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Is Black Hair Considered Brunette? 

Whether you have black hair or some form of brown hair, you’re likely to be thought of as a brunette. However, dozens of brunette variations are recommended by influencers daily. 

Brunette is not a dirty word, but some women with black hair wonder if black hair is considered brunette due to the darkness of their hair. 

That might leave you wondering about your hair, is black hair considered brunette?

Is Black Hair Considered Brunette?

Perspective 1: Mostly Understood

No, black hair is not considered brunette. Brunette refers to people with brown hair, ranging from light brown to dark brown shades. Black hair, on the other hand, is the darkest shade of hair color, distinct from brown hues. Both hair colors are natural, but they are not the same.

Perspective 2: By Definition

Yes, some definitions suggest that brunette can encompass black hair. For example, The Cambridge Dictionary defines a brunette as “a white woman or girl with dark hair.” Dark hair can range from brown to black, which implies that black hair could be considered brunette. Similarly, the Britannica Dictionary defines brunette as “a person who has brown or black hair.”

Sources that consider black hair as brunette:

  1. Cambridge Dictionary defines brunette as “a white woman or girl with dark hair.” (source: Cambridge Dictionary).
  2. defines brunette as “having dark hair and, often, dark eyes and darkish or olive skin.” (source:
  3. The Britannica Dictionary defines brunette as “: a person who has brown or black hair.” (source:

However, other dictionaries are more specific about the meaning of brunette. Oxford Languages, Merriam-Webster, Collins English, Macmillan, and American Heritage dictionaries all define brunette as a person, typically a woman, with brown hair, without mentioning black hair.

Sources that don’t consider black hair as brunette:

  1. Oxford Languages Dictionary defines brunette as “​a white-skinned woman with dark brown hair” (source: Oxford Learner’s Dictionary).
  2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines brunette as “a person having brown hair” (source: Merriam-Webster).
  3. Collins English Dictionary defines brunette as “A brunette is a woman or girl with dark brown hair.” (source: Collins Dictionary).
  4. Macmillan Dictionary defines brunette as “a woman with dark brown hair” (source: Macmillan Dictionary).
  5. American Heritage Dictionary defines brunette as “A girl or woman with brown hair.” (source: American Heritage Dictionary).

So, Is Black Hair Considered As Brunette?

While some definitions imply that black hair can be considered brunette, the majority of dictionaries and common understanding differentiate black hair from brown hair. We want to stick to the commonly understood meaning backed by the popular dictionaries that is no, black hair is not typically considered brunette.

What Is a Woman with Black Hair Called? 

is black hair considered brunette

We all are familiar with brunette (in reality, people use it to mean woman with brown hair) and blonde terms which are widely accepted. Sad but true that there is no such widely accepted term that we can use to call a woman with black hair!

There are many who use old-fashioned terms like “raven-haired“. The term is for black and lustrous hair and is an old-fashioned way of describing a young woman with black hair. This term comes from the feathers of the raven bird that has jet-black feathers. 

Also, some people use the term “noirette” which means “a female with natural Black hair” but again this isn’t a common term people use.

Can I Use Brunette Shampoo on Black Hair? 

can brunette shampoo be used on black hair

If you’re a natural brunette, there’s no need to find formula-based shampoos protecting color-treated hair. Fortunately, it’s perfectly fine to use brunette shampoo on natural black hair. All you need is to find a shampoo that moisturizes your hair with each wash.

However, if you dyed your brunette hair into either a soft or jet-black color, then you need to use a product that protects hair color. 

Blue shampoo is one of the most popular brunette shampoos for black hair. The best thing about blue shampoo is that it neutralizes yellow and orange undertones resulting from environmental factors. 

While neutralizing yellow and orange tones, the blue shampoo helps retain your desired black color. In addition, this shampoo has nourishing ingredients that add shine and vibrancy to your hair with each wash. 

Use a purple shampoo if you have brunette hair with light highlights or undertones. Purple shampoo reduces brassiness in brunette hair and is used as a toner to lighten your hair. 

Purple shampoo wouldn’t be a good option for black hair because you want to keep the vibrancy of your black hair.

In conclusion, we generally think of brunettes as those with brown hair. However, some definitions imply that black hair might also fall under the brunette category. Despite these variations, the majority of dictionaries and popular understanding differentiate between black and brunette hair. As a result, we prefer to say black hair is usually not considered brunette.

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