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20 Striking Box Braids for Little Girls [2024]

Looking for a box braid hairstyle for your little girl? Box braids can be done on any kind of hair. In fact, they’re so popular that people get synthetic box braids attached to their scalp now much like hair extensions. In addition, box braids are the perfect hairstyles for your little girl out there. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they also last for days and protect your hair from getting dirty!


Box Braids

little girl box braid hairstyle

Box braids are braids which are made from square shaped hair divisions. Hair is taken from square units on the scalp and braided. This type of braid is also known as protective styling – that means that box braids protect hair follicles from damage and also promote hair growth. Aside from the health benefits, box braids are also very fashionable and can look awesome on your little girl! They give off a bohemian chic vibe that suits everyone.


Cute Box Braids for Little Girls

Box braids are also a great choice for little girls. Children don’t care much for their hair; their main concern is playing with their friends and having fun. That is precisely why box braids for little girls are perfect! They look stylish but they will also protect your little girl’s hair from external damage all day long. However, we also know how moody little girls can be. They wouldn’t be too happy about wearing the same hairstyle for too long. But what should you do if you want to ensure your child’s hair isn’t damaged?

Well, luckily there are a plethora of different types and styles when it comes to box braids for little girls. We’ve put together a list to make the choice easier for you.


1. Side Part Loose Box Braids

box braids with side part

Loose box braids are just as the name suggests: box braids with nothing additional done to them. Just take square sections of the scalp, braid them up and let them be!

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2. Box Braid Pony

box braid with ponytail

This little girl box braid is also pretty self-explanatory. Just make numerous box braids and then tie them up into a pony, using a rubber.


3. Half-tied Box Braid

half tied box braid for little girl

Drawing inspiration from the famous half pony is the half-tied box braid. Section the hair into boxes and tie it all into braids. Then, similar to the half pony, take the braids at the top of the head and tie them into a pony.


4. Pinned back box braid for Little Girls

box braid for little girls

 A great way to keep box braids down but also away from your face is the pinned back box braid. Just take a few braids from the front and pin them back with a clip. This look is different from the side pony because it only takes a few braids from the top, instead of nearly half of the braids.


5. Coloured Box Braids

coloured box braids

Colored box braids are a great way to change up the box braid look. If you don’t want to dye your little girl’s hair, then just add synthetic colored hair that you can braid. This way your child’s hair won’t get damaged because you’re not dying them!


6. Box Braided Bun for Little Girls

 The box braided bun is a great way to keep your braids tied up. Also, the braids provide the bun with a unique texture that looks magnificent.

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7. Beaded Box Braids for Little Girls

Beads are a blast from the past. They were everywhere in the early 2000’s and are also an excellent way to spice up your little girl’s box braids. Just attach a few beads at the end of each braid and you’re good to go! You can even attach other accessories like sequins or seashells.


8. Box Braids with Curls for Little Girls

A more sophisticated take on box braids is the box braids with curls. In this style, you can go two ways. Braid the sections of the hair completely and curl the ends of the braids. Another way is not braiding the section the whole way down and then take the hair left open at the end and curl it.

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9. Orange Box Braids

This Box braid look is a little harder to make. For this look, part the hair into sections from the middle of the scalp. Braid each section towards the end of the scalp, then tie the braid in a circular manner mimicking a hairband. This look mirrors the image of an orange when looking at the top of the head. Hence the name orange box braids.


10. Box braid pigtails

box braids with pigtails

Box braid pigtails are just like normal pigtails! Just braid the sections up and tie your hair into pigtails, as you would do with open hair as well. You can accessorize this look well with different kinds of ponytails. You can even incorporate beads and other accessories in it!


11. Box Braids with Top Knot

box braids with top knot

Similar to the half pony, after you have braided sections of the hair up just take the top half of the braids and tie them up into a bun. This look is great because it keeps your hair secure and out of your face while leaving some flowing freely.


12. Criss Cross Box Braids

Criss Cross Box Braids are also a relatively tougher look to pull off when it comes to the box braid styles for little girls. Section hair from the lower ends of the scalp, braid them and they arrange them in a checkered pattern. Pin the braids at the top of the head and leave the rest of the braids flowing down the back of the head.


13. Side Swept Box Braids

For Side Swept Box Braids, section hair from the left or the right side of the head and flip the braids over to one side.


14. Double knot box braid

Just like the top knot, this look involves tying a bun at the top of your head. Instead of one, however, divide the top section of your little girl’s hair into two and make them into two separate buns. This is an adorable look that has been gaining a lot of popularity these days.

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15. Ribboned Box Braids

Ribboned Box braids are an excellent way to change the look of your loose box braids. Just take a few random braids, usually an even number apart, and tie colorful bands or ribbons on them. You can keep the same color throughout or change it up as you desire.


16. Double bun box braid for little girls

For this box braid hairstyle for the little girl, just divide the hair into two sections and tie them both up in buns. It’s a great way to style box braids quickly and have them still look chic and stylish.

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17. Middle Part Box Braid

This look simply calls for dividing the box braids down the middle of your little girl’s scalp. You can then choose to keep the box braids down, with a parting in the middle, or you can tie up some of the braids at the back of your head as shown in the picture.


18. Triple Box Braid Bun

A triple box braid bun is made by dividing the hair into three different sections: top, middle, and a half. After sectioning the hair and making the braids, make the buns at the center of the head in a vertical manner.


19. Little Girl box braid rolls

box braid rolls for little girls

For box braid rolls, just section your braids into however many sections you like. Then take the braids in that section and roll them up as shown in the picture.


20. Open box braids

open box braids for little girl

These kind of box braids are the perfect mix of tied and open hair. Divide the hair up into sections and braid them, but don’t braid them all the way down. This leaves the lower half of the braids open as shown in the picture.


Watch the following video about how to do box braids for your little girl


Innovations keep happening in the world of fashion and we’re sure that more and more box braid styles will keep coming our way. For now, though, we hope these twenty box braids for little girls are enough to keep you and your little girl happy.