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45 Elegant Little Girl Braids with Beads

Have you been looking for little girl braids with beads styles to give your little girl a sweet smile? We’ve collected the best, most adorable and most interesting little girl braided hairstyles with beads that will look simply beautiful on your little princess. Get ready to see the most creative braided hairstyles with beads for little girls!

Best Braided Hairstyles with Beads for Little Girls

Put a smile on your little girl’s face with these pretty braided hairstyles. This article consists of feed-in braids, hair buns, kids braided hairstyles with beads and varying hair color clips.

1. Braid Band

little girl half braids with beads

Instead of using a traditional headband in your little girl’s hair, make thin braids starting from her hairline and going back a few inches, leaving the rest of her hair natural. For the braided strands, top the ends with alternating colorful beads.

2. Braided Pigtails

braided ponytail with braid

Every little girl has to go through the pigtail phase, but you can make your little girl’s style even cuter by braiding them! Start from the hairline and braid to the ends, then make two pigtails at each side of her head.

3. Extra Long Braids

little girls with long braids and beads

If you have a little girl with really long hair, show her how to make a statement look with lots of thin braids. On light blonde hair, rainbow-colored beads will help the style pop even more. 

4. Braided Half Ponytail

little girls braids with metallic beads

For any little girl with long hair, braids help to keep their hair styled and out of their face. This half ponytail is an adorable style, and the dark purple beads look great with dark-colored hair.

5. Sporty Diagonal Part

Asian little girl's braids with beads

For kids who are quite active and/or play sports, a braided hairstyle with beaded ends is a great way they can rock their team colors. Before styling, part hair diagonally up front to switch up the braid direction.

6. Chunky Beads on Black Hair

little girl's braids with big beads

Thick black hair on little girls can be difficult to style, but braids will help! For girls with a dark skin tone, consider a chunky bright-colored bead for accent. These yellow ones are a cheery addition!

7. Baby Box Braids

toddler girl's braids with beads

On baby girls who are lucky enough to have long hair so young, show it off in box braids. We love the cute light and dark purple beads on the ends seen above.

8. Braids with Double Ended Beads

triangle braids for little girls with beads

Instead of adding beads to only the ends of braids, try adding them to the base as well. On dark hair, light colored beads will stand out best.

9. Beach Braids with Bandana

braided style for little girls with beads

If you have some time before hitting the beach, skip the messy bun and give your little girl thin braids.

Add two beads to the ends, then the hair tie, then add one more bead. A cute bandana will protect her hair and her skin from the sun.

10. Starfish Beads

girl's braids with funky beads

Circular pony beads are the go-to for braid hairstyles, but there are so many cute shaped beads you could also use. These colorful starfish beads top off lots of super thin cornrow braids.

11. Rainbow Beads Half Updo

little girl braids with beads and ponytail

For a truly detailed hairstyle for your little girl, make a bunch of thin braids starting from her hairline, and gather them in a half ponytail.

Use the colors of the rainbow to decorate the hair with beads and hair bands. If you want to go for knotless, try these knotless braids for kids.

12. Curly Braids with Beads

curly braids with beads for kids

If your little girl’s hair texture is thick and curly, it will still show off in a long beaded braid hairstyle. Make the braids thicker and use chunky, colorful beads to stack on their ends. 

13. Blue Beaded Crown Braid

crown braids with beads for little girls

Crown braids are a beautiful, elegant hairstyle for any age. Little girls with dark, thick hair will love how bright-colored beads, like blue, pop against their dark tresses.

14. Half Braids with Beads

curly hair braids with beads for kids

For hair that is tightly coiled in beautiful curls, show off that texture by making thin braids in half of the hair, leaving the rest loose. On the beaded strands, secure contrasting light and dark-colored beads.

15. Little Girl’s Butterfly Braids

butterfly braids with beads for kids

Little girls love having cool shapes in their hairstyle, and a beaded hairstyle is perfect for rocking a cute butterfly braid. For the beads, opt for large ones in every little girl’s two favorite colors: pink and purple.

