. 


2. Twisted Fu Manchu with Braided Beard

fu manchu mustache with braided beard


For those men with a long straight beard, loosely braiding it will look nice with an equally long Fu Manchu mustache. To separate the mustache from the beard, you can twist the mustache hairs for their own definition.


3. Solid Colored and Short

fu manchu mustache with stubble beard


Another way to make sure your Fu Manchu mustache stays distinguished is by coloring it to match your hair color. Seen here is a short mohawk in black that matches a short black mustache against a grey buzzed beard.


4. White with No Beard

white fu manchu mustache

Prefer to have minimal facial hair? A short white Fu Manchu mustache can stand bravely on its own even if you choose to closely shave your beard area. Keep it trim and short and wear with short hair for a style you can wear confidently to the office.


5. Mountaineer Mustache

long fu manchu mustache


For the rugged, wild man style, opt for an extra long straight Fu Manchu mustache. It’s characterized by a salt and pepper color and is typically worn without a beard, although you can certainly break that trend!


6. Thin Fu Manchu

curly fu manchu mustache


Even if your hair is on the thinner side, a Fu Manchu mustache will still look handsome, especially if you wear it with a shorter beard. For the muscle men who hit the gym pretty often, this mustache style will contribute to your jock, tough man appearance!


7. Ultra Short and No Beard

If you have a receding hairline or are bald, the super short Fu Manchu mustache will suit your hairstyle well. It’s buzzed pretty closely to the skin and looks best when worn with no beard. 


8. Goatee Fu Manchu

blonde fu manchu mustache


Younger men may prefer a Fu Manchu mustache that better suits their age. For example, a smooth side-combed hairstyle is handsome yet edgy with a whisker-like Fu Manchu mustache and a goatee.


9. Sparse Fu Manchu

thin fu manchu mustache


When you already don’t grow much facial hair, a Fu Manchu is still possible, but you might want to opt for a sparser one. The hair will be thinner, but wearing the mustache with no beard will make sure its shape is still noticeable. 


10. Thick and Bushy

fu manchu mustache


There are many thicknesses to a Fu Manchu mustache. This one is wide, thick, and bushy. To get a wider style, let some of the hair around your chin grow in and buzz it into your desired shape.


11.  The Traditional Fu Manchu

Traditional Fu Manchufor mustache men

A traditional Fu Manchu mustache style includes a mustache that is allowed to grow down the sides of the mouth.  Here we see a classic Fu Manchu.  Just let your facial hair grow and easily trim to this wearable but unique look.

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12.  The Long, Waxed Fu

Long Fu Manchu mustache

One option is to let your Fu Manchu mustache grow very long and wax it into a sculptured shape.  This mustache style may not work for your everyday life, but it’s sure to be a dramatic attention-getter for the appropriate occasion.


13.  The Full Fu Mustache

Full Fu Mustache

If you have a full beard, you may opt for the full Fu Manchu mustache.  The mustache area is allowed to be full and natural, while the strips at the side of the mouth are relatively thick.  This is a burly, masculine take on the Fu mustache style. You can find the best mustache styles here.


14.  The Corkscrew Fu

You can let your Fu Manchu mustache grow long at the sides and shape into two corkscrews in this whimsical take on the Fu.  You are sure to make an impression with this unique mustache style.

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15.  The Hogan Fu

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has worn his signature Fu Manchu mustache for decades.  You too can have a Hogan Fu by wearing a full mustache.  Don’t let the sides, near the mouth, be too thick or full.


16.  The Fu Manchu with a Braided Beard

One way to add classic styling to your Fu Manchu is to incorporate a long, braided beard on the chin only.  This look is definitely Far-East-inspired but can work on many men.  The time you invest in growing out your beard will be well worth it when you can rock this unique style.


17.  Fu Plus Soul Patch

For an easy variation, add a soul patch to your Fu.  The soul patch is a small square or rectangle of facial hair just below the lower lip.  This small, simple addition will give you a Fu that sets your apart.


18.  The Sporty Fu

Although the Fu Manchu is a definite style, it doesn’t have to be fussy.  Don’t feel obligated to groom every day.  Instead, wear your Fu mustache with a day’s worth of outgrowth for a look that is sporty rather than sassy.


19.  The Full Mustache Fu Style

Fu Style Mustache for old men

To get this style, let the side strips match your full mustache in terms of thickness and width.  You’ll easily get a full Fu mustache, a classic East-meets-West style.


20.  The Fu with Connected Sideburns

Sideburns Fu Manchu mustache style

If you are a beard man, you can certainly wear your Fu mustache style connected to a full beard and sideburns.  Just keep your chin neatly and closely shaved to maintain the Fu shape, and you are set for a hot, rockin’ mustache style.

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Because the Fu Manchu has been less popular than other beard styles in recent years, it’s an opportunity to have a style that is all your own.  Set yourself apart by choosing a Fu mustache style that works for you.