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DIY: How To Do a Taper Fade Without Any Hassle

If the words DIY taper fade scare you, you just don’t have enough information. Did you know that a taper fade can easily be done in the comfort of your own home? Most men start by asking for some help from their friends and girlfriends while others have no trouble making one themselves. All you need to do is buy the right tools and get ready for the ride.

taper fade haircut


Let’s Get a Taper Fade!

At first, you might need to spend about an hour creating a more or less feasible hairstyle. But once you get some experience, a simple taper fade will take just about 20 minutes. So we suggest you stop being afraid of experiments and give a simple taper fade a try. After all, you can always go to the barber shop to fix your hair if something goes wrong.

What You’ll Need:

  • Clippers
  • Sharp scissors
  • 2 mirrors
  • Comb


What To Do:

  1. Wash and dry your hair as you usually do. If your hair is curly, try to straighten it out with a comb and a hair dryer. Straight hair is easier to manage.
  2. Carefully run a comb through your locks to make sure that it’s not tangled. Otherwise, clipping might be difficult.
  3. Start with cutting the top. You can either use the scissors to do it or the longest guard of the clipper. This depends on your preferences.
  4. Decide where the fade line will be.
  5. Take off the guard from the clippers and remove the hair just about your ears and in the back, including your neck. Do it up to the fade line.
  6. Use the shortest clipper guard so the length of the hair will be about 1/8 of an inch. Start just above the fade line and run the clippers all the way around to achieve the first level of the fade.
  7. Switch the guard to the next length (1/4) and repeat the same procedure below the next level.
  8. Repeat the same with the next two clipper guards (3/4 and 1/2).
  9. Blend your hair with the shortest clipper guard.

Watch the below video tutorial on DIY Taper Fade Haircut


DIY a Taper Fade – Tips & Cautions

taper fade haircut instruments like hair clippers, scissors

Tip #1: If you want the process to go smoothly, you need to make sure that the tools you are using are clean. After the haircut is done, meticulously clean the clippers. Ensure that all the hair is removed, otherwise, the next time you use them, you won’t get a proper precision and might even hurt yourself.

Tip #2: When using the clippers, cut the hair off little by little in order to ensure that you are getting the right results. Once you get a hang of it, the process will go faster.

Tip #3: If you are not sure you can create a neat cut on top of your head. Use the longest clipper guard to shape it.

70 Most Amazing Taper Fade Haircuts for Men


Best Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

1. Taper fade for Black Men

taper fade haircut for black men

If you are thinking about a look that is perfect for summer, we highly recommend you getting a short buzz cut with taper faded sides, that properly frame your face. Also, it is a great match with the short stubble beard. The hairstyle is low maintenance and perfect for guys who want no fuss in the morning.


2. Rock and Roll 

side part hair with taper fade

Instagram / angelyasdan

Elvis Presley is responsible for this rock and roll hairstyle. Even if decades have passed, it still has an influence on today’s styling choices. Keep a clean shaved face and a fade for the sideburns. Using your trimming machine and clippers, style the sides and back and keep the crown hair extended and arranged in wide flat curls. 


3. Wet Curls

curly haircut with taper fade

Instagram / omarbarberstudio

Guys with curly hair will love this hairstyle because it is so easy to pull off each morning. Up for a bald temple fade that creates a great transition. The curls should be much longer than the hair used for the sides. You can create this disruption by selling no connection with the bald taper fade. 


4. Box Cut

flat top haircut with taper fade

Instagram / balancethebarber

Box haircuts are quite popular thanks to their unusual square shape. However, before thinking of getting this tapered haircut you must be sure that your hair has the proper texture. It works best on coarse African American hair. To highlight it, opt for a bald fade. 


5. Modern Pomp

comb over with taper fade

Instagram / good_fellas2015

Pompadours are probably one of those hairstyles that will never fade away. And this happens because the pomp is extremely versatile and can be adapted to all face shapes and tastes. It involves keeping crown hair longer and styled with height and volume. 


6. Buzz Cut Fade

buzz cut with taper fade

Instagram / 4j.fades

Buzz cuts are not only very low-maintenance haircuts but also so a great idea for summer looks. Even if the hair is kept this short, that doesn’t mean you have no styling opportunities. Make this cut look cooler with a side fade. 


