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10 of The Best Irish Setter Haircuts to Try in 2024

The Irish Setter may be known for being an amazing family dog, but another one of its hallmarks is its gorgeous red coat. To help the coat look its shiniest, it’s important to find the perfect Irish Setter haircut.

Whether your lifestyle is active or low-key, or even somewhere in between – there are many varieties of Irish Setter grooming styles. 

Short hair along the paws and legs will make bathing a breeze, but a long haircut is just beautiful to look at. Take a look at the Irish Setter haircuts below to see what your options are!

Do Irish Setters Need Frequent Haircuts?

Irish Setters typically have long, wavy coats and you’ll need to groom them regularly to keep them looking their best. The grooming can include frequent haircuts, depending on the length and thickness of the coat.

The Best Irish Setter Haircuts

Your furry best friend will be the best-looking dog on the block with one of these grooming styles!

1. The Classic

irish setter haircut

The classic Irish Setter haircut, and the one most seen on these dogs, is one that embraces long fur along the legs and around the ears. This haircut looks very regal and needs only a regular brushing to look its best. 

2. Summer Haircut

summer haircut for irish setter

When summer weather beckons you and your pup to head outside and play, get prepped with a summer haircut. Fur is about the same length all over the body, which will keep your best friend cool and keep clean-up a breeze.

3. Long Belly Fur

irish red and white setter haircut

This Irish Red and White Setter have short fur along the top of its body and long fur underneath on the belly. The tail and ears are somewhat longer, as well, so these are the only two areas you’ll need to worry about brushing.

4. The Curly

irish setter haircut

Wavy or curly fur on dogs is adorable, so don’t even think about trimming it on your pup! This longer haircut is great for winter months when the weather is cooler. Plus, long fur will show off that beautiful texture. 

5. Shaved Ears

long irish setter haircut

Many dog owners prefer their Irish Setter to maintain a long fur length all year round. It’s a beautiful look, but make sure the ears and face stay clean by trimming or shaving those areas shorter. 

6. Puppy Cut

irish setter puppy haircut

Irish Setter puppy cuts are pretty simple: short hair all over between 1 and 2 inches. You can probably get away with letting ear fur grow a little longer, though, because puppy curls are adorable. 

7. Long All Over

haircut for irish setter

Another classic Irish Setter grooming style is this one that features beautiful long red fur all over the body, tail, and back of the legs. With regular brushing, your pooch’s coat will stay smooth, sleek, and shiny.

8. Shaggy Dog

short irish setter haircut

Shaggy coat on dogs is lovable because it makes you want to cuddle right up to them. The only recommendation we have is to keep fur around the legs and feet trimmed for easy bath times. This will also help your pup’s feet not get as messy during beach time.

9. Groomed Feet

irish setter groomed feet
Instagram / luna_irishsetter

As we mentioned above, keeping your dog clean will be easier if the fur is shorter. This is especially helpful around the feet, so keep fur to about an inch at most so you can quickly run a towel over their wet paws!

10. Long and Straight

long irish setter haircut
Instagram /

Want to get your Irish Setter’s fur looking silky and shiny? Pick up their brush once a day and take care combing the fur straight down. You’ll get a beautiful red coat in no time.

A shiny coat is the mark of a handsome dog. Try one of the above Irish Setter haircuts to ensure your pup’s fur looks its best. With regular bathing and brushing, your fur baby’s coat will look great all the time, whether you’re at home, at the beach, or on a road trip!