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20 Ways to Style Cornrows for Kids

To make sure your little one has the best hairstyle for when it’s time to go back to school, why not have a stylist give them cornrows? They’re one of the most popular hairstyle choices for kids with all different hair types not just because of how long they last, but because of the many ways they can be styled. Your kiddo is sure to love at least one of the styles below!


Cornrows for Kids

Below are 20 ways your kiddo can look their cutest with cornrows.

1. Cornrow Ponytail for Little Girl

cornrows for little black girls

Instead of the cornrows braided straight back on this little girl’s ponytail, they’re braided diagonally from one side to the other. The ponytail is poofy and full of springy curls.


2. Cornrow Braids for Young Girl

cornrow braids for little white girls

Cornrow braids adorn this little girl’s head from the hairline to the tips of locks. About 13 braids are featured here but you can alternate their thickness to have fewer braids.


3. Cornrow Braids for Girls with Short Hair

cornrow braids for kids with short hair

If your little girl loves playful hairstyles, you need to take her to have these cornrow braids that wind up into two high space buns. The hair is somewhat loose so you can still see the hair’s beautiful texture.


4. Tiny Cornrows for Little Girl

little girl's cornrow braids with beads

Here’s another way to switch up your little girl’s hairstyle: tiny cornrow braids in opposite directions. She’ll love these colorful elastic hair ties that help her express her fun side.


5. Cornrow Ponytail for Formal Event

cornrow braids for kids

For pool time or recess at school, a cornrow ponytail is just the look to keep your little girl’s hair out of her face and have her looking adorable. Let her choose a fancy colorful bow or faux flower for a fun touch of flair.


6. Mini Cornrow Bun

cornrow bun for kids

Swirled and swooped cornrows are so much cuter than traditional straight ones. Leave one or two braids loose and cap the ends with beads. Gather braids in a cute bun or ponytail for the final touch.


7. Stacked Beaded Ends

kids cornrow with beads

If your little girl has hair that is just to their shoulders, top their braids off with five or six beads in different colors or let her choose a fun pattern. She’ll love swinging them around to show them off.


8. Braid Band

kids cornrow braids

For a different hairstyle, make a headband or crown by just braiding an inch or two long starting at the hairline. It’s a cute look whether you’re working with long or short hair.


9. Pink Braid Extensions

kids cornrow braids with extension

When it’s summertime and your favorite girl has the freedom to rock a fun, creative hairstyle, choose bright pink braid extensions. They’ll give both length and poppin’ color, and can be easily switched out for a different color.


10. Pigtail Braids with Beads

kids cornrow braids

Pigtails are a classic little girl hairstyle. These curved cornrows are thin and delicate, gather together in two cute ponytails, and their ends are tipped with beads in a classic pink and clear pattern.


11. Cornrow Ponytail with Bangs

kids cornrow hair with bangs

This look presents the perfect opportunity to teach older girls how to straighten their bangs to complement a pretty cornrow braid ponytail. It’s sophisticated but chic, perfect for teens.


12. Short Cornrows

kids cornrow for natural hair

Short braids will keep your little one’s hair off her face so she can run around without looking like a mess. Start from the hairline, then stop mid-height at the back.


13. Thin Cornrows with Curls

micro cornrow braids for kids

To show off hair’s natural curly texture, opt for super thin cornrow braids and emphasize curled ends with a different color. The above style uses gold, but any color will work.


14. Thick Cornrow Braids

cornrow braids for little white girls

If your little girl has thick hair, try a medium to thick cornrow hairstyle. The braids will be thicker so there will be about six smooth braids formed from the hairline down to ends.


15. Micro Cornrow Braids

cornrow braids for little girls

Alternating zig-zag and straight cornrows decorate the top of this little girl’s hairstyle. About halfway through, the hair is gathered into two high ponytails with loose curly hair to show off.


16. Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

cornrow braids for kids

If you choose cornrows as your hairstyle, it doesn’t mean that you have to go full – braided hair. On the contrary, combining with box braids can be more than enough to show off your girl’s feminine inner beauty and shine like the beauty she truly is. And the great thing about this braided hairstyle is that she gets to flaunt her long hair.

Tip: Adorn your hair with catchy beads that grab more attention.


Cornrow Braids To Twist and Turn Your World


17. Cornrow With A Bun for Little Girls

Cornrow Braids with Bun haircut

When it comes to youngsters, updos win the hair combat with more than just one advantage. Because kids need practical hair designs that wouldn’t get in their way while they build their own cities and fortress in the sandbox.

They also hate it when it gets mixed up with their sandwich on a windy day and they end up biting their hair instead of a whole grain healthy meal.

Therefore, for the sake of practicality consider holstering those braid up into a bun when you are done. Voilá, a 100% functional and beautiful hair design for every taste!


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18. Double Trouble

Cornrow Braids ponytail hairstyle for kids

Combine the basic ponytail style with cornrow braids to end up with a peculiar design just like the one illustrated in the photo above. The stylist makes sure that the braids are not too short by adding the faux hair to the tips of the natural plaits.

After that, instead of just letting them hand in their tie them up into to nonsymmetrical ponytails to make them look even more eye-grabbing.

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19. Just Casual

Cornrow Braids

Is school around the corner? Then you are definitely having a hard time doing your Lil girl’s hair every day before school with such a short time given before the school bus arrives. Plus, kids hate it when they are told to hold still and just endure the grabbing and pulling of their hair.

Because obviously, they don’t think fashion is worth it. However, being good parents means it’s your job to show them how cool hairstyling can be as well as finish off with an endurable and versatile design.

So, check out the colorful style presented in the photo above that goes with practically any outfit and any time of day!


20. The Central Braid

chunky braid hair for black little kids

Instead of cornrows in the vertical direction, stand out in the crowd with horizontal cornrows to make your kid feel special.

However, a central element employed as the focal point of your design can be a great idea if you really want your toddler to shine as the star of the event.

So in addition to the horizontal cornrows, make sure you don’t forget the central chunky braid made out of several twisted plaits and secured with an elastic at the tip. You can never go wrong with kid’s cornrow braids!


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Some Cute Cornrow Braids for Kids


Do Kids Really Need Hair Extensions?

When it comes to braiding, the kid’s hair is probably the best to work with. Because it’s still fresh and free of split ends, unlike adult’s worn-out hair.

Despite the quality factor, kids might not have the length needed for decent braids. So, you can just add braided hair extensions to fulfill the vacancy in the length department.

However, if you are worried about the safety factor, the fake braids can be easily installed or removed without harm to your youngster whatsoever.


The ‘Don’t’  List

First things first, before you start off with the braiding procedure you need to keep in mind these vital tips in mind in order to end up with flawless kid’s cornrow braids.

  • Don’t braid them too tight or you might your kid a headache without even noticing that the braids are behind it.
  • Don’t braid them too thin because this will cause hair breakage and thus damage your kid’s hair quality. In addition to that, thinner braids will not come out as polished as thicker ones. Plus, they take forever to accomplish.
  • Don’t keep them over two weeks maximum. Otherwise, you will be ruining the quality of your kid’s hair at an early age. Plus, it would be practically impossible to untie them after that much time.


Finally, cornrow braids will really look adorable on your kid and also it’s a low maintenance hairstyle with a longer lifespan. In addition to their functional aspects, their aesthetics have been proven to be outstanding! So, stop hesitating and just copy your favorite design from these cornrow braids!