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41 Attractive Little Girl Hairstyles with Beads

One of the best things about being a little girl is rocking all the fun hairstyles without a care in the world. The ones with beads are the best, too, because they let little girls experiment with their creativity through patterns and bright colors. 

If you have a little girl, you certainly owe her to teach her all about the different beaded hairstyles she can flaunt. Whether her hair is thick or thin and long or short, she’ll be able to experiment with multiple styles that allow her to express her personality.


Little Girl Braided Hairstyles with Beads

These braided hairstyles with beads for little girls will undoubtedly look glam on your kid when dressing for either special events, school, or casual happenings.

1. Sectioned with Beads

Not only does sectioning off the hair when it’s put into two ponytails add a fun shape, it’s also another way to give color to your little girl’s beaded hairstyle.

little black girl hairstyle with beads


2. Side Pony

If your little girl is actually a little more grown up, give her a side ponytail with her braids and stack the ends with  heart beads.

braids with beads for little girl


3. Long Dreads

For the little girl with long dreads, don’t just let them hang there. Breathe new life in with a beaded hairstyle featuring colorful feathers.

little girl's dreads with beads


4. Long Bangs

Little girls that have short natural hair can rock a beaded hairstyle too with extra long braids.

little girl hairstyles with beads


5. Ballerina Bun

What little girl doesn’t want to feel like a ballerina? Wind up her braids into a high ballerina bun, taking care to leave some of her braids loose with a beaded accent.


6. African Girl With Braided Hairstyle

When it comes to selecting the best-braided hairstyle for your little African girl, this little girl braided hairstyle with beads will be the best option. It appears elegant, sophisticated and will be ideal for any little girl with a long face.


7. Beaded Cornrows for Black Girls

Look how the braids are installed on this beautiful black girl! Braids are installed into cornrows like braids on her scalp. Slightly above the ears, the beads are incorporated into the braids for a gorgeous look.


8. Black Braided Hairstyle with Beads

This little girl hairstyle with beads incorporates both twists and braids. The front hair is styled into a gorgeous cornrow like braids and that at the back is styled into loose twists and left to hang freely.


9. Black Kids Braided ponytail with colorful beads

Do you want a braided hairstyle that will make your little princess look endearing? This kid braided hairstyle with beads will meet your needs. It is effortless and quick to create.


10. Heart Shaped Braids with Beads

African American little girls look exciting when their hair is styled into inventive braids and accessorized with beads. The uniqueness of the patterns of these little girls braided hairstyles with beads make it best little girl hairstyles with beads 2018.


11. Short Twists

Little girls with short hair will look even cuter with layered twists. We love the way these short layers are accentuated with light-colored beads on one side and dark-colored beads on the other.

short hairstyle with beads for kids


12. Half Braided Ponytail

If braiding your little one’s long hair all the way through will be a lengthy process, just braid the top part. From the hairline back, we see thin braids that gather into a ponytail at the crown. Rainbow beads decorate the braids.

little white girl hairstyle with beads


4, 5 and 6 Year Old Little Girl Hairstyles


13. Braid Buns

A sharp zig zag part separates the braided buns spaced throughout this little girl’s head. You can leave one or two strands loose along the ears for a unique detail and stack their ends with shades of the same color.


14. Heart Lemonade Braid

Another way to separate a braided hairstyle apart from others is by choosing an intricate design. This lemonade heart braid decorates one side of a long high ponytail and features a flashy jewel in the center. There’s also a sleek braid with gold beads bordering the heart.

little girl ponytail with beads

Instagram /


15. Braid Top Knot

When you have a little more time to spend on styling, treat your little girl to this highly detailed top knot. Braids of different sizes lead up from the hairline. Two braids with white beaded ends are left loose to hang along the face.


16. Thick Locks and Chunky Beads

Large bright yellow beads will definitely stand out on a little girl’s black hair. Thick locs are a great protective hairstyle and look adorable in both thin and large ponytails.

dreads with beads for little girls

Instagram / thymelynn


17. Feed-In Braids

If the hair is too short to braid, just opt for feed-in braids. These long thin ones beautifully flaunt several ocean blue beads stacked on their ends, while clear beads line the scalp where the braids begin.

layered braids with beads for little girls

Instagram /


18. Bead Art

Finding someone talented enough to make an actual face or scenery from beads may be a challenge, but the result is worth it. For this kind of bead hairstyle, the longer the hair the better.

cornrow braids with beads for kids

Instagram / naturalhairshow


19. Solid Fill Lemonade Braid

Love lemonade braids but want to make yours pop more than usual? Fill it in with beads! These bright purple beads will spice up any little girls hairstyle easily, especially when both light and dark shades are used.

braided mohawk with beads for little girls

Instagram / iseehairbeauty


20. Beaded Half Ponytail

Long hairstyles, like half ponytails, with beads are a favorite for girls and yours will feel like a princess with braids that are decked out in beads that contrast against her black hair. 

half ponytail with beads for little girls

Instagram / taalhair


21. Zig Zag Part

Instead of a traditional straight part down the middle of the hair, opt for a fun zig zag part. This one cooly separates two braid pigtails whose ends are stacked with alternating chunky and thin beads


22. Pigtails Braided Hairstyle

Another way of creating braids on your little girl is by sectioning them in three sections and securing them as if you are creating a ponytail. The look is finished by adding colorful beads at the ends of braids in all the sections.


