20 Haircuts for Balding Crown – Hide Bald Spots within Minutes

Don’t you hate it when you notice hair on crown started thinning? No worries, there are many haircuts for the bald spot on crown options available to transform your look and look handsome as ever.

If there were some universal nightmare for men across the globe, that would be thinning hair for sure. Don’t let balding crown stress you out.  We’re going to show you twenty haircuts you can try out.


How to Hide Bald Spots

How to Hide Bald Spots

About 85% of men will lose some amount of their hair at one point or another in their lives. These things aren’t quite unusual because hair becomes thinner as we’re getting older.

But, just because your hair is thinning and bald spots show up, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. When it comes to balding hair, you should bear in mind the following:

  • Avoid wearing hats that hug your head because they can worsen the thinning hair on crown and bald spots by restricting the scalp’s ability to breathe
  • Replace gels, pomades, and waxes with styling products that don’t weigh down the hair. Instead, these products can boost the volume of your hair and help you cover the bald spots
  • Avoid air-drying your hair because it causes strands to fall straight. Instead, a blow dryer lifts and separates the strands for thicker and more voluminous appearance
  • Get the right haircut which gives your hair more structure, definition, and takes attention away from your bald spots
  • Ideally, your hair should be shorter as longer styles would only enhance the bald spot


Best Hairstyles for Thinning Hair on Crown

Men have tons of options regarding hairstyles for balding crown, and you just need a little bit of inspiration. Scroll down to see 20 useful haircuts you can get today.

1. Two-Dimensional Caesar Cut

haircuts for balding crown

Just because bald spots appear it doesn’t mean you’re out of options to cover them. A great way to hide unwanted bald spots is to go for a super short two-dimensional cut. What does this mean?

It means you may want to go for haircuts for the balding crown that involves shaving the sides while allowing you to have a long hair on top. Two different dimensions give you a whole new look and take away the bald spots with ease.


2. Sleek Faded Hair with A Beard

sleek hairstyle for balding crown

Beards are a huge trend today, and you’re probably rocking one right now. Your beard can also help you in the effort to cover bald spots. How? Get a shorter cut that involves shaving sides and complete the look with a long beard.

The contrast between short hair and a long beard will take away the attention from thinning hair on crown and bald spots.


3. Tapered Undercut

haircut for bald spot on crown

Symmetry is great, but when your hair is thinning, and bald spots appear, it can bring more attention to problematic areas. For that reason, it’s useful to opt for asymmetrical hairstyles for balding crown.

One way to achieve that is through “unevenly” cut hair combined with a low fade or tapered sides, whatever you find convenient.


4. Receding Hairline Haircuts

hairstyles for thinning hair on crown

Thinning hair doesn’t mean volume is something you should forget entirely. With a proper haircut, you can give your hair more fullness. Opt for hairstyles for the thinning crown that involve subtle bangs that you can comb nicely. The sides can be faded off, or you can include taper fade into the mix.


5. Spiky Platinum Blonde Hair

spiky blonde hairstyle with balding crown

Men can rock platinum hair just as well as women do. If you’re a type of guy who loves to experiment with different looks, you may want to try out platinum style coupled with short and spiky hair to hide balding crown.


6. Longer Thin Hair

guy with long hair and balding crown

While shorter hair is better for covering the bald spots, you can rock longer hair as well. Comb your hair in a way to cover and hide problematic areas.


7. Sleek Pompadour

pompadour for men with balding crown

Men who prefer a sleek and elegant style may want to try the following look. Comb your hair back and use a nice hair-styling product to give this hairstyle for thinning crown the signature appearance. However, make sure you do stay away from products that weigh down your hair.


8. Buzz Cut

very short balding crown hairstyle

A balding crown is a bit easier to hide when you opt for a buzz cut to give hair the same length all around. No one will pay attention to that balding spot or thinning hair.


9. Casual Side Swept

side swept hairstyle for men with balding crown

For those casual days out, sport this side swept hairstyle to hide a balding crown. When you’re going somewhere fancy and need to look more fresh, smooth hair with gel. 


10. Fade with Short Hair

best haircut for black men with balding crown

The best cut for black men with a balding crown is one that makes your bare spot look purposeful. After cutting the front area of hair to less than an inch in length, add a cool fade.


11. Dreadlock Ponytail

dreadlock hairstyle to hide bald spot on crown

Even younger men experience balding crowns. If you like longer hairstyles, try a faded dread hairdo where the long hair is gathered into a ponytail.


12. Slicked Back

slick back hairstyle for balding crown

Get a handsome James Bond look by slicking back your hair to cover a balding crown. You can either maintain long slicked back sides as well or go shorter with a fade.


13. Off Center Part

best haircut for older men with balding crown

If you’re one of the few lucky older men who still has a decent amount of hair but a balding crown is making its presence known, cover it up with an off center part.


14. Military Haircut

military haircut for bald spot on crown

As you can see from the photo, a military haircut works well not just for receding hairlines, but for men with balding crowns as well since it looks like you’re purposely keeping hair short.


15. Low Ponytail

long hairstyle for balding crown

A low ponytail is great for men with medium to long hair. Comb it all straight back to cover a balding crown and secure. 


16. Short Pompadour

short pompadour for men with balding spot on crown

With a dapper do like the pompadour, no one – not even you – will notice a balding crown. Focus on combing or using fingers with product in the front to get that voluminous style.


17. High and Tight Haircut

high and tight haircut for balding crown

A high and tight haircut, featuring short sides and back with a longer front, is a version of the military haircut but less harsh and a great option for men with a balding crown. 


18. Short Hair and Long Beard

balding crown hairstyle with beard

Frustrated because you can grow a thick full beard but struggle with a balding crown? Try cutting hair to about an inch all around and comb in its natural direction. 


19. Slicked Back Center Part

balding crown hairstyle for men

Not into the slick straight back hairstyle? You can still cover that balding crown. Just switch it up with a center part! It is a slightly different look but still looks handsome. 


20. Short with Goatee

balding crown hairstyle

Short sides and an ever so slightly longer top hairstyle is a classic for men with balding crowns. It’s simple but easy to maintain and looks great with a goatee. 


As you can see, it’s entirely possible to cover and draw attention away from bald spots just by choosing the right haircut for the balding crown. Choose the style you like the most and schedule an appointment at some amazing salon where professionals will take care of your hair and give you the look of your dreams.

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