Is Blow Drying Hair Really That Bad for Hair?

We got a common question asked by many: ‘Is blow drying Hair bad? Should I do it or skip? If bad why bad!’ etc. When it comes to styling our hair, we have millions of questions. One of the most common ones concerns hair dryers. While hair dryers are very useful tools, we hear a lot about it being harmful to our locks. Overall, any unnatural manipulations that we do with our hair can harm it in one way or another.


Let’s look at the Bad VS Good when it comes to blow drying hair.


Blow Drying Hair Is GOOD Because –

No Colds

Using the hair dryer can save you from getting the sniffles or a more serious illness. It allows you to avoid going around with a wet head for several hours.


Beautiful Hairstyles

There are many different ways to use a hair dryer to create a beautiful hairstyle. Without it, you are allowing nature to do its job. While anything natural is often considered the best option, in the end, you might get stuck with an unruly and frizzy mane.


The Good: Time-Saver

A hair dryer is a real time saver. When you need to be ready to go out the house in 10 minutes and your hair is wet, air drying won’t help you even a tiny bit. Meanwhile, a hair dryer can turn a wet disaster into a beautiful hairstyle.


Blow Drying Hair Is BAD Because –

Dehydrated Locks

If you use the hair dryer on a regular basis, you can dry out your locks. If you have healthy hair, you might not notice it immediately. However, the locks damaged by the dyeing or any other factors will react right away.



When you are using a hair dryer on a high setting, you tend to burn your scalp. Even if the sensation is minor, your skin might dry out. As a result, you can get such an unpleasant companion as dandruff.



Loss of Luster

If you don’t take the right approach to hair drying and use high temperatures, you can end up stealing the shine from your hair. In the end, you get a great and dry hairstyle without any luster. Eventually, you might need to wash your hair more often than before in order to restore the fresh hair shine.


It’s up to you to decide whether blow drying is bad for your hair.


Nowadays, hair dryers are much more advanced than they were before. With the right approach, you can keep your hair and scalp from being damaged. However, we would recommend air drying your locks whenever possible.