16. Zig Zag Braids with Beads

zigzag braids with beads for kids

Instead of making cornrow braids that go straight back from the hairline, make a fun zig zag shape just to the crown of your head. Make thin braids in the rest of the hair, stacking ends with alternating glittery white and light purple beads.

17. Three-Braided Ponytail

three braided ponytail with beads for kids

Why make just one ponytail when you can make three? After making thin- to medium-sized braids throughout the hair, make your three ponytails. This beaded style features fun shaped clips at the bases, and colorful white and gold beads at the ends.

18. Lemonade Braids and Beads

side braids with beads for little girls

We love how this little girl’s lemonade braid hairstyle draws attention to the gradual thickening of thin braids. The ends rock chunky beads in bright colors and fun patterns.

19. Mohawk Twist Braids

mohawk braids with beads for little girls

If you have a little girl with short hair, encourage her to rock chunky twist braids. This edgy style features thin braids on sides that are swooped up and incorporated into a mohawk shape. You only need one or two light-colored, thick beads for detail.

20. Criss-Cross Braids with Beads

thin braids with beads for little girls

These beautiful braids might take a bit more time to make, but your little girl will feel so special with all the details. Top the ends with at least nine beads in alternating light colors, and add lettered beads that spell out her name.

21. Tribal Cronrows

little girl braids with beads

For the little girl who wants to feel all grown up, give her these thin cornrow braids that extend outward from the crown of the head. You can even match the beads to her shirt like this pretty pink style does.

22. Ponytail with Gold Beads

kids braids with beads

Medium cornrow braids that are secured in a ponytail decked out with flashy gold and silver braids will keep the hair out of your little girl’s face. You can also add pretty gold hair cuffs closer to the base of the ponytail for extra shine.

23. Curved Braids

girl's side swept braids with beads

From the curved shape of the braids to the twisted ends and colorful stacked beads, this hairstyle will be loved by any little girl.

24. Thin Braid Bun

little girl's half up braids with beads

When a special occasion calls for an equally special hairstyle, a lot of thin braids are a must to give beautiful detail to a little girl’s updo. Two large sections of bead-tipped braids hang loose to keep the style soft.

25. Braid with Seashell Beads

little girls with beaded braids

Any little girls spending their days at the beach need a beach-themed hairstyle to match. Try three or four sections of ponytails featuring two braids, topping off the ends with seashell beads.

26. Half Beaded Braids

braids for little girls with beads

Rather than use two or three beads on the ends of braids, consider covering half of each braid with them. For either long or short hair, the more beads the merrier!

27. Spaced Beads on Braids

little girl's tiny braids with beads

Another way to feature braids with beads is by spacing them out instead of stacking them on top of each other. The colorful beads seen here help to also make the hair look fuller.

28. Braid with Bead Top Bun

little girl braids with beads

This braid style resembles the snake’s tail. The braids are held together with shiny brown color beads. The upside hair is a sign of the top bun.

Adorable Little Girl’s Box Braid Hairstyles

29. Braided Hairstyles with Beads End

little girl braids with beads to the end

Entirely braided black girls hairstyles with beads. The ends of the two braids contain white beads.

30. Dashing Braid with Transparent Beads

little girl braided hairstyles with transparent beads

This is a unique, rare and difficult braided little girl hairstyle with beads to create. It is not easy to maintain as well. The entire head is covered with numerous small braids. Also, the trimmings of the hair are styled into braids. The remaining two braids aren’t merged at the end but completed with beads.

31. Small Hair Braid with Beads

short braids with beads for kids

The best term to use to describe this style is bead braided hairstyle rather than a braided hairstyle. The reason is apparent; wonderful hard beads entirely cover almost all the braids.

32. Little Girl Goddess Braid with Beads

A straight hair on the upper head with two-side braids is what defines this beautiful black little girl hairstyle with beads.

The special thing about it is that the braid ends even without reaching the real hair ending part. The beads are also attached to the braids. The cascading hair is twisted at the trimmings.

