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15 Witty Facts for Short Haired German Shepherd Owners

A short haired German shepherd is not a dog for everyone. Even the puppies can be large and ill-tempered. Before buying a German shepherd, you need to study sufficient information about the breed. You have to be ready for certain qualities that you might not see in the movies.

These “cop” dogs can be very loving creatures and not all of them are ready to defend their owners or become watchdogs. Before buying a German shepherd puppy, you need to understand what purpose you want it to serve in order not to be disappointed in the future.


Why Buy A Short Haired German Shepherd

Before making a decision to buy a short-haired German shepherd, you need to understand that these dogs shed a lot. In fact, they might shed even more than long-haired German shepherds. These dogs have very thick double coats.

You need to be ready for frequent brushing and cleaning. If you are planning to allow the dog to live inside the house, you have to put up with plenty of dog hair. German shepherds require frequent grooming. If you want the dog to look as amazing as its relatives do on the movie screens, you need to put some time into hair care.


Short Haired German Shepherd Personality

German Shepherd Personality

German shepherds, regardless of the length of their coats, have interesting personalities. While they are loving dogs, they are wary of strangers and have a hard time making friends.

However, once the dog acknowledges you as its friend, it becomes loyal forever. If it considers you and your family members its family, it becomes one of the best friends for you and your children. Shepherds are very protective of their families and make great watchdogs.

German Shepherds are very smart dogs, which makes them easy to train. They can perform virtually any job. They can be watchdogs, guide dogs, police dogs, and more. In order to feel healthy and happy, a German shepherd requires company.

Leaving such a dog alone for a long time can lead to psychological suffering. The dog can get its revenge by loudly barking, chewing, and doing damage. German shepherd puppies need to socialize with as many people as possible when they are young in order not to become aloof in the future.

1. They need company.

German Shepherd short hair

Just like most dogs do, German shepherds need company. If you need to go away on business trips or like frequent vacations, this dog is not for you. Leaving it alone for a long time can spell disaster.

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2. They learn fast.

black short hair for German Shepherd

These dogs are very fast learners. They are extremely intelligent and you don’t want this amazing quality to go to waste. Make sure you teach the dog new tricks every day so it can become an irreplaceable companion.


3. They are suspicious.


Short-haired German shepherds are suspicious of strangers. If you don’t want to get an aloof dog on your hands, you need to give the puppy as much socializing as possible. Allow it to learn how to live in a world full of humans.


4. They are big shedders.

white big German Shepherd short haircut

Be ready for the dog hair to be everywhere. Short-haired German shepherds tend to shed even more than long-haired one. That’s why you need to be ready for frequent brushing. Buy a good vacuum cleaner too.


5. They like freedom.

German Shepherd short hairstyle

Even though German shepherds make amazing watchdogs, keeping them chained and restrained can lead to problems. Their freedom should never be restricted for days at a time. Such dogs can protect your family only when they have the freedom to do it.

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6. Use only respected breeders.


Even though these dogs are quite healthy, you can get a sick animal if you purchase it from anyone other than a respected breeder. Don’t hesitate to spend more money on a puppy from a reputable source. This way you can avoid problems in the future.


7. Watch for allergies.


Short-haired German Shepherds are prone to allergies just like humans. Make sure to watch your dog’s behavior closely. If it’s scratching and rubbing its face, make sure to have the dog checked by a vet.


8. Teach them to be quiet.


German shepherds are big barkers. If they are left alone for a long time or they don’t like something, they’ll let you know their displeasure by barking loudly. Make sure to teach your dog the “quiet” command while it’s still a puppy.


9. Buy good chew toys.


German shepherds are very strong dogs with powerful jaws. They can chew down almost anything in your home or yard. If you don’t want to deal with damage, make sure you buy plenty of chew toys for your pet.


10. Watch the diet.

German Shepherd white short hair

If you want your short-haired German shepherd to have a shiny coat, shed less, and feel healthy, you must watch its diet. Get a professional veterinarian’s advice about the dog’s ratio. Overfeeding a German shepherd is dangerous.


11. Give plenty of water.


These overly active dogs require plenty of water to stay hydrated. It’s very easy for a dog to become dehydrated, especially during the warm months. Make sure your pet has 24/7 access to a water source.


12. Get ready for exercise.


Short-haired German shepherds require plenty of exercises. Make sure you know which parks or fields to go with your dog to give it an opportunity to run around and vent its energy. Get ready for some exercise too, since the dog needs company.


13. Build a fence


Instead of keeping your dog chained, build a fence in your backyard. Make sure the fence is at least 3 feet tall to keep the animal in. These freedom-loving creatures can run away and not find their way home.


14. Ensure regular checkups.


Even if your dog appears happy or healthy, you must show it to the vet at least once a year. It’s been proven that properly vaccinated, groomed, and treated dogs can live 2 to 5 years longer. So if you want to enjoy your pet’s company for a long time, schedule regular appointments.


15. Watch the paws.


German shepherds can show remarkable endurance. That’s why they might not let you know about a hurt paw. Make sure to check the paw pads daily for scratches and wounds. Keep the hair on the paws as short as possible.

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Shor-haired German shepherds are intelligent, strong, and loving dogs. If trained correctly, they can become a real family member.  Knowing how to care for such dogs can extend their lifespan.