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17 Cockapoo Haircuts For Your Furry Best Friend

Any animal lover would do anything for their furry best friend, including giving it a haircut to make it look even more adorable! If your fur baby happens to be a cockapoo, consider treating them to a cute new haircut!

Cockapoos are a dog crossbreed of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They’re a small dog and their temperament is typically happy, making it a great family dog. Some Cockapoo owners keep their dog’s fur clipped short for easy combing, while others may choose to let it grow.

However, since there are a large number of Cockapoo haircuts to make your favorite fur ball look their best, that’s a big reason not to box your pooch in on the same old haircut.

To help you decide which Cockapoo haircut to choose, consider your lifestyle. If you are outdoors a lot with your furry best friend, you may want to opt for a short dog haircut that’s easy to make touch-ups to. If you tend to stay mostly indoors with only the daily walk around the block, you can feel comfortable leaving your dog’s fur longer.

The nice thing about these Cockapoo haircuts is there’s something for every dog owner’s lifestyle and cutting capabilities. If you consider yourself handy with a pair of clippers, these haircuts may be easy enough for you to do right at home. If not, a special stop at the groomer’s is in your future! (Make sure you spoil your pup with treats afterward!)


Adorable Cockapoo Haircuts

After you see our favorite dog haircuts for Cockapoos, the only issue you’ll have is deciding which one you think will be the cutest on your pup! With a few strategic clips of the fur, your cockapoo best friend will be sporting a cute new haircut!

1. Shaggy but Trim

short cockapoo haircut

A long Cockapoo haircut may be your favorite look, but to help your dog’s vision and keep their face area clean, trim the muzzle and “bangs” short. That way you can always see their beautiful brown eyes staring adoringly right back at you!


2. Very Short Face Fur

long cockapoo haircut

One of the best things about a Cockapoo’s fur is that it’s long and soft. You don’t need to get rid of the length everywhere, but a short muzzle is an easy way to keep them looking fresh and show-looking! Use a pair of clippers to trim around the eyes and nose for quick touch-ups.


3. Short Body Fur, Long Ear Fur

funny cockapoo haircut

You can emphasize a Cockapoo’s long ear fur by trimming the fur around the rest of the body to a short length less than two inches. This haircut is ideal for fall and winter when the weather is rainy and you’re trying to avoid a messy, muddy dog! 


4. Short Clipped Head and Ears

long cockapoo hair

A short haircut for your Cockapoo can really emphasize the curly or wavy texture of their fur. This curly-haired pup is adorable in his short clipped haircut and equally short fur around the head and ears. Many owners opt for short cuts like this on older dogs since the upkeep is easier too.


5. Long and Wavy

cockapoo haircut

Letting your pooch’s fur grow out is the best way to show off their soft wavy texture. Just make sure to do a light trim around the eyes so they can easily see! A longer cut like this is also ideal for the colder months to make sure your pup stays warm. 


6. Colorful Ears

cockapoo with blue hair

Is there a special dog parade coming up that you’re interested in taking your Cockapoo to? Choose a brightly colored dog-friendly hair dye and apply only to your fur ball’s ears for a colorful statement! The rest of the fur on this dog haircut pictured above is left long and full, brushed out for a noticeably soft texture.

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7. The Puppy Cut

cockapoo haircut

When your furry friend is still young, a classic puppy cut is all that’s needed for easy adorable style! The fur is trimmed to the same length all around, including the eyes and muzzle.


8. Pretty In Pink (Bows)

This Cockapoo dog haircut features a bright pink bow at the head! For your female fur ball, this little accessory makes a big statement, especially when its color matches a hanker-chief wrapped around the neck.


9. Short Top, Long Ears

brown cockapoo haircut

Another low-maintenance dog haircut for a Cockapoo is this one featuring a short trimmed top and long fur on the ears. For consistency, the body can be clipped to the same length as the head area as well.


10. Summer Cut 

When the weather starts warming up, help keep your Cockapoo cool by giving them a summer cut! The body and legs are clipped very short, but the tail and ear fur can remain long. Combing the fur out on these areas makes for a beautiful result!


11. Long Face Fur

Mixing two fur lengths is a lovely option for a Cockapoo dog haircut. Trim the fur around the body fairly short, but leave the fur around the face long. You’ll see here that the ear and muzzle fur are equal lengths while fur is clipped short just above the eyes.

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12. The Shaggy Head

Here’s another puppy cut that features two lengths. A body of short fur and a head of slightly longer fur. The little bit of extra length up top creates a soft shaggy-looking head everyone will want to pet! And of course, no puppy cut is complete without the personalized name tag on a snazzy collar!


13. Long Fur with Short Muzzle

cockapoo puppy haircut

If you tend to be outdoors a lot with your Cockapoo, you’ll want to choose this low-maintenance dog haircut. The body is clipped fairly short, the ear fur is long, and the muzzle is even shorter than body fur, so there’s no chance of a sandy wet mess after hitting the beach!


14. Traditional Puppy Haircut

short cockapoo haircut

Another adorable puppy cut suitable for your Cockapoo! The body is short but not buzzed so you can still see the wavy texture, and the fur around the eyes is clipped. A short muzzle is a must for seeing those big puppy eyes all the time!


15. Summer Cockapoo Haircut

Make sure your Cockapoo enjoys the summer weather as much as you do by choosing a clipped cut! The body is buzzed very short, while just the ear and tail fur is left long. To make the ears and tail this full-looking, gently brush out the fur. 


16. Puppy Cut with Pink Bow

This lengthier take on the puppy cut features an adorable pink bow right at the top of the head. It keeps the long fur around the face out of the eyes in a stylish way. Who could say no to a face this ridiculously cute?


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17. Short All Around

cockapoo haircut

Searching for a Cockapoo haircut you can easily do at home? Keep some clippers on hand so you can whip them out any time your pup needs a cut! This style features one low maintenance length all around – perfect for the dog owner who doesn’t want to visit the groomer often!


By now your mind is filled with plenty of super cute Cockapoo haircuts! Which one will you choose? We certainly won’t complain if you share your final results with us with a photo in the comments!