8 Handsome Fade Haircuts With Part

The faded part haircut has become hot cupcakes that they can’t get enough of any time. While there are so many types of Fade haircuts to try, but the one with parts are worth trying.


Fade With Part Haircuts

1. Side Part Fade Haircut

fade haircut with side part for men

If you want to carry both a professional as well as a casual look with much styling then side part fade haircuts are the best choice. It is like hair tapered on the sides, the side part is neatly structured. It is surely going to give you a manly look.


2. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

fade haircut with faux hawk

This one suits for all types of hair length be it short, medium or long. There is a small side part along with tapered sides and short spiky hair on top giving a stylish look. It has become a very popular haircut among the men.


3. Textured Spikes with Undercut Fade Haircut

faded undercut with a part for men

If you like the hard part on top of your hair which is nothing but hard spikes then try this best fade haircut with a part. There is a neat side part and undercut fade that has then been clean shaved.


4. Mid Fade Haircut with Part

mid fade haircut with a part

This faded part haircut is suitable for office going men or men who don’t keep long hair. Your short length or medium length hair can be done in spikes and then a clean side part divides the mid fade. It gradually fades down to the clean look.


5. Crop Fade Haircut

Crop Fade Haircut with part

This Haircut poses among the best fade haircuts because of the fact that it is very cool and modern. There is a part in this fade haircut, but it resembles a surgical cut. Also, this is a cropped haircut wherein the side part separates the two fades.


6. Classic Short Side Part Fade Haircut

fade haircut with part for short hair

If you are more into a classic as we all know it never gets old, then you must try one of the best part with fade haircuts which this one is. A short side part comb over small sharp spikes and a mode fade haircut down the skin till the ears give a handsome gentleman look.


7. Mohawk Fade Haircut

fade haircut with mohawk for men

The combination of Mohawks and fade style cut accompanied with a part is a rebellious look for any man to try. Along the clean long side part is the short Mohawk fade which features hair length from high to low till the ears.

And for the top, whether the hair texture is long, short, curly or wavy the taper fade Mohawk works. One can make it look more fashionable by making a V by the neck and drawing a clean V on the back of the head too.


8. Long Fade Haircut with Side Part

fade with side part for long hair

For all those of you who have long hair and don’t want to get them short, how about a pony? Well, a fade haircut that has side part will give your pony the man bun look.

With faded sides and a clean side part on both sides, a top knot to make the man bun surely makes a style statement. Also, with this haircut men have the opportunity to grow their hair longer.


So, if you are looking for some great looking part fade haircut and hairstyles, then this list is for you!

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