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22 Awesome Zayn Malik Haircuts Worth Trying in 2024

Zayn Malik is famous for his singing, but his hairstyles are well to earn their own Hollywood star. Zayn’s haircuts are always on point, and his fashion sense is unsurprisingly coveted by thousands of fans.

When you really think about it, who wouldn’t want a Zayn Malik haircut? Zayn’s hairstyles never cease to amaze, going from short to long or messy to polished weekly. He always keeps us on our toes, wondering what the next hairstyle will look like.

So which is the Zayn hairstyle that you think suits you best? Take your pick from some of the best-known Zayn Malik hairstyles in recent times.

Evolution of Zayn Malik’s Hairstyle Over The Years

  • Zayn Malik begins sporting a short, clean-cut hairstyle during his early days in One Direction.
  • Malik experiments with a quiff, adding height and personality to his boyband image.
  • The quiff evolves into a more pronounced pompadour as Zayn’s career advances.
  • Zayn starts growing his hair out, introducing a longer, wavier look to his appearance.
  • The wavy hair transforms into an undercut, showcasing Malik’s edgy and fashion-forward style.
  • Malik adds personality by dyeing his hair in various colors, from blonde to green.
  • The undercut goes through a transitional phase, with shaved sides and a longer top.
  • Zayn surprises fans by buzzing off his hair, opting for a completely shaved look.
  • The buzz cut transitions into a sleek, short haircut, highlighting Zayn’s evolving style.
  • Malik grows his hair out again, experimenting with a disheveled, textured appearance.
  • Further experimenting, Zayn Malik tries a curly hairstyle during his solo career.
  • Malik ultimately settles on a versatile, short-to-medium length hairstyle that becomes his signature look.

His haircuts are far from boring and may prompt you to save a Zayn Malik picture on your phone for your stylist to give you the same look. Let’s explore the 22 coolest Zayn Malik hairstyles that were so popular, they could have won their Grammy! You can try Zayn Malik’s beard style to look alike.

#1: Short, clean-cut hairstyle (2010-2011)

zayn malik hairstyle in 2011

Zayn starts with a simple and low-maintenance haircut during his early One Direction days. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a short, even trim all around, and use a light styling product to keep hair in place. This style is perfect for a boyish, clean-cut appearance.

#2: Quiff (2012)

zayn malik quiff hairstyle in 2012

Malik experiments with added height and volume in the front, creating a modern quiff that complements his boyband image. To achieve this look, use a blow dryer and a round brush to lift the front section of your hair, then apply a medium-hold styling product to maintain the shape. This hairstyle is versatile and suitable for various occasions.

#3: Pronounced Pompadour (2013)

zayn malik pompadour hairstyle in 2013

Zayn’s quiff evolves into a more dramatic pompadour, adding an extra layer of sophistication to his style. To recreate this look, use a blow dryer to add extra volume to the front, then use a high-hold styling product to shape and secure the hair. This hairstyle is perfect for a polished and fashion-forward appearance.

#4: Longer, wavier look (2014)

zayn malik long hairstyle in 2014

Zayn starts growing his hair out, resulting in a more relaxed, wavy appearance. To achieve this look, use a sea salt spray for texture and scrunch the hair to create natural waves. This style is ideal for a laid-back yet stylish vibe.

#5: Undercut (2015)

zayn malik undercut in 2015

Malik sports an edgy undercut with shaved sides and longer hair on top during his transition from One Direction to solo artist. Ask your barber for a tight fade on the sides, and use a styling product to keep the top hair textured and in place. This modern hairstyle showcases confidence and individuality.

#6: Dyed Hair (2016)

zayn malik colored hairstyle in 2016

Zayn experiments with various hair colors, from blonde to green, as he further establishes his solo career. Consult a professional stylist for color recommendations and proper application techniques. This daring choice adds personality and flair to his overall look.

#7: Transitional Undercut (2017)

zayn malik undercut hairstyle in 2017

The undercut features shaved sides and a longer top, offering a versatile style that can be adapted to various looks. Maintain this hairstyle by visiting your barber regularly for side trims, and use a styling product to add texture to the top section.

#8: Buzz Cut (2018)

zayn malik buzz cut in 2018

Zayn opts for a bold, completely shaved look, surprising fans with his dramatic transformation. To achieve this, ask your barber for an all-over buzz cut or use a clipper with a short guard at home. This minimalist style exudes confidence and edginess.