7. Metallic Glitter

colored hair with taper fade

Instagram / panihairdresser

When you’re feeling festive, or you are preparing for a party that requires a glamorous look, you can easily turn your regular hairdo into a piece of art. Getting a taper fade with a one-sided top is everything you need. Use a silver glittery hair spray that you will apply on the crown section to make the look stand out.


8. Pastel Red

taper fade for short hair

Instagram / raymond_cuts809

If you’re not into fierce red, you can get a lighter nuance that gives your hairstyle a modern vibe. But first thing’s first! Choose a short haircut with a bald fade and use a razor or your trimming machine to create a curved abstract design on the sides. 


9. Dreadlock Mohawk

taper fade for long hair

Instagram / bubba_kutz

If you don’t want to completely shave your dreadlocks but still get a hairstyle that is perfect for summer, get the perks of a mohawk and the looks of your dreads. Shave only the sides and pin all your locks into a top bun. 


10. Parted Rows

taper fade haircut with wave

Instagram / guilopesbarbeiro

If you think that short hairstyles can’t be remarkable, you better think again because this example needs no explanation. If you want it to look absolutely perfect, you should go to a hairdresser that you trust because you’ll want to create the perfect distance between each row.


11. Faux Hawk

taper fade haircut with design

Instagram / mohsen.d.r.s

A faux hawk is relatable to the well-known mohawk. Instead of maintaining that height from the forehead to the nape, the hawk focuses only on the crown hair. And if you want to add your personal note to this faded taper hairstyle, ask your barber to create a spiral design.


12. Zig Zag Braids

taper fade with braids

Instagram / d_nizz2

Create two hair sections with a zig-zag parting and use each hair piece to create the same pattern for your braids. Knit them til the ends and pin them in a pony or a bun. The hairstyle is perfect when you need a sassy look.


13. Classic Taper Fade

taper fade haircut for straight hair

Instagram / theocdbarber

When heat is overwhelming, you need a hairstyle that makes summer sun bearable. You will need to use a trimming machine and adapt the length using clippers. Also, use a razor to give the edges a better definition. This way, you will also prevent irritation caused by friction and sweat that appear at the nape. 


14. Messy Curls

messy hair with taper fade

Instagram / dhomebarber_74

A more prominent taper fade in the temple and back area will create a stunning tapering transition towards that curly brown hair. If you want to give your waves that “just got out of the shower” look, use hair gel. 


15. Coarse Hair

high top haircut with taper fade

Instagram / barbeariadosguri

Coarse hair might be tricky to style, so you need to find a haircut that works to your advantage. By keeping portions of your hair shortly cut, most of your effort will be concentrated on the top. This way, you can work your hairstyle in just a couple of minutes.


16. Back Line Design

wavy haircut with taper fade

Instagram / pl_barbershop

If you look from the front, this hairstyle might seem common. A lot of guys prefer a shortcut on the sides and a richer, extended top. But it comes with a surprise line design that is styled in the nape area, highlighted by a fade.


17. Bald Temple Fade

low taper fade haircut

Instagram / mannyyfades

A tapered temple fade is a great way to highlight your hair texture. Get a hairstyle that shortly trims the hair in the back and emphasizes your curls. Dip your fingers in pomade and rub it on your hands, then use it to style your hair. 


18. Twisted Bags

medium taper fade haircut

Instagram / 1king_barbershop

A low bald fade constructed circling the ears will draw all the attention to the taper fade and the extended top and bangs. When styling your fringe, use a rounded brush and an air dryer to get that curl and volume. 


19. Coarse Comb Over

taper fade haircut

Instagram / fadeoclockbarbers

Having thick coarse hair can be a blessing because it provides a lot of styling choices. Go for a fade on the sides and back and choose a hairstyle with a longer top. Comb it over and build some heights to make it look dandy. 


20. Flat Spikes

taper fade haircut with beard

Instagram / michael_yudin

Section your top hair and create hair strands that you will define with pomade or hair gel. Make them look like flat spikes. This taper fade hairstyle is perfect for the summer and keeps you cooled off.