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20 Stylish & Elegant Birthday Hairstyles to Rock

Birthday hairstyles need to be a real statement and make you feel unique on this special occasion. You will be at the center of attention, so not only your outfit and make-up must look perfect and out of the box, but also your hair needs to be top-notch.

Also, your birthday party is the moment when all the spotlights are pointed at you, so you must make the best out of your cut, color, and hairstyle overall. Building volume, getting highlights, dimension, or waves and curls can be only some of the few hairstyle ideas for your birthday.

Beautiful Birthday Hairstyles

Check out the examples below and choose a birthday hairstyle that represents your personality and can be easily pulled off on your hair, even at home!

1. Updo + Curly Sideburns

retro updo hairstyle for birthday

For this hairstyle, you will need to loosely wave your hair and select two pieces from the sideburn area. Curl them and arrange them in front of your ears.

Tease the roots to create that lifted effect and opt for a twisted bun in the back that has a bouffant aspect.

2. Long Highlighted Layers

birthday hairstyle for long hair

This birthday hairstyle is perfect for girls and women who want to show off their rich mane. Build more volume by creating layers and curling some of the pieces.

If you have blonde highlights, your hair will get a marvelous warm nuance that makes you look glamorous for your birthday.

3. Platinum Blonde Lob

birthday hairstyle with bangs

If you’re going for a themed birthday party and want a look inspired by Marylin Monroe, then you will love this long bob with waves and bangs.

Tease the roots to create more volume in the crown area and build loose waves. Opt for a cute wispy fringe that covers the forehead.

4. Ombre with Bandana

birthday hairstyle with bandana

Are you ready to rock your birthday party? Then you need a hairstyle that draws attention to your beautiful ombre and curls.

Comb the top and the back and choose a red bandana that you will fold multiple times until you achieve the width you need. Place it on the forehead and tie it in the center.

5. Pink Highlights

birthday hairstyle with pink hair

If you want a birthday hairstyle that shows your love for colors, and unique looks and expresses joy, these space buns are a very cute option.

They make you feel young, look amazing with blonde hair and pink highlights, and they are so easy to pull off.

6. Purple Ombre

birthday hairstyle with purple hair

If you love an eye-popping color that suits your bright skin tone, then you should add a violet ombre hair color to your wish list for your birthday party.

Get a medium bob and emphasize that vibrant color by creating some loose curls.

7. Long-Crimped Hair

birthday hairstyle for curly hair

Crimped hair was very popular back in the 90s; however, we all know how fashion works, as this look climbed its way back to nowadays trends.

So, if you have long hair, part the top and pin it in a pony on top of your head. Use the iron to create that texture, especially when you need more volume for your flat dull strands.

8. Twisted Updo

birthday hairstyle for little girl

If your little girl is having a party, her look must be flawless. Choose a front piece and twist it to the back.

Create some waves and secure them with bobby pins. Place some of the curls over the top and spare the bangs, wearing them in front of the ears.

9. French Braids for Little Girls

birthday hairstyle for teenage girl

When your little princess has such long and beautiful hair, braids are a hairstyling option for birthday that won’t pass unnoticed.

Part the hair in the middle and style two French braids. Pull off the edges to give those plaits more dimension. Secure at the bottom with translucent rubber bands.

10. High Top Bun

birthday hairstyle for black girl

A happy birthday tiara can be easily included in your look. It will steal all the attention and make you feel like the queen of the prom.

All you have to do is pin all your mane in a top bun and add the headband.

11. Half Black Half Red

half and half hairstyle for birthday

One of the boldest birthday hairstyles is probably this duo-color look. It involves parting the hair in the middle and painting each side in a nuance that creates a great contrast.

In this case, you can opt for a jet-black color and a deep red. Get some curls and get ready to party!

12. Blunt Bob with Bangs

bob with bangs for birthday

A blunt bob haircut is ideal when you want to beautifully frame your face. You can also add some straight bangs that go one finger above the eyebrows and keep the hair in a brown natural color.

13. Sleek Bun + Birthday Hat

birthday hairstyle with topknot

Simple hairstyles like this bun can have such a lovely effect on your complexity. To recreate this, pin your hair in a ponytail, spare a thick strand, and do a bun. Use that strand to wrap it around the bun.

14. Platinum Blonde Ombre

hairstyle for birthday

Platinum blond ombre looks stunning if you enlighten your tresses while keeping your roots natural. Simple side part will make this an elegant hairdo.

To preserve the color over time, once per week use a purple shampoo that will cut off the orange hues.

15. Side Waves

birthday hairstyle with red hair

This gorgeous hairstyle for birthday gives you all the class you need to complete a little black sexy dress. And if you’re a redhead, then your locks deserve some spoiling and a piece of the spotlight.

So get them in the center of attention with some height for the top. Comb all the hair to one side and curl it to embrace that elegant vibe.

16. Braided Space Buns

birthday hairstyle for Asian women

These space buns make any woman look young and fresh. Part the hair into two pieces and create the buns.

On each side, spare a strand and braid them, then roll them around the buns.

17. Blonde Layers with Side Bangs

birthday hairstyle for straight hair

Layer your bangs and front pieces, then straighten your hair. Get those bangs on the side and wear those long tresses on the back and on the shoulders. And of course, let’s not miss the happy birthday cap!

18. Curly Hair for Older Women

birthday hairstyle for older women

As an older woman, sooner or later, you will experience a full white hair color. Your hair texture will change, and it might become thicker and curlier. And if you want to give it a stunning shape, go for a medium cut with layers and bangs tousled on the forehead.

19. Low Bun with Side Bangs

birthday hairdo

This birthday hairstyle shows a lot of volumes for the roots. You can easily achieve that by teasing the hair and then gently combing it at the surface to maintain the height. Get it all pinned in the back, in a pony that you will lastly curl.

20. Icy Blonde Pixie Cut

short hairstyle for birthday

Pixie cuts need no introduction because they are modern, popular, and suit all hair types and women of any age. Get a short cut on the side and short stacked layers in the back. Go for asymmetrical bangs and swipe them to the side to rock the look on your birthday.

Birthday hairstyles are eye-popping, and let you add that little extra, transforming your locks into a cool statement. If you want all eyes on you, choose curls, waves, or highlights, as they are never hit-and-miss.