#9: Disheveled, Textured Appearance (2019)

zayn malik textured hairstyle in 2019

Zayn grows his hair out again, embracing a more casual and tousled style. Achieve this look by applying a texturizing product and tousling the hair with your fingers. This relaxed hairstyle is perfect for an effortlessly cool and laid-back vibe

#10: Sleek, Short Haircut (2020)

zayn malik short haircut in 2020

Malik transitions to a clean and polished style, perfect for red carpet events and interviews. To recreate this look, ask your barber for a short, even cut, and use a lightweight styling product for a smooth finish. This refined hairstyle showcases a more mature and sophisticated side of Zayn.

#11: Blowout Hairstyle (2021)

zayn malik hairstyle in 2021

Malik experimented with hair colors during his solo career, showcasing his versatility in both music and fashion. To achieve this style, dyed your hair and use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to create defined curls. This playful hairstyle adds a fun and unique touch to his appearance.

#12: Versatile, Short-to-Medium Length (2022)

zayn malik medium hairstyle in 2022

Zayn settles on a flexible hairstyle that suits various occasions, becoming his signature look.

Maintain this versatile, short-to-medium length style by keeping the hair at a medium length, and use a styling product to create your desired texture and shape. This adaptable hairstyle can be dressed up or down, making it a perfect choice for both casual and formal events.

#13: Spikes and Shaved Sides

Spikes and Shaved Sides hair for men

This look is youthful and flawless. On top of that, spikes will never go out of style. So if you are a teen guy, you might be interested in a hairstyle like this. This popular Zayn Malik haircut will turn some more heads.

If you suddenly become some sort of magnet of the opposite sex while wearing this hairstyle, know that you have been warned. You can always blame Zayn.

#14: Slicked Ponytails for Men

ponytail by Zayn Malik

This ponytail hairstyle by Zayn Malik is great if you have long hair or are going for a smooth, sleek and polished look. It is also perfect for keeping your hair neatly tucked away and out of the way. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle because Zayn Malik didn’t go wrong here at all!

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#15: Messy Tresses

messy zayn malik hairstyle

Messy hair can be a good look, and Zayn has proven that with this messy-do with bangs. It’s possible for your hairstyle to be messy and impressive all at the same time. This masterpiece of a hairstyle is all the evidence you need.

#16: Men’s Hair Color Highlights

best Zayn Malik Blonde Hairstyle

You can get a really stylish hairstyle by dyeing a few strands in the front of your hair. Not only is it unique, but it instantly stands out. This Zayn Malik hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. It’s cool and zany at the same time. No pun intended.

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#17: Almost Shaved

Very Short Zayn Malik Haircut

Also known as a ‘Buzz Cut, this hairstyle is perfect for a formal look. The only things missing to go along with it is a tux or three-piece suit and some bubbly if you’re over 21. Let’s just say you’ll be looking quite dapper.

#18: Messy Top with High Bald Fade

Zayn Malik haircut

The messy top in this Zayn haircut complements and contrasts beautifully with the high fade.

#19: Buzz Cut with Beard

The almost shaven look in this buzz fade is another popular Zayn Malik haircut. It is neat, sleek and absolutely eye-catching. It is also a comfortable and stylish option if you like your hair short.

#20: Shaggy Hair with Messy Bangs

Zayn Malik shaggy hairstyle

There is an absolute natural charm in this hairstyle of Zayn. An effortless way to look dazzling every time. It is also fairly easy to maintain style that does not involve the use of too many hair care products.

#21: Faux Hawk Fade with Tattoo

Zayn haircut with tattoo

The Faux Hawk and the undercut fade get emphasized by the tattoo. All in all, this Zyan hair gives an exciting, attractive new way to fashion the faux hawk. It also lends your personality that unique identity that will always ensure a second glance. The designer tattoo also makes this style definitively edgy.

#22: Men’s Purple Hair Almost Like Buzz

Zayn Malik short purple hairstyle

The purple cover makes this hairstyle stand out like no other. It is an instant show stopper and can help you win attention wherever you may be stepping. This is also relatively easy to maintain style.

The Zayn hairstyle is always attention-grabbing. Esoteric, whimsical and laden with details, it is the ultimate statement in hairstyling. He is so popular to hairstyle lovers as much as to his music fans. He loves to try new hairstyles that immediately becomes a trend almost every time.

Before you choose from Zayn’s hairstyles, it’s recommended to ask your hairstylist if it will go well with your own facial size, shape, etc. So, best of luck with your own version of Zayn Malik hairstyle! Go for the hairstyle that best suits your image.