33. Cross Feed in Braid with Hair Clips

A long and straight hair are integral elements of this little girl braids with beads. Whole hair is combined. The front hair is entirely cross twisted.

The hair at the back continues the in-front part and stays crossfeed in the braid with beautiful red hair clips.

34. Cute Girl Freaky Hairstyle with Beads

cornrow braids with beads for little girls

This is entirely freaky little girl braided hairstyles with beads. A lot of stuff is added to it. The braids are pretty thin, with a striking distance between them. The side part incorporates lovely small beads. 

35. Shower Braid with Beads End

side ponytail braids with beads for kids

This hairstyle is portioned into two distinct parts, with each part containing different styles. The bellow part is thicker braids with beads, and the upper one is also thicker with a decoration of colorful beads.

Cute Cornrow Braids for Little Girl

36. Box Braids for White Little Girls

box braids with beads for little girl

Box braids with beads have impressed any woman and became trendy also among white little girls. Even if they don’t have the same hair thickness and volume, you can easily create this hairstyle.

It will probably be less time consuming than it is for Afro American people, and your little lady will end up with a marvelous hairdo. 

37. Black and Blonde Braids

cornrow braids with beads for little girl

If your little girl is fashionable and loves to pull off perfect looks, these half cornrow braids will suit her like a glove. Also, make sure you add a pinch of color and create a few blonde strands before you start knitting the hair.

38. Colored Braids for Little Girl

braided ponytail with beads for little girl

Little girls adore braided ponytails with beads, especially if you can add some colors. Pick a few knits and include some pink and purple threads to make those braids shine. 

39. Thin Braids

braids with beads for little black girl

Braids with beads are little black girls favorites, and we can all agree that they look so sweet with this hairstyle. As a mom, opting for this hairdo will make your job so much easier in the morning because you won’t have to spend so much time fixing your kid’s hair. 

40. Lemonade braids with Beads

lemonade braids with beads for little girl

Beyonce was that fabulous diva who created a real trend out of lemonade braids and little girls instantly became fans of these knits and beads. Start from one side of the head and knit the hair to the other part if you want to obtain this impressive effect. 

41. French Braids

little girl braids with beads

Part your little girl’s hair in two parts and start braiding as close to the forehead as possible. Create two French braids and decorate them with four translucent braids. 

42. Glitter Braids

braided mohawk with beads for little girl

To recreate this braided mohawk with beads you will need some glitter and we guarantee that your little girl will adore this fabulous transformation. After all, which little lady doesn’t love glitter?

43. Half Braided Space Buns

half up braids with beads for little girl

Braids give you infinite hairstyling options and your little girl will adore this half up half down hairdo. For the upper part, use the braids to create space buns and let the rest of the knits fall on the back, securing them with translucent and purple beads. 

44. Fulani Braids with Beads

kid's braided updo with beads

Fulani hairstyles feature numerous braiding patterns. For this look, create a middle knit as part and build marvelous braids on each side and meet them in the back. Use the temple hair to style other braids that you will secure at the bottom with colored beads.

45. Twisted Braids

twist braids with beads for little girl

Twisted braids with beads can be easily styled on a little girl’s hair. You can do them manually or buy a braiding device that will help you get this fabulous hairdo faster. Either way, use white beads to secure the knits. 

As you can see, these are some of the best and trendiest little girls braided hairstyles with beads.

If you want to have a beautiful and lovely one for your kid, try standard methods of styling braids and accessorize them with beads and adorable color accents. It takes only a little creativity to create a fantastic hairstyle for your little girl.


Will beads add too much weight to my child’s hair?

If your daughter has thick, healthy hair, then beads won’t add too much weight to it. Little girls with thinner hair should wear fewer beads or avoid beads.

Are little girls’ braids with beads styles high-maintenance?

Braids with beads are not high maintenance if you take care of them well. They need to be cleansed every 2-3 weeks and can last a long time if you make sure not to hit the beads off of any hard surfaces.

How long do braids with beads styles for children last?

They can last anywhere from two to six weeks depending on how well you take care of them.