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Kelly Ripa’s Top 18 Greatest Haircuts

When we look at celebrities, we’re often surprised at how amazingly neat and beautiful they seem. This is why Kelly Ripa’s haircuts, which are often very ordinary, make her even more popular; there’s nothing high-maintenance about them.

Kelly Ripa takes good care of her locks and they always look stunning. Thankfully, they’re easy to achieve. Women of all ages and with almost any hair types can enjoy Kelly Ripa’s hairstyles.

While she doesn’t create anything extremely special, famous stylists are working on her image. That’s why copying Kelly Ripa can only benefit your own style.


Kelly Ripa Haircuts You Always Wanted to Copy

The simplicity and elegance of Kelly Ripa haircuts are impressive. She doesn’t go out of her way to look glamorous. That’s one of the reasons for her popularity. You can use the haircuts she sports to go to the office or to a special occasion.

We handpicked 18 most popular Kelly Ripa hairstyle for you to contemplate. If they seem too simple to you, there is a reason for that. Her whole image is very appealing just because of the lack of a high-maintenance style. Below are some of Kelly Ripa’s popular haircuts and hairstyles.

1. Straightened Waves

long hairstyle by Kelly Ripa

A little longer than shoulder-length, Kelly Ripa is well known for her blonde locks that she often wears down and slightly wavy. Get the look by using a large barrel curling iron and brushing out the curls to get subtle, soft waves.


2. Pinned to the Side

side updo by Kelly Ripa

For a soft and elegant style, go with Kelly Ripa’s side hairdo. Fill the bottom half of your hair with medium-tight curls, gather them to one side, and pin them in place with bobby pins or a fancy clip for some bling.


3. Half Twisted Back

Kelly Ripa hairstyle

Whether it’s date night or a wedding you’re attending, a half updo with romantic waves is always in style. Kelly Ripa flaunted this half updo, which features two small sections of hair on either side of the head twisted back and secured together.


4. Combed Back Bun

Kelly Ripa with bun hair

Another gorgeous updo includes the low bun. Take a cue from Kelly and make a center part in your hair before neatly combing it back into a ponytail, then winding it into a large bun. 


5. One Side Pinned Back

Kelly Ripa with side part hairstyle

When Kelly Ripa showed off this haircut, we all noticed how beautifully the style switched up her face dimension. Get the look by brushing out curls for soft waves, then taking a section of hair on one side of your head and twisting it back to pin in place. Let the hair on your other side cover your ear and drape over your shoulder.


6. Wavy Bob

lob hairstyle by Kelly Ripa

A bob with sexy texture is a great way to feel youthful. One of our favorite Kelly Ripa haircuts was her choppy bob, which was filled with wavy texture. Go with an off center part for a soft look.


7. Teased Half Updo

hairstyle by Kelly Ripa

If you have thin hair, you can still get a fuller looking mane, like Kelly Ripa’s style above. After parting your hair off center and teasing the hair at the crown, gather the top half of your hair into a low ponytail. Brush out the bottom to give it a little body.


8. Straight Bangs with Updo

updo hairstyle by Kelly Ripa

Instagram / kellyripa

Kelly was clearly loving her fancy updo with long straight bangs, since she shared it with everyone on her Instagram! We love it too because waves or curls are still softly noticeable in the softly coiled bun.


9. Kelly Ripa’s Medium-length bob

Kelly Ripa haircut

This medium-length bob is the queen of all hairstyles. This is a wonderful choice for women who have thin and straight hair. It will look great for any face shape or any hair color. But blonde is a winning combination.


10. Slight waves


Your bob will look much more voluminous and impressive if you create slight waves. You don’t need to go to a hairstylist or even use a curling iron to achieve this Kelly Ripa haircut. Just braid your locks overnight.


11. A-line bob

Kelly Ripa Hair A line bob

If you are tired of your simple medium-length bob, go for the a-line option. The stacked hair on the back creates an impression of volume while the strands in the front make your hair seem longer.


12. Neat and chic


A simple blonde bob with a middle part is exactly what you need to outline your face. This is a wonderful choice for women of all ages. Consider sweeping some hair behind your ear for a more appealing look.


13. Windblown bob

Windblown bob hairstyle for Kelly Ripa

This is a great hairstyle for girls who have wavy hair. Spending hours in front of the mirror getting your waves neat is not the greatest option. Consider wearing a windblown bob instead.


14. Large curls


This Kelly Ripa hairstyle is perfect for a special occasion. If it seems that your bob can’t look any more festive, consider creating large curls. They will pump up the volume and improve your mood.


15. Kelly Ripa Long Haircut


If you have long locks, why not wear them down? This hairstyle is perfect for a walk in the park or a birthday party. You can create layers to make the hair shorter in front and easier to style.


16. A blonde reverse ombre

 ombre hairstyle with Kelly Ripa Hair

A reversed blonde ombre is a wonderful choice for girls who want to make an impression with their hair. While the colors seem subtle, this Kelly Ripa haircut will definitely keep the heads turning your way.


17. Wild style


Keeping your waves and curls in check is often pretty hard. Why not make it look like you planned it? A wild hairstyle is always a great way out for the times when you are late somewhere.


18. Kelly Ripa’s long and sleek hairstyle

Long and sleek Kelly Ripa Hairstyle

Enjoy letting your hair down but keep it neat. Take a look at the way the ends are styled. Such styling will immediately give your haircut an appealing image you always wanted.


This collection of Kelly Ripa haircuts should give you a good idea of how you can style your locks to look as elegant as this celebrity. There is nothing hard about it. Some of them take just a few minutes to make.

andrea c marcoulis

Friday 19th of July 2019

Kelly Ripa's hairstyle lately is not at all becoming. She should wear it sleek like she did last year. Don't her stylists realize how awful it looks?

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