Hair Was Falling Out In My Dream – What Does It Mean?

We’ve all been there: you wake in a cold sweat after dreaming that all of your beautiful hair has fallen out, leaving you bald and exposed. Once you realize it’s all a dream, the panic stops, but the question remains: why is my hair falling out in my dream?

hair falling out in dream

Dreams are forever a fascinating subject because scientists still do not understand exactly why we dream. For as long as humans have been around, dreams have mystified us and leave us wondering about what meanings they may hold. 

Even the most suspicious person has to admit that details from their lives bleed into their dreams. Whether it’s simply the brain processing the stimuli around it or emotions being filtered through the body, dreams do play into our every day lives in some way. As for dreams about losing hair, what exactly do they mean?


Why Do We Dream About Losing Hair?

Chances are, if you’re dreaming about this event, then there is some source of anxiety and stress happening in your life. Examining your current life situation may illuminate the cause of your hair loss dreams. 

Dreams about losing hair can include dreams about going bald, clumps of hair falling out, or hair thinning. In general, losing hair is a drastic situation that holds particular meaning for women. Think of hair loss in dreams as a metaphor. It can mean a variety of things outlined below that are worth looking into. 


Feelings of Loss of Control

Big life events can cause us to experience feelings of helplessness and powerlessness in our waking hours and in our dreams. Any big change can be a source of anxiety, fear, and turmoil, that can often manifest itself in a scary hair loss dream.

More positively, a hair loss dream can also indicate a larger transformation taking place in your life and while that can be scary, facing it can make these dreams dissipate. 



Stress can actually cause you to dream about going bald, perhaps because stress can actually cause this to happen. Feeling unsafe or unworthy can have a similar effect. Take dreams of this nature as a warning sign that you may need to get your stress under control. 


Fear of Aging/Death

Both fears of aging and of dying tie to our mortality, something we may not be consciously thinking about but that might rest somewhere in our thoughts and emotions. Getting older and especially entering new milestones in life can cause dreams about thinning and your losing hair, something that naturally happens with age. 


Loss of Sex Appeal

Though there is more stigma around it for women, losing your sex appeal can be directly tied to the way we feel about our hair. Hair makes us feel youthful and beautiful, so losing it in your dream may indicate greater anxiety about being unattractive to the opposite sex. 

There are multiple reasons for dreams about losing your hair that exist, it’s just a matter of taking personal inventory and seeing where your issues may lie. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help reduce stress and cause these dreams to fade.