23. Fine Hair Braided Hairstyle for Little Girls

This is specifically for little girls with fine hair. It is created by styling simple three strands and then accessorizing the trimmings with colorful beads. However, the braids design may vary depending on your girl’s face type. If your girl has a squire or round face, you may want to style the braids around her cheeks. However, if she has a long face, any style will work pretty well.


24. Creative Black Braided Hairstyles with Beads

This braids with beads for black little girl hairstyle are the best choice for you if your girl has short hair and you’ve been wondering which style to suit her best. It shows a creative pattern of braids styled in a unique design.


25. Medium Length Braided

Many thick braids with mid-length tresses for little girls. In this little girl hairstyles with beads, the braids are parted, not as the standard one-way braid, and tied with colorful beads.


26. Little Kids Braided Beads Hairstyle

This hairstyle incorporates lots of braids that cover the whole head. The beads are not styled in a common style, but they are entirely placed on one side with a combination of braids.


27. Long Thin Braids

Braids are a great protective style for Black women and little girls and your little one will love being able to choose which color beads to stack on the ends of this diagonal cornrow braided do.


28. Multi-directional Braids

Just because most braided hairstyles feature an even straight braid starting from the hairline doesn’t mean your little girl’s beaded hairstyle does. Begin braids at different sides and levels to switch it up.


29. Twist Ponytails

After sectioning off the hair at either side into small pull-through ponytails, twist each ponytail and section off the hair with colorful ties and beads. Gold will look lovely against black hair.

pigtails with beads for little girl


30. Chunky Twist Braids

Box braids in a chunky style keep the hair tame in a sophisticated way, but it’s the rainbow shades that make this beaded hairstyle a go-to for little girls.

twists hairstyles with beads for little girl


More Black Kids Hairstyles with Beads

Black kids hairstyles with beads are everywhere on social media platforms. You know why? Well, beads are admired by many African cuties, both young and adult. Every natural haircut can be made more beautiful with lovely beads. For kids, beads are more preferred, since they can be experimented and played with in many ways.

Basically, kids want to mimic everything adults wear, and there are a variety of haircuts for kids that can aid them to create their own style. In the case of black kids with natural hair, there are unlimited opportunities open for them. Take a look.


31. Natural Pigtails

This stunning hairstyle with beads for black kids will make your kid look cuter, innocent and playful. The pigtails can be made even more beautiful with extension, streaks, and ribbons. With this style, your little girl will become the attention of every friend group.


32. Ghana Braids

If you like thick braids as well as using beads to highlight their glamour and volume, these Ghana cornrows are the perfect choice for you. The beads in between the braids give your girl a fun look.


33. Heart-Shaped Braids

The heart-shaped style is undeniably one of the most loved black kids hairstyles with beads since everyone has a special association with the heart. If worn by a kid, you will be sure she possesses a lovable personality.


34. Diagonal Braids

Braids have a variety of designs, and this style is winning the hearts of children as well as adults. It is a haircut that profoundly expresses African culture and vibrant spirit. The diagonal braid tips are made more beautiful with beads.


35. Short Box Braids

When it comes to the hairstyles with beads for black women, versatility and variation are prime. If your kid has been wearing heavy updo styles, you can go for light, intricate braids. This will give her hair a break from, and she will get an opportunity to decorate her locks with many colorful beads.


36. Crisscross Mohawk

With this beaded hairstyle for black kids, every black girl will appear unique and exciting. The crisscrossing styles are always natural and eye-appealing, and the beads only add accent on the dimension and creativity of this haircut.


37. Curved Cornrows with The Beaded Ends

Another simple black kids hairstyle without much styling is the cornrow hairstyle. The beads at the end add individuality and personality to the hairstyle, hence getting full ownership of it. If the cornrows aren’t straight, but curvy, they add some alluring effect to the hairdo.


38. Space Buns

Alternating thick and thin cornrows provide detail to the top of a space bun hairstyle, while the chunky brown beads liven up the ends of two front tendrils.

little girl hairstyles with beads


39. Formal Beads & Braids

Need a standout look for your little girl? Go for cornrow braids that feature one straight braid down the center of the head, then decorate the look with a sparkly headpiece and beads.


40. High Ponytail

Ariana Grande herself would approve of this high beaded ponytail hairstyle. The tiny braids at the scalp contrast beautifully with the thicker ones.


41. Half Updo

It’s easy to add some pizazz to a half updo. Start with three or four braids at the hairline that feed into other braids and combine in the top half of the hair. The stack ends with contrasting beads.

little girl hairstyles with beads


You can incorporate beads in any natural haircut. All you require is a little bit of creativity and thinking things outside the box! Take control of your kids style, and she will really like it.


Now there you have the best 41 kids braided hairstyles with beads. It is upon you to choose which one suits your little princess. Depending on her face type and her personality, you are sure you won’t fail to get one style for her.